Ascension: The End of Duality

Ascension: The End of Duality

by Marsha Hankins

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ISBN-13: 9781504344753
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 01/03/2016
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 212
File size: 362 KB

About the Author

The kingdom is inside you and it is outside you. When

you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will understand that you are children of the living father.

–The Gospel of Thomas, The Gnostic Bible:

Revised and Expanded Edition, verse 3

Marsha Hankins has been a spiritual teacher, facilitator, and channel for more than 18 years. She is the creator of Standing in the Light®: 4th and 5th Dimensional Procedures for Experiencing Oneself as God, My Body is My Temple: Techniques to Assist the Body in Holding More Light, and other classes to help humanity understand and experience themselves as Source. As she says, “When I finally realized I was a spiritual being, I decided I did not have time to wade into the process. I jumped in and started swimming as fast as I could.”

Marsha moved from life coach to metaphysical practitioner to teacher. Marsha is the channel for the Eminent Reiki™ attunement, a public speaker, and the author of many articles. She is a 2016 contributing columnist for Sibyl Magazine. She is ordained in the Order of Melchizedek through the Sanctuary of the Beloved.

While her home base is Colorado, Marsha is now in semi-retirement and traveling with her husband in their camper trailer. She is still an active author, speaker, seminar leader, and teacher trainer.

Marsha Hankins has a passion for teaching and sharing her experiences of spiritual evolution with others. While she is semi-retired from teaching, she still trains teachers and facilitators, teaches seminars upon request, loves public speaking and continues to write. She is currently traveling the Southwest with her husband in their camper and connecting with the Oneness of all creation.

Marsha believes the goal of life is ascension—raising one’s frequency to remember the pure light of who we all are. She shares step-by-step understand and process for spiritual growth in all of her work.

Contact Marsha through her website:

Her blog, Living in Oneness, at:

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The End of Duality

By Marsha Hankins

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Marsha Hankins
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-4474-6


The Road to Here

For no one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket, nor does one put it in a hidden place. Rather, one puts it on a stand that all who come and go will see its light.

The Gospel of Thomas, verse 33, as translated by Marvin Meyer

We each have our story. My road to this stage of my evolution is probably not that exciting to anyone but me, but it is the road I have traveled and how I got to here is important. I am most grateful to those who have shared their stories of spontaneous awakenings and dramatic journeys into their spiritual enlightenment. Those stories kept me going whenever I began to question whether I was going crazy or just waking up to who I am as God. However, most people wake up and move into the experience of their light one small, medium, or large step at a time in a way that seems uneventful to others, but has powerful impact on who they are and how they find their way home to their light.

We have all been on a journey of spiritual evolution from the moment we were each created as a unique aspect of Source. Everything in physical creation has a cycle of birth, growth, decline, and death. That is because the physical world is limited and one thing must end for another to begin. The spiritual realm, however, is endless. As the spiritual beings that we are, our growth and evolution are eternal. We never die. We continue to expand.

The part of us that exists beyond our physical form is our true self. Many metaphors have been put forth to explain how we got here and how we can exist in both physical and spiritual form. It is often said that we are spiritual beings having a human (or earthly) experience. As the human beings we are, we often see ourselves as small and insignificant. As the spiritual beings we are, we know ourselves as unlimited and are always looking for ways to expand ourselves as part of Source.

Just like everyone on the planet, I volunteered to be here as part of the Experiment in Duality. It took quite a few years for me to understand and accept that I was not a victim of this earthly creation but came by choice as an empowered creator. The concept that what we have been through on earth is part of a divine experiment in which we chose to participate is not always well received, but this teaching has been given to us many times by many great masters. Once I understood the purpose and accepted the perfection of it all, the road to the remembrance of who I am got much easier and much more joyful. I have come to truly appreciate the gift of this experience and am grateful for my choice to play this game.

Of course, I did not always feel that way. I have kicked and screamed on my road to Oneness and Ascension as many times as I have sung and danced. Most of the journey has been expansive and exciting, but everyone has to face his or her demons and I am no different. While we might understand intellectually that we are light and love and blessed children of the God/Goddess/All That Is, we must move through many levels of dogma, subconscious beliefs and programmed behaviors to fully accept ourselves as the true beings of light and love that we are. We have to clear away the layers of lack of forgiveness for what we perceive we have done wrong to know the truth of ourselves as the God/Goddess in our hearts, end the duality of the experiment, and ascend into pure light. While we have always been light and love, and can only be light and love, we have been buried in the darkness of this experience for a very long time and need to allow ourselves the patience to come back into our god-selves. It is time to let go.

We created an intricate and fascinating experiment in separation throughout this universe. An experiment is defined as a test, a trial or tentative procedure, especially one for the purpose of discovering something unknown or testing a principle or procedure. I will explain my understanding of the Experiment in Duality and why we chose to experience separation later, but I will say now that we did a bang-up job of pushing the experiment to its limits. We have gone as far as we can possibly go into the experience of separation, and all we have to do now is come back out. This can be as simple and easy as we allow it to be through our trust and surrender.

Do we have to surrender and come out? No, but I highly recommend it! The love and joy on the other side are too good to pass up.

