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Articles Revealing Cosmic Unknowns in Colour

Articles Revealing Cosmic Unknowns in Colour

by Peet (P.S.J.) Schutte


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This book is in colour. I have discovered singularity and with that the process by which the Universe started. It started by the four cosmic laws forming cosmic movement in the very beginning long before the Big Bang. These laws are still present and are dictating all movement prevailing at present in the Universe.
I present the framework of my 117 books in these articles where I show how the Universe started at its start. 1) The Lagrangian system 2) The Roche limit 3) The Titius Bode law 4) The Coanda affect.
Even as the editor of such a reputable journal there is a very big probability that you have never heard of these laws notwithstanding that nature forms gravity and in that the Universe by applying these laws.
I have mathematically solved the: 1 Titius Bode law as well as the principle behind this law,
Roche limit and lobe and the reasons why this law is in place,
Lagrangian five points and the reasons why this law applies
The key behind the resolution is in uncovering the Titius Bode law because this law unlocks the human understanding of the other three laws. That is why I first wish to present only the Titius Bode law.

The 3, 4 and 10 used in the Titius Bode law traces time directly back to when the Universe began with 1.
For the first time ever science can explain nature as I present these law's explanations.
This law is the reason why the earth has got atmospheric layers and atmospheric borders.
However to understand not only the laws but also the working of these laws requires the understanding of how singularity works and that I achieved. To find the working of the Titus Bode law requires firstly understanding how the Universe started eternities before the Big bang became an event.
This law, the Titius Bode law forms the foundation or basis of solar gravity in origin and in development.
I explain mathematically why the Titius Bode law starts off with 3.
Then closer to home the forming of the atmosphere around the earth also depends on the principles of the Titius Bode law and the others as we encounter these gravitational laws influencing our every day life.
The Titius Bode law (forming a ratio that science think of as the Doppler Effect)
The Lagrangian points (forming movement limitations in the atmosphere)
Furthermore understanding these laws resolves the mystery behind how the solar system came about and formed. Resolving the "mystery" behind the four laws namely the Roche limit / lobe the Lagrangian points the Titius Bode law and the Coanda effect lead me to discover other most important issues such as:
Then I was able to formulate the process from where the Universe began and the process by which the Universe developed from a state of a single point to where the Universe now is.
However there is so much more that forms part of these laws.
I show how the cosmos started by starting with the Titius Bode law. The Universe started in the very same manner as the Universe and the solar system at present advance. The uncovering of the Titius Bode law resulted in understanding how the principle of gravity forms time as space and what gravity is as it began and functions today. Nature applied the above-mentioned 4 laws where the laws started the cosmos in the very beginning and that is before space divided time into 2 sectors. This part of science diverts somewhat from the way science regards information in its present view. The entirety within the Universe functions on the process that is the Absolute Relevancy of Singularity.
However I do undoubtedly prove the Absolute Relevancy of Singularity in forming Gravity in place of Einstein's General theory on Singularity. Finding the source and origins of singularity showed that the Universe functions on the Absolute Relevance of Singularity and this in turn proved that the entire Universe connects mathematically at all and every point formed within the Universe. and also naturescosmicconcept/

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