Ascending Into Euphoria

Ascending Into Euphoria

by Tiffany Tinney


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"Ascending Into Euphoria" is a collection of poems that were written when the author was between the ages of 14-25. In these pages are poems of nature, poems of love, poems about life experiences, and miscellaneous poetry. It is in hopes that in reading this book of poems it will evoke laughter, tears, and sighs of memories that you hold dear to your own heart.

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ISBN-13: 9781426966910
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 12/29/2011
Pages: 80
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.17(d)

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Ascending into Euphoria

A Collection of Poetry
By Tiffany Tinney

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2011 Tiffany Tinney
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4269-6691-0

Chapter One

Section One: Poetry Expressed Through Nature

    The Love of Nature

    Sunshine and the ocean breeze,
    I'm with you, and I feel these.

    Blades of grass and sands of grain,
    you're with me and I see no rain.

    The summer ends and autumn starts,
    we've just met, but you took my heart.

    Trees in the wind, rocks in the stream,
    I've known you forever, it seems.

    A hyena's laugh, a wolf's howling cry,
    I like you a lot, but I wonder why.

    Smile of an angel, sweetness of a baby,
    could this be the attraction? I don't know—maybe.

    Hair like Black Beauty, sparkling eyes like a jewel,
    honey, whatever the reason is, I really like you.

    Indian Paintbrush

    Indian paintbrush red
    blended across the sky
    of a golden setting sun

    White angelic clouds
    floating in the sky
    of an ocean blue

    Forests of emeralds
    reaching out to the sky
    of a silver rising moon

    Fallen Colors

    Fallen leaves are like friends
    that slowly drift through your life.
    Red leaves are for the past lovers that
    still appear in your mind.
    Yellow leaves are for the close friends
    from childhood who always seemed to make you smile.
    Orange leaves are for the old friends
    that resurface in your life from time to time.
    Brown leaves are for the people who you thought were friends,
    that are all but dead to you now.
    Green leaves in the spring will bring new
    friendships that in time will change to their own
    fallen colors.

    A Loner

    I feel so strange and weak;
    there's not a light on down my street.

    I feel so weird and cold
    when it's dark all down my road.

    Can someone show me the way
    so maybe I won't have to stray?

    Faintly, I think I hear a sound;
    it's just a raindrop on the ground.

    It's going to start pouring soon,
    as I stand here under the moon.

    There's no one in my touch or sight,
    I'm alone in the world tonight.

    While everyone else is in bed,
    I sit here and wonder in my head.

    What is life all about?
    Can someone help me figure it out?

    I hear the whistling wind—
    what kind of situation am I in?

    If you look up at the brightest star,
    you can almost see who you truly are.

    I go and lie down under a tree
    and ponder what is happening to me.

    All I do is sit and stare—
    is there anybody out there?

    The temperature is dropping down
    as more rain falls to the ground.

    The raindrops that are hitting my nose—
    in the springtime will bloom a rose.

    A flash of lightning streaks the sky
    as I sit here and I sigh.

    The storm is getting stronger;
    I can't stay out much longer.

    When I am not inside,
    my dreams are where I hide.

    When I'm in my thoughts I feel so free,
    I can truly be who I want to be.

    I'm inside now, but before I close the door,
    I take one last look as raindrops pour.

    Sadly, as I go to bed, my dreams I shake.
    Maybe I'll dream some more before I wake.

    In my own way I'm unique.
    I walk to the drum of a different beat.

    I don't care what people think or say,
    I like myself and I'll stay this way.

    You see, I'm a dream owner,
    and yes, it's true, I'm a loner.

    Spring Haiku

    Fuchsia and white blooms
    entwined on a lengthy bark,
    wrapped in harmony.

    Spring Haiku II

    Lilac and green shades
    of mossy grass in the spring
    by a lake of blue.

    Autumn Haiku

    Leaves fall to the ground,
    red, yellow, orange, and brown,
    without noise, or sound.

    Halloween Haiku

    The moon shines brightly;
    the winds blow, howl, groan, and moan,
    as the ghosts come out.

    The Essence of Beauty

    I love the earth.
    She is my mother,
    my soul,
    my inner beauty,
    my essence and my life.
    Without her I could not breathe,
    I couldn't smell, couldn't see.
    The birds, the sea, the grass,
    everything belongs to her.
    My mother, my earth.

