As We Remember It

As We Remember It


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I have been thinking of this project for many years. There is a

group of men that are still friends after 60 years. Denny and I met

at Round Meadow YMCA camp in 1945. When we went back to

school we were in the same class. He asked me to join his Gray Y

Club and that was our start. Our club grew through Jr. High and

High School. The friends we have made throughout the years still

tell the same stories over and over again.

This book is an accumulation of these stories. We did it in 2

parts. First was at Willner's on Sept 4, 2010. The second was done

at Horn's home Oct 14, 2010. All nine of us were at one or both of

the tapings.

Cy Battison, our YMCA leader from 1948, Denny Warn,

Richard Christy, Jack Valensky, Bill Mercer, Don Horn, Larry

Fisher, Richard Willner, Louis Spunt, Chuck Ponti, wives and

friends were in attendence.

Hope you all enjoy this as much as I loved putting it



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