Ascension Light Codes: The Will of Fire

Ascension Light Codes: The Will of Fire

by Greg P. Clarke


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ISBN-13: 9781452512143
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 11/11/2013
Pages: 468
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.04(d)

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The Will of Fire

By Greg P. Clarke

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 Greg P. Clarke
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-1214-3


Warmth and Vitality

What an amazing sight to see! A divine, sacred moment indeed, frozen in time. The crowds had come from all parts of the universal sector, both far and wide. They cheered and looked up in delight whenever fireworks exploded into a symphony of streaming colours. Sweet, melodious music filled the air while celestial angels, dragons, and divine heralds flew overhead to mark the auspicious event.

Along the boardwalk in the city square, on the shoreline, and throughout the busy streets and laneways, firewalkers, shamans, and jugglers demonstrated their skills. Passers-by stopped to watch and admire them, drawn in by their magnetic powers of attraction. And merchants and charlatans, who were making the most of the occasion, were calling out and demonstrating what kinds of spiritual wares and gimmicks they had to sell.

Holy sages, saints, and priests and priestesses of all denominations and faiths were selling or telling about the sacred documents they had on display. They had documents about all manners and aspects of spirituality. An interested buyer might end up one of the lucky ones to get an authentic document telling of the spiritual history of a planet or describing a magic potion or powerful alchemical spiritual-health remedy and transformation. Others in the crowd had gathered around those who were speaking about the power of the mind, the universe, and God and how those powers could benefit people if they chose to listen to them and were willing to seek them out within themselves.

There were also many honourable, sincere, and genuine people who were spiritually initiated in a cult or service to a higher good of one sort or another. They were there to trade knowledge and wisdom and to give advice or counsel on spells or ancient texts, whose hieroglyphs and sacred symbols contained answers and lore to the mysteries of the universe—for those who knew how to read them.

Soothsayers and astrologers had their charts and spiritual tools out so that they could make predications, and they were forecasting events for when the portal would appear and the auspicious event would take place. Others were praying, chanting, telling fortunes, or dancing in ecstasy. Magicians, diviners, bodhisattvas, gods and goddesses, and empresses and emperors—and all manner of spiritual deities—mingled with the huge gathering of beings of all types who represented the many planets and galaxies of each plane of consciousness. They were there on a pilgrimage to enjoy the divine spectacle before them.

The initiated from the various galaxies were there and waiting. Those who came from Earth were some of the planet's most beloved: Jesus, Mother Mary, Lord Krishna, Gautama Buddha, Muhammad, Einstein, Mozart, Plato, Gandhi, Kwan Yin, Martin Luther King Jr., Lincoln, Lady Portia, Confucius, Mother Teresa, Lao-Tzu, and many other well-loved ascended masters.

It wasn't hard to see who the distinguished guests were. They had all achieved degrees of the highest honours in their department of life, with distinctions in service and enlightenment, and were wearing their ascension graduation robes. The robes of light were exquisite and beautifully designed. Each was handmade and had been fashioned by the best couturiers of the heavenly realms especially for the ascension ceremony.

Each robe had a high collar that fanned out like a king's or queen's royal garment and composed and enhanced the aura superbly. The fabric of light was made out of a rich sun glow. It had thick gold-coloured thread interspersed with fine threads of deep violet and snowy-pink light that started at the top and went down to the stage floor. The flowing colours of the garment then disappeared and re-formed into a pool of resplendent rainbow-coloured light. Each ascender stood at the front of the dais that had been set up for the esteemed guests of honour.

Each of the robes emitted a faint outer aura of light, and the rays shot above their heads and formed halos from the robes' collars up, before the subtle colours disappeared into the ether.

Each group represented its planet. Illumined within each halo was a radiant white star mixed with another colour. Coming out from the centre of the star was a cross whose horizontal and vertical beams were made of coloured light, followed by a horizontal band of smaller outer stars circling the cross in a kaleidoscope of colours like a star wheel, with stars indicating the constellations of the galaxy each ascender came from.

The star pattern was the same for all of the ascenders, except for the colour infused in the white star in the middle, the colours of the light beams, and the stars that decorated the outer band of constellations.

Each haloed aura of the ascenders who represented Earth had a pure-white-and-blue spiral star in the middle; the spiritual white was a uniform colour common to all and symbolic of their identity to the universe they all came from. The spiritual blue was representative of Earth's spirit and distinguished the uniqueness of its aura.