    Native America

    A harvest moon reminds me
    of ancient America,
    native America.
    When natives would sit around
    a fire circle
    chanting and meditating.
    They give thanks to the gods
    for the summer crops
    and pray that they will
    be merciful enough
    to keep them
    throughout the winter.

    Red Is for Apple

    in every bite. is for apple
    good sweet
    taste and
    They round.
    ripe. You
    and can
    juicy find
    sweet them
    are on
    Apples .ground the


    When I sip water,
    I think of how pure
    it must have been,
    thousands of years ago.
    I see rivers flowing from
    unpolluted streams,
    so clean,
    so fresh.
    Wondering what it must
    have felt like to bathe
    underneath a waterfall,
    of something
    so new and untouched.
    What a beautiful sight,
    those waters.
    Now we use filters for clean water.
    Now all of the rivers are
    green and polluted.
    Some things in civilization
    are best uncivilized.

    The Morning Dew

    The dew on the morning grass,
    shines in the yellow sun.
    It glistens with great beauty,
    which never seems overdone.

    It reflects like a rainbow.
    It's odd how it came to be
    that something that is so small
    can truly mesmerize me.

    A Summer's Dream

    Forest leaves blowing
    in the breeze.
    Sun shining through
    the foggy mist
    of the morning dew.
    Animals scurrying about
    on the forest floor.
    Cries echo
    throughout the land.
    Trees lending shelter to
    even the tiniest insect.
    Light fades away
    with the evening sun.
    Everything heads for home
    as the rain starts to pour
    on the forest bed.

Chapter Two

Section Two: Potluck Poetry


    Blinking eyes,
    dancing clowns,
    little babes
    crying out.

    Headless men,
    hero's sigh,
    gorgeous eagle,
    watchful eye.

    Lady in red,
    bride in white,
    a strange man
    is out tonight.

    Nonsense II

    Blond hair,
    green eyes.
    What a day.
    What a surprise.

    Why now?
    Why today?
    You came over
    but did not stay.

    Big feet,
    small hands,
    so perfect,
    yet not a man.

    Fly away,
    swim fast.
    Not so good—
    you came in last.

    Painful Breakup

    Only YOU
    saw the sensation
    and despair
    that ripped into
    my desire
    like really sick
    and senseless

    Elwood Pines

    The waves break
    as we laugh beneath
    desired love.
    We have wild nights
    and conversations
    under the stars
    in Elwood Pines.


    Salamanders and ravens wait
    like black murky shadows
    with primitive
    seducing minds.

    The Small Things in Life

    The smell of restaurant food in the air when you are driving by.
    The idea of being able to go out with your friends.
    Growing up.
    Your own apartment.
    Dog and/or cat.
    Busch Gardens.
    New big houses.
    Just driving.
    Looking up at the clouds.
    Being in the woods, surrounded by trees.
    Walking on the dock.
    Going to the beach.
    Sun tans.
    Going shopping at the mall.
    Fresh air.
    Fake and real tattoos.
    Falling asleep.
    Going to your first party.
    Going to your first concert.
    First date.
    Feeling of serenity.
    New makeup.
    The feeling when you're fresh out of the shower.
    Washing your hair.
    Loving life.

    Prince Charming

    You hear the words a thousand times—
    they forever ring out in your mind.
    You're searching for what you cannot find,
    you're racing through the sands of time
    to find the one who truly cares.
    In your heart you know he's there.
    You look all around you and wonder, "Where?"
    Then you finally give up, with despair.

    The Taste of Sweetness

    The taste of sweetness,
    it is so divine.
    The feeling of our love
    between your heart and mine.

    Your arms around me,
    holding on so tight.
    I love the look in your eyes
    as we make love through the night.

    Wedded Bliss

    Love that is so true
    can be hard to find.

    If you keep your love new,
    it will grow in due time.

    Keep your minds and souls together,
    and nothing will tear you apart.

    I hope that your love lasts forever,
    and you keep nothing but joy in your hearts.

    A Star

    There once was a girl who loved to sing.
    She knew it was her everything.

    But the little girl was very shy.
    When she sang solo, she'd cry.

    One day, some songs she began to write,
    and she realized the dream she had in sight.

    She wanted to become a star,
    and being scared wouldn't get her far.

    She decided to get rid of the fright
    and pushed her dream with all of her might.

    Now she has come very far,
    and soon she will become a star.

