As the Heart Blooms

As the Heart Blooms

by Nicole Yvette Quarles Martinez
As the Heart Blooms

As the Heart Blooms

by Nicole Yvette Quarles Martinez




Do you need a spirit make-over? Are you indecisive about decisions that you need to make? Do you feel lonely or depressed? Do you believe in the healing power of not only giving love, but also receiving love? Are you a hopeless romantic? Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you recently lost a loved one and need words of encouragement? Are you contemplating on returning to an abusive relationship? Do you believe in soul mates? Are you intrigued by the effects of love? Do you feel guilty and you are not at fault? Do you believe that time heals wounds? Do you believe that prayer is the answer? Are you satisfied in life but feel like something is missing and simply need to reboot? Or do you simply need a good read as you relax with your feet up, while sipping on a cup of rich coffee? This is not Starbucks, but you are in the right spot! As the Heart Blooms unfolds like a conversation which evokes a stimulus that becomes captivating, tender, comic, engaging, and delicious. It teaches us that revelation, truth, and beauty can evolve from any situation whether positive or negative. Martinez takes the approach to entice her readers, with a vast selection of experiences that she has observed throughout the years as a therapist, friend, daughter, sister, family member, significant other, and onlooker of society. All roles are played out in this positively charming but edgy, honest and direct, quirky and candid outlet of expression. The author accomplishes the goal of triggering genuine responses that for some elicit feedback that can become therapeutic in nature. The read is deeply thought provoking, lyrical, and musical, which offers a practical examination of human emotions. Martinez is a poet at the top of her game who speaks energy, truth, romance, fire, and pizazz fluently. She challenges her audience to think outside of the box, as the author builds rapport with the reader. By the end of the book you will feel as though you know the writer personally, as she su

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ISBN-13: 9781478718093
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 04/19/2013
Pages: 212
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)

About the Author

About the Author: Nicole Yvette Quarles-Martinez has been writing poems since the early age of 11. Martinez is a graduate of Hollins University, where she received her Bachelor's and Master's Degree in the field of Clinical Psychology. Her educational background has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics that she includes in her book. Martinez is currently a Clinical Therapist. She is also a model, accomplished classical pianist, guitarist, and a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. She is a recipient of numerous awards and recognitions for her outstanding accomplishments. Martinez has received the Key to the City for her participation and successful achievements in pageants, as well as her success in modeling throughout the years. The week of July 25-31 has been proclaimed "Nicole Yvette Quarles Week" in honor of her gifts, talents, and abilities. Martinez is a native of Roanoke, Virginia. If you would like to connect with the Author, send an email to:

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