The four light beams that flowed out from the divine spiral star in the middle represented the galactic cross and signified the central four vertical and horizontal axis lines of the planes of consciousness of Earth's Milky Way Galaxy.

The outer horizontal band of twelve smaller stars, each with a different number of points and colours, signified the constellations and planets of the particular star system Earth belonged to.

The heavenly stars revolved within their haloed auras like a slow-moving cosmic gyro. The ascenders put on a truly magnificent display for the occasion for all to see in the spirit of their universal identity and group unity.

They were all gathered together like one big family in a divinely supernatural place, on a sacred planet ready to pass through the galactic portal and take their cosmic ascension.

It was no ordinary portal, such as the ones commonly used by soul ships that travelled the trade routes to the faraway reaches of the planes of the galactic realms of consciousness.

This was a galactic ascension portal. These portals appeared only at certain times, when an ascension was due, and they were known across the cosmos as special gateways that became visible on the spiritual plane of a planet's or galaxy's planetary systems.

They marked the entranceway to the beginning of an ascension journey—a Golden Spiral route that took ascenders to the universe's spiritual portal, which the captains of soul ships knew as the central portal, or innermost hub of a universe. Then, from this spiritual portal of the busy hub, the universal currents of the Golden Spiral route, renowned as a sacred, mystical route fraught with many dangers—and the only one that led to the top of the celestial sphere axis mundi—continued on. It took the spiritual travellers down the shipping channel and farther on through to its cosmic portal at the other end. The cosmic portal marked the entry into the twelve great cosmic streams of the axis mundi, whose primordial currents became the life forces that flowed into and out of all the universes created since time began and sustained and vitalized all the infinite life forms that made up the entire cosmic mandala of creation.

In the case of the ascenders, once they entered the cosmic flow, if they chose to, they were then taken on to further fulfilment of their evolutionary destiny to more-advanced dimensions in some other universe other than the cosmic physical plane. Their destination depended on the place their ticket listed and the passage they had booked on the galactic soul ship.

The renowned galactic ascension portal was made out of matter whose electromagnetic, nacreous light threads vibrated at a particularly high spiritual frequency. These types of portals appeared only at special times, such as when the astronomical coordinates of the planets were fortunate enough at the time in their evolutionary period to be in the right position and alignment, with the designated coordinates of the cosmic forces calculated to happen at that time for that particular planet's ascension. They were synchronised to the matter of cosmic portal frequencies and appeared at highly charged spiritual places on a planet's spiritual plane, and they were connected to the spiritual wave patterns of the particular universe's spiritual grid network.

They came in different shapes, designs, and colours but always with the familiar golden-white light of their main thread, which made them unique and recognizable. Another feature of their speciality was that they were the only type of portal that provided access to Golden Spiral routes.

Galactic soul ship captains knew that if they followed the Golden Spiral leading from the portal, it would give them the most direct route and the quickest access to one of the four electromagnetic cardinal lines. These lines formed the main vertical and horizontal axes of the universe they were in. Once the ascenders were on one of them, all they had to do was navigate along it, keeping to its electromagnetic spiral rail until they came to the central portal of the hub of the universe, which all traffic had to pass through if it wanted to go to another universe.

Galactic ascension portals were designed only for galactic soul ships built for cosmic voyaging and transporting souls whose consciousness had reached a certain point in their spiritual destiny and who were capable of passing through the portal without becoming inflamed or vaporized by the cosmic Shakti forces, whose atomic undercurrents served as the main structural points for the fabric of electromagnetic properties of the portal's creation.

This special class of ship worked on the same principle as any modern soul ship. The gauges of their instrument panels recorded and registered the subtle frequencies of the different types of electromagnetic forces of the universe that made up the dimensions of each plane of consciousness. When a ship was ready to go into another plane, the navigator and specialist engineers on board input the necessary data into the advanced computer program, which in turn caused the ship's dense atomic physical structure to dematerialize into a density of matter whose vibrations had an affinity to the same range of electromagnetic frequencies and resonance as the currents of that plane of consciousness with its subplanes.

Although it might have seemed to an observer whose vision was attuned only to the physical plane of consciousness at that time as if the ship had disappeared altogether, in fact, it had only changed its frequencies to those of the higher plane. It could still be seen in the same place, for example, with the shape of its design still intact, only in a subtler grade of matter that was not visible normally to the naked eye but was readily observable to the more-subtle third eye.