Chapter Three

Section Three: Poems Of The Heart


    Lying here
    warm and cozy in my bed,
    I'm listening to you breathe in my ear
    while you sleep.
    It's soothing.
    Any other night
    I'd try to wake you
    because your phone will be dead in the morning.
    But tonight,
    there's something special.
    There's a vulnerability in your sound,
    like that of a baby,
    and I've never known that in you.
    I'm cherishing this moment because
    I know it will be a while before I will
    feel this close to you again.
    In my mind,
    I'm wishing you were here
    so I could watch you dream,
    play with your hair,
    kiss your cheek,
    then whisper, "I love you,"
    knowing that when I say that,
    you will never fully realize just
    how much you mean to me
    and how much I really do care.
    And sadly,
    I know that tomorrow
    you'll go back to being the same old
    tough, stubborn, macho YOU
    that I know so well.

    Real Love Doesn't Hurt

    I love you, but you hurt me.
    The things you say make me cry.
    I put up with you, and I don't know why.
    I love you, but you hurt me.
    I'm in pain here, can't you see?
    It's not funny—it's not a game to me.
    I love you, but you hurt me,
    and I realize I'm a precious jewel.
    So I've got news for you: we're through.
    I love you, but you hurt me.
    Now you say you love me, but you don't mean what you say—
    if you truly loved me, you'd show me another way.
    I love you, but you hurt me.
    You say, "No, we can make this work."
    I love you, but you hurt me,
    and I've learned that real love doesn't hurt.

    I Tell You, "I Love You"

    I tell you, "I love you."
    And you say, "Mmmhmm."
    I ask if you love me
    and sarcastically you say,
    "Oh, man, do I?"
    I ask if you ever think you'll be
    in love with me,
    and you say, "Yeah."
    I ask if you really care at all,
    and you say,
    "Can you talk about this tomorrow?"
    I ask myself if I want to cry myself to sleep
    one more night, wondering
    why you don't love me and
    why you can't be man enough to say it,
    and I say, "No."

    A Loss for Words

    You usually show me a toughness,
    but that's not who you are.
    Lately, you've shown me a sweetness,
    and I admit, I like it so far.

    Recently, I've seen a side of you
    that you have never shown,
    and from this newfound closeness,
    our friendship has really grown.

    When life hits me hard,
    you show me how to cope.
    When I feel I can't go on,
    you tell me there is hope.

    When I see the darkness,
    you see the light.
    You won't let me give in,
    not without a fight.

    You're so far away,
    yet so close to touch.
    When you say kind words,
    it helps me so much.

    You say I have a gift,
    for telling things untold,
    that with my pen and paper,
    my inner beauty unfolds.

    Yes, I am a writer,
    you know that much is true.
    But words could not express
    what I feel for you.

    You truly are my best friend,
    the one to whom I turn.
    But more than your friendship
    is for what I yearn.

    I don't think it's impossible,
    I don't think it's extreme.
    I want to be your girl,
    if only in my dreams.

    You say you don't understand love
    or what it's all about,
    but if I were your girlfriend,
    you would've already found out.

    You say you're scared of love
    and pain is not what you need,
    but I guarantee you happiness
    if you fall in love with me.

    The Best

    To have you once again,
    to hold you now and then.

    Thinking of it's such a stupid thing,
    because to you I'm just a fling.

    I loved you with all my heart and soul,
    but you were the one to let go.

    I've never loved anyone like this before,
    and the strange thing is, now I love you more.

    The look in your eyes, the touch of your face,
    all of these things, my heart can't erase.

    The love that I once had is now gone,
    still, I don't have the strength to move on.

    Again and again I ask myself, "Why?"
    I was the best you ever had, wasn't I?

    Another Sappy Love Poem

    Why do I feel this way
    when I know you don't feel for me?
    I'm leading my heart in dismay,
    but I'm just too blind to see.
    They say that love is blind,
    and I guess that that is true.
    My heart is telling my mind
    that I need to feel for you.
    I wish I could open my eyes
    and see what's really there.
    My heart is telling me lies,
    and I know that you don't care.
    So I guess this was wasted time,
    yet still you remain on my mind.

    My Choice

    Where do I begin? Or should I say where do I end?
    I see in your eyes that I can only be a friend.

    Does it hurt? Yes—to say no would be a lie,
    and yes, without a doubt, every day I will cry.

    You are the closest thing I have ever had to true love,
    but I know when you look at me that's not what you're thinking of.

