Artists Creating with Photos

Artists Creating with Photos

by Jill Haglund



Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781891898075
Publisher: TweetyJill Publications Inc.
Publication date: 08/15/2008
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.30(d)

About the Author

Jill Haglund, owner, operator, and Executive Director of TweetyJill Publications, thinks of herself as an artist first and a publisher second. She always affords time to dabble at craft projects here and there, even with a busy production schedule. Jill's first book, The Complete Guide to Scrapbooking was published in 1996, and was an overnight success for the company as one of the first instructional guides in the scrapbooking community, and has sold over 150,000 copies. Since then, Jill has authored and published 15 books. Jill is enthusiastic about inspiring others and providing ideas to scrapbookers and beyond. Her love for memories, photography, books and art is what has given her the passion over the last ten years for TweetyJill Publications.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1   Jill Haglund
Puppy Love Scrapbook Page     6
Photo and Biograghy     7
Vintage Travel Log     8
Artist's Photo Blocks     10
My Wonderful Button Box     12
Bride Getting Ready Wedding Card     15
Vintage Couple Aniversary Card     15
Decorated Acrylic Photo Frames     16
Chapter 2   Lesley Riley
Spring Journal     18
Photo and Biography     19
Winter Wonderland Scrapbook Page     20
Shared Joy Journal     21
My Bike Journal     22
Fragments     23
Five Tag Book     24
Memories Tag Book     25
Coney Island Jounal     26
Chapter 3   Claudine Hellmuth
On the Range Box     28
Photo and Biography     29
A Little Bird Told Her Tag Book     30
Mix & Match Flip Book     32
Purple Shopping Girl Card     34
Girl in Boat Card     35
Boy with Bird Card     35
Chapter 4   Roben Marie Smith
Wisdom Journal     36
Photo and Biography     37
Dare to Dream Scrapbook Page     44
Dream Mini-Journal     45
Three Sisiters Vintage Journal     46
The Writer Card     48
Cherub Eyes Journal     49
Remember Journal     50
Journey Journal     52
Chapter 5   Patti Muma
Nana's Memorie's Keepsake Book     54
Photo and Biograpghy     55
Vintage Journal-Unexamined Life     59
Masculine Journal     61
You Can Count on Me and The Gentle Path Mini Composition Notebooks     62
Chapter 6   Kim Henkel
A Swing Scrapbook Page     64
Photo and Biography     65
Tea Party Invitation     66
Mexican Journal     69
Mom's Scrapbook Page     71
Chapter 7   Dawne Renee Pitts
Wilber and Gertrude Scrapbook Page     72
Photo and Biography     73
An Invitation to Girlfriends Crop     75
Give Me the Simple Life Scrapbook Page     76
Mr. Pitts Scrapbook Page     77
Watering Grandma's Garden Scrapbook Page     78
Invite Someone Dangerous To Tea Scrapbook Page     80
Swim With Your Heart Scrapbook Page     82
Chapter 8   Amy Wellenstein
Photo Clip Boards      84
Photo and Biography     85
Paper Doll Tag Book     87
Altered Box of Cards     88
Travel Journal     90
Come In and Play (see below)     94
Mariposa     94
No Wings to Fly     95
Pixie     96
Sadie Mae     97
Dimensional Gift Tags     99
Panoramic Travel Journal     100
Life is a Journey Box     103
Red Letters Box     103
"Shabby Chic" Black Leaf Box     103
Lovely GIrl Brown Box     105
Together Oval Button Box     105
"Shabby Chic" White Box     105
Chapter 9   Helga Strauss
Photo and Biography     106
My Journey Journal     107
My Love Card     108
For Aunt Sally Tag     108
True Friendships Tag     109
I Adore You Card     110
Product Resource Guide     111

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