Arthur's Soul Adventure

Arthur's Soul Adventure

by Brian R. Chambers
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Arthur's Soul Adventure 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
HomeSchoolBookReview More than 1 year ago
Arthur Chambers is a ten year old boy whose parents are dead and who lives on Savin Hill in Boston, MA, during the Great Depression of the 1930's with his older sister Alice, thirteen; his older brother Ed; and his oldest brother Charlie, who at eighteen is the children's legal guardian. While Arthur is gathering coal on the railroad tracks with his friend Tommy Laucka, there is a terrible accident in which Arthur is hit on the head and dies temporarily. His soul or spirit leaves his body and flies around, then he revives. Taken to the hospital, he meets an older man in the emergency room, Joe Robinson, who dies, and Arthur again dies temporarily while Charlie, Alice, and Tommy are in the waiting room along with Joe's wife Betty Robinson. Arthur goes to heaven where he meets his father and mother, his guardian angel George, and even his dead dog Cindy. He also sees Joe, who sends a message back with Arthur to Betty. In addition, Joe's spirit or soul appears to Betty encouraging her to help Arthur, and she pays his hospital bill. Arthur would like to stay in heaven, but he is sent back with a message-not to worry about anything, symbolized by green marbles--for everyone: his family, Tommy whose father beats him and his sister, a really mean kid named Eddie Skinner, and especially Mrs. Robinson. But will people listen? The book is categorized as fiction but is based on the early life of author Brian Chambers's father and is the result of a dream that Brian had while meditating on vacation in Maine in 2005, in which his late father told him the story of his youthful near-death experience and asked him to write a book about it to share the message with others. The story is told in a readable way that will easily hold the reader's attention. Since this book review blog site is primarily intended for children's literature, some parents may want to know that a little bit of cursing (the "d" and "h" words) and some profanity ("O my God") do occur. Not everyone will agree with some of the presuppositions underlying the plot, such as references to the possibility of reincarnation. However, those who do believe in these kinds of phenomena will find the book quite interesting, and those who don't can still enjoy the engaging narrative. Chambers adds a memorable touch to each book purchased by offering a symbolic green marble and is donating the proceeds from the sale of the individual marbles to The Home for Little Wanderers in Boston, whose mission is to ensure the healthy emotional, mental, and social development of children at risk.
Emily_Emily More than 1 year ago
This is not just another book! I would not even call it a book because, reading this feels like a divine collection of sounds and rhythms that effortlessly enter the heart and make it "sing" to its true desires! It is like entering an outer-body experience as the simple words subconsciously transform into a powerful emotional and physiologic vibration that resonates with the Universe's/God's/Spirit's Love for us all! Words cannot describe the effect this read can have on those who are now spiritually awakening or those who may still have a "dormant" heart. It is mind blowing!!! The core principle may be simple but yet transformational, if we would only listen AND practice that there's really Nothing to Worry about...hence comes Faith-Trust :)
Betty_V More than 1 year ago
For so many of us that found The Shack profound, heart warming and enlightening, Arther's Soul Adventure will remind us that our journey here on earth has many magical healing moments. The story of Arthur and how his near death experience changed his life and the lives of others is based on a true experience of the author's father. The story is gently told but resonates with a truly important vision of heaven, man's purpose and heavenly guidance.