Artifact: The Dawn of Creation Records 83-85

Artifact: The Dawn of Creation Records 83-85


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Artifact: The Dawn of Creation Records 83-85

Alan McGee's Creation Records was one of the most influential and consistently interesting labels of the '80s and '90s, cranking out classic songs and albums while giving the world some of the biggest bands of the era (the Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Oasis). Cherry Red's 2015 box set Artifact: The Dawn of Creation Records 83-85 focuses on the very beginnings of Creation's run, compiling singles, live tracks, demos, and Peel Sessions and putting them in a handsome package. The first two discs gather up (almost) all the singles released between 1983 and 1985, beginning with the Legend!'s raucous "'73 in '83." Along the way there are classic tracks by McGee's own Biff Bang Pow! ("There Must Be a Better Life"), the Loft ("Why Does the Rain"), the Jasmine Minks ("Think"), and Meat Whiplash ("Don't Slip Up"). The first JAMC and Primal Scream singles are here too, along with two brilliant singles by the Pastels and obscure releases by the Moodists and the X-Men. The sheer amount of quality indie pop on display is staggering. McGee and his crew were great talent-spotters and the label's aesthetic was spot-on, capturing the best aspects of '60s pop and '70s punk while sounding smack up to date. The third disc is a grab bag of rarities, obscurities, and live tracks highlighted by a wonderfully jangly single by McGee's pre-Creation band the Laughing Apple; three live songs by a band that was very inspirational to McGee, the Television Personalities; and excerpts from the Alive in the Living Room album, which captured Creation bands (and others) playing at the club McGee founded. The fourth disc is one that will have collectors frothing at the mouth, composed as it is of all previously unreleased demos by a handful of bands, including lots of Jasmine Minks tracks, sounding scruffy and alive with youthful vigor. The Biff Bang Pow!, Legend! and X-Men tracks are all fun, while the Moodists' takes on "Train from Kansas City" and "Guess I'm Dumb" show that they knew their way around a cover version, but the crown jewels are the three tracks that Meat Whiplash recorded for their never released second single. The fifth disc is another one for the hardcore Creation fans. It's made up of Peel Sessions, with a handful of live Loft tracks added as a bonus. The Loft are the stars here, sounding like a great lost band as they run through their perfect jangle pop repertoire with sophisticated flair. The Meat Whiplash session is noisy thrills and the Bodines deliver frantically energetic versions of their classic tunes "Theresa" and "William Shatner." Overall, the box set is nearly perfect. The music itself is consistently brilliant, the rarities are impressive, the curation very well considered, and the bright sound fairly jumps out of the speakers. Fans of the label, and indie pop in general, will be pleased that so much care was given to Creation's thrilling early days and should waste no time adding Artifact to their collections.

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Release Date: 10/02/2015
Label: Imports
UPC: 5013929101906
catalogNumber: 5024569


Disc 1

  1. ‘73 in '83
  2. You (Chunka Chunka) We're Glamorous
  3. Melt the Guns
  4. Flowers in the Sky
  5. In the Afternoon
  6. Fifty Years of Fun
  7. Then When I Scream
  8. Think!
  9. Work for Nothing
  10. Something Going On
  11. Stay With Me Till Morning
  12. Do the Ghost
  13. Talk
  14. There Must Be a Better Life
  15. The Chocolate Elephant Man
  16. Where the Traffic Goes
  17. Mr. Magic
  18. Why Does the Rain
  19. Like
  20. Winter
  21. The Legend! Destroys the Blues
  22. Arrogant Bastards
  23. Bad Girl
  24. Million Tears
  25. Surprise Me
  26. Baby Honey

Disc 2

  1. Upside Down
  2. Vegetable Man
  3. Up the Hill and Down the Slope
  4. Your Door Shines Like Gold
  5. Lonely Street
  6. Time
  7. God Bless
  8. Paradise
  9. All Fall Down
  10. It Happens
  11. What's Happening
  12. Black & Blue
  13. Don't Slip Up
  14. Here It Comes
  15. Singing in Braille
  16. Aunt Nelly
  17. Silk Brain Worm Women
  18. Justice and Money Too
  19. You've Got Your Story
  20. Take Us All Home
  21. I'm Alright With You
  22. Couldn't Care Less
  23. What It's Worth
  24. Love and Hate
  25. Worm in My Brain

Disc 3

  1. Participate!
  2. Wouldn't You?
  3. In the Afternoon
  4. The Thirty Second Set Up
  5. Somers Town
  6. Fifty Years of Fun
  7. Waterbomb!
  8. Someone Stole My Wheels
  9. Sunny Days
  10. Upside Down
  11. Just Like Honey
  12. God Bless
  13. I Am Fish Eye
  14. Gift of Life
  15. Seven and Seven Is
  16. I Fall
  17. Arrogant Bastards
  18. A.W.O.L.
  19. Your Door Shines Like Gold
  20. Rock'n'roll Shoes
  21. Sweet Soul Music
  22. Green Fuz
  23. Lonely Lenny
  24. A Picture of Dorian Gray
  25. The Dream Inspires
  26. Family Affair

Disc 4

  1. All Fall Down
  2. Work
  3. Second Post
  4. Boredom
  5. Losing Your Grip
  6. Always Sunday
  7. Walk Away
  8. Victorian Values
  9. Home
  10. Planet of the X
  11. The Train From Kansas City
  12. The Day They All Wake Up
  13. I Guess I'm Dumb
  14. Social Protest
  15. Mr. Magic
  16. Friends
  17. Do You Remember
  18. Lost Your Dreams
  19. I'm Okay Me
  20. Picture the Scene
  21. A Tryst for Liszt
  22. Stone Cold One Note Mind
  23. Choice
  24. Everybody's Got to Grow Up Sometime

Disc 5

  1. The Witch
  2. Little Girl
  3. Xtramental
  4. On a Tuesday
  5. Skeleton Staircase
  6. The Canal and the Big Red Town
  7. Lonely Street
  8. Other Man
  9. Bullet Train
  10. Take the Red Carpet Out of Town
  11. Justice and Money Too
  12. Loss
  13. Walk Away
  14. Eat Me to the Core
  15. She Comes Tomorrow
  16. Scar Tissue
  17. Therese
  18. William Shatner
  19. The Back Door
  20. Beware
  21. Wide Open Arms
  22. Worm in My Brain
  23. Up the Hill and Down the Slope

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Mekons   Composer
Richard Greene   Composer
Bobby Gillespie   Composer
Martin Hayward   Composer
Jim Reid   Composer
Mike Stoller   Composer
Brian Taylor   Composer
Bodines   Composer
Biff Bang Pow!   Composer
Jake Thackray   Composer
Peter Astor   Composer
Joe Foster   Composer
Bernice Simpson   Composer
Jim Beattie   Composer
Alan McGee   Composer
Chris Gerniottis   Composer
John Moore   Composer
Annabel Wright   Composer
Tim Burwood   Composer
Jim Shepard   Composer
John Reed   Project Compiler
Dineen   Composer
Robert Aldridge   Composer
Stephen McRobbie   Composer
Stinson   Composer
roslie   Composer
Baskin   Composer
Standing   Composer
Neil Taylor   Sleeve Notes
Paul Robinson   Licensing
Belvedere Sacramento   Project Compiler
Treacy   Composer
Eddy Ball   Licensing
Robb Stamding   Composer

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