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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing - ICAISC 2008: 9th International Conference Zakopane, Poland, June 22-26, 2008, Proceedings / Edition 1

Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing - ICAISC 2008: 9th International Conference Zakopane, Poland, June 22-26, 2008, Proceedings / Edition 1


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ISBN-13: 9783540695721
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 08/28/2008
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence Series , #5097
Edition description: 2008
Pages: 1269
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.60(d)

Table of Contents

Neural Networks and Their Applications.- Input Signals Normalization in Kohonen Neural Networks.- Parallel Realisation of the Recurrent RTRN Neural Network Learning.- Stable Learning Algorithm of Global Neural Network for Identification of Dynamic Complex Systems.- The Influence of Training Data Availability Time on Effectiveness of ANN Adaptation Process.- WWW-Newsgroup-Document Clustering by Means of Dynamic Self-organizing Neural Networks.- Municipal Creditworthiness Modelling by Kohonen’s Self-organizing Feature Maps and LVQ Neural Networks.- Fast and Robust Way of Learning the Fourier Series Neural Networks on the Basis of Multidimensional Discrete Fourier Transform.- Accuracy Improvement of Neural Network State Variable Estimator in Induction Motor Drive.- Ensemble of Dipolar Neural Networks in Application to Survival Data.- Binary Optimization: On the Probability of a Local Minimum Detection in Random Search.- Nonlinear Function Learning Using Radial Basis Function Networks: Convergence and Rates.- Efficient Predictive Control Integrated with Economic Optimisation Based on Neural Models.- Model-Based Fault Detection and Isolation Using Locally Recurrent Neural Networks.- Neural Network in Fast Adaptive Fourier Descriptor Based Leaves Classification.- Improving the Efficiency of Counting Defects by Learning RBF Nets with MAD Loss.- Robust MCD-Based Backpropagation Learning Algorithm.- Some Issues on Intrusion Detection in Web Applications.- Neural Network Device for Reliability and Functional Analysis of Discrete Transport System.- Maximum of Marginal Likelihood Criterion instead of Cross-Validation for Designing of Artificial Neural Networks.- Fuzzy Systems and Their Applications.- Type-2 Fuzzy Decision Trees.- An Application of Weighted Triangular Norms to Complexity Reduction of Neuro-fuzzy Systems.- Real-Time Road Signs Tracking with the Fuzzy Continuously Adaptive Mean Shift Algorithm.- A New Method for Decision Making in the Intuitionistic Fuzzy Setting.- Linguistic Summarization of Time Series Using Fuzzy Logic with Linguistic Quantifiers: A Truth and Specificity Based Approach.- TS Fuzzy Rule-Based Systems with Polynomial Membership Functions.- From Ensemble of Fuzzy Classifiers to Single Fuzzy Rule Base Classifier.- Efficient Fuzzy Predictive Economic Set–Point Optimizer.- Imprecision Measures for Type-2 Fuzzy Sets: Applications to Linguistic Summarization ofDatabases.- Assessing the Non-technical Service Aspects by Using Fuzzy Methods.- Adaptation of Rules in the Fuzzy Control System Using the Arithmetic of Ordered Fuzzy Numbers.- Regression Modeling with Fuzzy Relations.- A New Approach to Creating Multisegment Fuzzy Systems.- On Defuzzification of Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Sets.- Combining Basic Probability Assignments for Fuzzy Focal Elements.- Using Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets in Text Categorization.- Evolutionary Algorithms and Their Applications.- Improving Evolutionary Algorithms with Scouting: High–Dimensional Problems.- Memetic Algorithm Based on a Constraint Satisfaction Technique for VRPTW.- Agent-Based Co-Operative Co-Evolutionary Algorithm for Multi-Objective Optimization.- Evolutionary Methods for Designing Neuro-fuzzy Modular Systems Combined by Bagging Algorithm.- Evolutionary Methods to Create Interpretable Modular System.- Fractal Dimension of Trajectory as Invariant of Genetic Algorithms.- Global Induction of Decision Trees: From Parallel Implementation to Distributed Evolution.- Particle Swarm Optimization with Variable Population Size.- Genetic Algorithm as a Tool for Stock Market Modelling.- Robustness of Isotropic Stable Mutations in a General Search Space.- Ant Colony Optimization: A Leading Algorithm in Future Optimization of Petroleum Engineering Processes.- Design and Multi-Objective Optimization of Combinational Digital Circuits Using Evolutionary Algorithm with Multi-Layer Chromosomes.- On Convergence of a Simple Genetic Algorithm.- Tuning Quantum Multi-Swarm Optimization for Dynamic Tasks.- Classification, Rule Discovery and Clustering.- Ensembling Classifiers Using Unsupervised Learning.- A Framework for Adaptive and Integrated Classification.- Solving Regression by Learning an EnsembleofDecisionRules.