As I See It: Past, Present and Future

As I See It: Past, Present and Future

by Jane Willis


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I write for pleasure and when I feel strongly about something I find it much easier to be articulate writing my feelings down than trying to explain myself vocally. Some of the poems I wrote when my marriage broke down after twenty years are quite dark and depressing, but there is always the golden thread of hope running through which lifts the spirit at the end.
It would be nice to think that readers of my work could relate to some of my sentiments, especially the humour in poems like "The Ironing Pile" and "The Driving Test".
Those of you who are grandparents could well feel the same as I did when my grandson was born in 1996, he was the inspiration for "For Leo"/
And for all those of you with military connections, please look for "Falkland - Malvinas", "To Keep The Peace For You & Me" and "Thanks To Wootton Bassett".
Actually having my poetry published at last is a lifetime dream come true for me, and it will make me very happy indeed to have a few readers and for my poems to make them laugh, cry and think.

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