The design and structure of the form of the galactic ships that could pass, when fully adjusted, through into the cosmic realms, especially the galactic portals of an ascension, had their gauges set to the highest and subtlest frequencies of spiritual light. This way, when the coordinates of an ascension portal's electromagnetic spiral were activated, the soul ship was able to align and navigate its passage through safely. Also, as a result of the high-frequency range, it turned into a ship of the most beautiful, radiant currents of spiritual light.

It was a momentous occasion for Captain Sunny and the personnel of the soul ship Auroras. The captain was a tall man who was somewhat handsome, with a medium, solid build, a clear complexion, and sandy-brown hair; his lightly tanned skin clearly showed he had inherited traits from both his father, who was Caucasian, and his mother, whose family was of Asian descent. His fine, intelligent features complemented and enhanced the deepness of his eyes, which were a mixture of dark brown and bright blue. His eyes revealed a hidden intelligence that others saw as an inner intensity that spoke of wisdom and things seen, but Sunny saw things that were better left unsaid and kept shrouded in their secret and mystery.

Sunny and some of the officers and crew members were staring in awe at the amazing spectacle before them that they were witnessing first-hand. The Auroras had touched down on the planet and berthed at the busy docking port, where visiting soul ships of all kinds that had brought their passengers from all over the galaxies to witness the event were strung along side by side in a row at the far docking station of the city's main port. The other ships close by that were unable to get a berth had to settle for moorings off shore, whereupon they were able to catch a small lighter or take their own capsule, if they carried one on board, to take them ashore.

Straight on touchdown, Sunny had taken his handheld compass out of the inside pocket of his jacket because the vibratory tone was ringing on it. When he looked at it, the different colours stopped flashing around in a circle. The compass indicated the ship had touched down right on the border of the planet's soul planes of spiritual consciousness and the frontiers of the cosmic planes.

They left the ship and followed the boardwalk, which led them around the waterfront, winding their way through the busy streets and laneways of colourful crowds until they eventually ended up at a river and a small footbridge. They crossed the bridge and followed the path along the small, narrow, decorated cobblestone street that ran alongside it, and then they turned off onto a mountain trail that brought them out at a strategic vantage point of the lookout they were aiming for, which they'd noticed while on the boardwalk below them.

It looked to Sunny as if the spiritual city was divided into three tiers, with each level elevated higher than the next. From where they had come out, he noticed they were just above the lower half of the first part of the city. He turned and looked to his right, where a little bit farther up, the first tier ended. Then, looking farther behind him and higher up, he saw the second tier of the city and, much farther, the third tier, tucked in and built into the side of the towering mountains above it, like a city all on its own.

He managed to catch a glimpse of the highest part of the city when the clouds separated enough for him to see it, and in particular, he noticed a great palace of some sort, which had a small pathway and winding steps leading up from it to the top of the mountain plateau above it. He stared at it for a moment, mesmerized.

The mist from the clouds swirled around the palace. At one point, the clouds parted like a curtain, and he saw the planet's two suns' early morning rays pierce an opening through the clouds and illuminate the spiral stupas. The effect was supernatural. Their rays formed a crisscross blend of pulsating colours of silver, bright gold, rosy pink, and violet, which bounced off the building's peculiar domes and towers in a dazzling, brilliant display of refracted light beams. Laser currents of different lengths of streaming, opalescent, sunlit particles shot back out in odd directions through the mists and disappeared into the blue ethers above.

For a brief moment, he experienced a feeling of déjà vu that he had seen or even been inside the palace before in some other time in the future or past—he wasn't sure which. The feeling lasted only a minute, but it was long enough to further arouse his curiosity about the planet and the events taking place.

The view from where they were standing on the lookout on the side of the mountain was spectacular. They had a direct line of vision of the crowds below them and the ascension ceremony, which hadn't yet started, down along the waterfront, where the big galactic soul ships were berthed in their docking bays, ready to take the group of souls whose time had come through the portal into the cosmic realms.

Farther in the distance to the right, Sunny noticed other smaller soul ships berthed, with the Auroras among them, which serviced the dimensions of the planes of consciousness that made up the planetary globes and star systems of the galactic planes. Of the crew members who were at the lookout, none apart from Sunny had taken much notice of the two other spiritual cities higher up, as their attention was preoccupied with taking in what was before them.


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