- Meta-learning with Machine Generators and Complexity Controlled Exploration.- Assessing the Quality of Rules with a New Monotonic Interestingness Measure Z.- A Comparison of Methods for Learning of Highly Non-separable Problems.- Towards Heterogeneous Similarity Function Learning for the k-Nearest Neighbors Classification.- Hough Transform in Music Tunes Recognition Systems.- Maximal Margin Estimation with Perceptron-Like Algorithm.- Classes of Kernels for Hit Definition in Compound Screening.- The GA-Based Bayes-Optimal Feature Extraction Procedure Applied to the Supervised Pattern Recognition.- Hierarchical SVM Classification for Localization in Multilevel Sensor Networks.- Comparison of Shannon, Renyi and Tsallis Entropy Used in Decision Trees.- Information Theory Inspired Weighted Immune Classification Algorithm.- Bayes’ Rule, Principle of Indifference, and Safe Distribution.- MAD Loss in Pattern Recognition and RBF Learning.- Parallel Ant Miner 2.- Object-Oriented Software Systems Restructuring through Clustering.- Data Clustering with Semi-binary Nonnegative Matrix Factorization.- An Efficient Association Rule Mining Algorithm for Classification.- Comparison of Feature Reduction Methods in the Text Recognition Task.- Image Analysis, Speech and Robotics.- Robot Simulation of Sensory Integration Dysfunction in Autism with Dynamic Neural Fields Model.- A Novel Approach to Image Reconstruction Problem from Fan-Beam Projections Using Recurrent Neural Network.- Segmentation of Ultrasound Imaging by Fuzzy Fusion: Application to Venous Thrombosis.- Optical Flow Based Velocity Field Control.- Detection of Phoneme Boundaries Using Spiking Neurons.- Geometric Structure Filtering Using Coupled Diffusion Process and CNN-Based Approach.- MARCoPlan: MultiAgent Remote Control for Robot Motion Planning.- A Hybrid Method of User Identification with Use Independent Speech and Facial Asymmetry.- Multilayer Perceptrons for Bio-inspired Friction Estimation.- Color Image Watermarking and Self-recovery Based on Independent Component Analysis.- A Fuzzy Rule-Based System with Ontology for Summarization of Multi-camera Event Sequences.- A New Approach to Interactive Visual Search with RBF Networks Based on Preference Modelling.- An Adaptive Fast Transform Based Image Compression.- Emotion Recognition with Poincare Mapping of Voiced-Speech Segments of Utterances.- Effectiveness of Simultaneous Behavior by Interactive Robot.- Bioinformatics and Medical Applications.- Quality-Driven Continuous Adaptiation of ECG Interpretation in a Distributed Surveillance System.- Detection of Eyes Position Based on Electrooculography Signal Analysis.- An NLP-Based 3D Scene Generation System for Children with Autism or Mental Retardation.- On Using Energy Signatures in Protein Structure Similarity Searching.- SYMBIOS: A Semantic Pervasive Services Platform for Biomedical Information Integration.- The PCR Primer Design as a Metaheuristic Search Process.- On Differential Stroke Diagnosis by Neuro-fuzzy Structures.- Novel Quantitative Method for Spleen’s Morphometry in Splenomegally.- Various Problems of Artificial Intelligence.- Parallel Single-Thread Strategies in Scheduling.- Artificial Immune System for Short-Term Electric Load Forecasting.- Ant Focused Crawling Algorithm.- Towards Refinement of Clinical Evidence Using General Logics.- An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Prioritised Sweeping on the DynaQ’s Performance.- Heuristic Algorithms for Solving Uncertain Routing-Scheduling Problem.- Life Story Generation Using Mobile Context and Petri Net.- On the Minima of Bethe Free Energy in Gaussian Distributions.- An Application of Causality for Representing and Providing Formal Explanations about the Behavior of the Threshold Accepting Algorithm.- A Method for Evaluation of Compromise in Multiple Criteria Problems.- Neural Networks as Prediction Models for Water Intake in Water Supply System.- Financial Prediction with Neuro-fuzzy Systems.- Selected Cognitive Categorization Systems.- Predictive Control for Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games.- Building a Model for Time Reduction of Steel Scrap Meltdown in the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF): General Strategy with a Comparison of Feature Selection Methods.- Epoch-Incremental Queue-Dyna Algorithm.- Agent Systems.- Utilizing Open Travel Alliance-Based Ontology of Golf in an Agent-Based Travel Support System.- Collaborative Recommendations Using Bayesian Networks and Linguistic Modelling.- Autonomous Parsing of Behavior in a Multi-agent Setting.- On Resource Profiling and Matching in an Agent-Based Virtual Organization.- Knowledge Technologies-Based Multi-Agent System for Semantic Web Services Environments.- Distributed Graphs Transformed by Multiagent System.- Multi-agent Logics with Interacting Agents Based on Linear Temporal Logic: Deciding Algorithms.- On Multi Agent Coordination in the Presence of Incomplete Information.

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