    I can say now without a doubt, I know my Fate,
    to live forever childless and without a mate.

    Most people have one or the other to keep them strong,
    I will have neither, but I will move on.

    For you, I have sacrificed so much of who I am,
    and I promised myself I would change for no man.

    I have no dignity or respect left for myself.
    I took who I am and put her on a shelf.

    And for what? Some sex, and cuddling at night?
    You're not in love with me, so it just isn't right.

    Have I asked you to change for me at all?
    No, I accepted you, shitty underwear and all.

    I guess in some ways my dad was right about one thing.
    I will never look at my hand and see a wedding ring.

    No man could ever love me, how could they dare?
    I'm too worthless and repulsive for anyone to care.

    It's okay, though. I knew with you I was on borrowed time,
    but at least for a little while I called you mine.

    Even if it was just pretend, I liked playing your wife,
    but as I said, Fate has a different course for my life.

    One thing you are forgetting, baby, one thing you don't seem to
    you are not the only one who's giving the other a chance.

    People rejected you time and time again.
    You were loveless until I stepped in.

    When others did not, I gave you the time of day,
    but to you I'm only a friend, a sister, you say.

    I can't do this, not anymore. It's my life and I do have a voice.
    Who do I choose? Me, myself, and I—that is my choice.

    I hope you find happiness in your endeavor for love,
    and one day I won't be in your memory to think of.

    But you will always be in mine,
    for that one space in time.

    When I had a chance to experience you cared,
    but when I reach out, you won't be there.

    It's okay. I've accepted the hand Fate has given to me,
    and I wish you all the love you could never have for me.

    So good luck and good-bye. I love you and will miss you, no doubt,
    but I'm not waiting for your choice, because I've figured mine out.

    Thanks for Nothing

    You said you'd be there for me,
    but you're not.
    You said you were my friend,
    but you forgot.

    I'm tired of broken promises;
    these excuses are getting old.
    I want a real best friend,
    not someone who leaves me cold.

    I don't think you understand
    just how much it hurts
    to have your "best friend"
    slam your face in the dirt.

    Do me one more favor—
    don't promise anymore dreams,
    because everything you say
    is a lie, it always seems.


Excerpted from Ascending into Euphoria by Tiffany Tinney Copyright © 2011 by Tiffany Tinney. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


The Poet....................ix
Section One: Poetry Expressed through Nature....................1
The Love of Nature....................2
Indian Paintbrush....................3
Fallen Colors....................4
A Loner....................5
Spring Haiku....................8
Spring Haiku II....................9
Autumn Haiku....................10
Halloween Haiku....................11
The Essence of Beauty....................12
Native America....................13
Red Is for Apple....................14
The Morning Dew....................16
A Summer's Dream....................17
Section Two: Potluck Poetry....................18
Nonsense II....................20
Painful Breakup....................21
Elwood Pines....................22
The Small Things in Life....................24
Prince Charming....................25
The Taste of Sweetness....................26
Wedded Bliss....................27
A Star....................28
Section Three: Poems of the Heart....................29
Real Love Doesn't Hurt....................31
I Tell You, "I Love You"....................32
A Loss for Words....................33
The Best....................35
Another Sappy Love Poem....................36
My Choice....................37
Thanks for Nothing....................39
A Chance....................40
Section Four: Poems of my Life, My Thoughts, And Me....................41
The Life I've Never Known....................42
This Incredible Woman....................44
Note to Jerry Falwell....................47
Troubled World....................48
The Color Black....................49
Loneliness Is a Disease....................51
Today Is My Birthday....................52
A Small Prayer....................53
My Virginity....................55
The Last Afternoon of My Life....................57
Maybe It's Better....................58
Nobody's Perfect....................59

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Ascending Into Euphoria: A Collection of Poetry 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
brandiAR More than 1 year ago
this is the best poem book i have ever read before, it was very well written, all of the poems are each full of emotions, i was so happy to start reading this book, the cover of this book is very pretty, the book is just as good as the cover of the book, i really enjoyed these poems alot and i sure hope that she writes more books, if you like poetry books i highly Recommend this book to you, i am going to start reading more poetry books, i give this book 5 stars, i really liked some of these poems alot, i really liked these 1's alot, the love of nature 1, the Indian paintbrush 1, elwood pines, prince charming, a star, the best, a chance.
nikster7 More than 1 year ago
I wrote the thing, so of course I read it! Hope you enjoy!