My Beginnings

When I seriously began my spiritual journey I thought I already knew almost everything. I had read a few books and done a little meditation. How much more could there be? A few more classes and a bit more practice and surely I would arrive at mastery. Every time I learned something new I thought I was almost there. All of this was so exciting. I just could not understand why everyone didn't get it and I wanted to share my vast knowledge and enthusiasm with the world. This was before I understood the journey from spiritual infancy to spiritual adolescence to spiritual maturity.

One of my favorite Eastern sayings relative to our spiritual studies is that the further one goes, the more one knows one has to learn. We all wake up to our spiritual mastery in time. However, we are merely spiritual infants when we first awaken. We have so much to learn and must go through all the stages of growing up (just like human children) to fully understand and know ourselves as masters. The road is a fascinating and oh-so-rewarding one. It does, however, require patience and fortitude to slog through some of our issues to get back to our light.

As I said, and will say again, we have always been light, but our memories inside the experiment got a bit foggy. We simply have to sweep away the distractions so that we can remember. The good news is that this process has never been as easy as it is now. The increased frequency of Mother Earth and humanity makes it possible for any of us to make quantum leaps in evolution when we choose to do so. We only need to pick a process that works for us and follow it to the remembrance of ourselves as aspects of the God/Goddess/All That Is and find our readiness for Ascension.

There truly are, as the saying goes, many roads to the Buddha. Jesus said, "My Father's mansion has many rooms." Lord Krishna taught, "Any path you travel, I will be there." While it took a while for me to find my way, my road to where I am now is a series of classes channeled from the Christ from 1991 to now. The Christ has always been real to some and mythical to others. Many have embraced his presence while others have completely rejected him in an effort to distance themselves from religions that did not work for them.

This is primarily because we do not understand, and have not been taught, who or what the Christ really is. The Christ is an office in the Spiritual Hierarchy that has been held by many great masters, including Lord Maitreya, Lord Kuthumi, and Master Jesus (known as Lord Sananda to the higher realms). The role of the office of the Christ is to assist humanity in understanding the Experiment in Duality, and the Divine Plan for coming out of it. All those who have held the office in a physical body or in the higher realms are great teachers sent to us by the God/Goddess/All That Is for our ascension into Ascension.

The first embodied aspect of the Christ on earth was king and high priest, Lord Melchizedek. The teachings given to us by Melchizedek became the foundation of the Kabala, the Egyptian and Essene mystery schools, and much of New Age. Each representative of the office of the Christ who has served on this planet has tried to reinforce and expand our knowledge and understanding of those original teachings.

All of the wonderful beings belonging to the group we call the Ascended Masters understood the role of the Christ, the qualities of Christ consciousness and the Oneness of all things. The Eastern religions openly refer to Christ consciousness because they do not see religious lines. One of my memorable moments was reading the opening chapter of The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East by Baird Spalding when an Eastern master spoke of the travels of Jesus and John the Baptist to the Far East. This Eastern saint spoke of how the Eastern masters and Jesus shared their teachings with each other and how they all honored the insights they each gained from that process.

Whether one understands the Christ through the Western or the Eastern approach, an understanding of the true nature of the Christ is helpful in breaking down old dogma and opening to the teachings that lead to Ascension. It took over fifty years of my life for me to fully understand and accept that all of the great masters have been teaching the same thing, get my act together and follow my truth. It was well worth the wait.

Growing Up

I was raised in the Christian church, as the majority of people in the western world have been. I could not have explained what that really meant, but I knew what I was supposed to do. I was supposed to go to Sunday school and church, and be a good girl. That was fine and dandy until I recognized I could not connect to what I was being taught, had no way to truly express myself, and began to silently question what I was learning.

I have known many people who came into this life fully in touch with their psychic abilities and connection to what lies beyond the physical world. I did not. I did not see auras, talk to angels, or have premonitions of the future as a child. Those skills would come later. I did know myself to be a spiritual being in a way that I did not recognize as unusual, or know how to explain as a child. I just knew what I knew, like most children.

After learning that The Bible had been rewritten and the church reorganized under the non-Christian Roman Emperor Constantine from 314-345 AD, I understood the discrepancies in what I was learning in church and what I felt in my heart. Reading authors such as Elaine Pagels, Lawrence Gardner, and Neil Douglas-Klotz helped me to know that my inner voice was right. I had found the road for which I had been searching and a new world of spiritual evolution opened for me. My heart had truly opened.


Whether we currently realize it or not, we all know the wisdom of the Christ because the Christ consciousness that transcends what we have known as religion is woven into the cellular memory of all humanity. We simply have to wake up and remember who we are to allow that wisdom to come into our conscious minds. What many of us find to be the confines of our various religious teachings do not allow for the universality of the beautiful truths of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, or the other great spiritual masters who have taught on behalf of the office of the Christ on this planet. These teachings have always been here. However, most of us have not been fully exposed to them, and we do not know what we do not know. Therefore, most of us move through our lives with blinders, following the religion to which we were born, until something wakes us up and we begin to ask questions.

For me, the questions began when I was still very young. Some things just did not make sense to me. How could Jesus be the one and only Son of God if we were all supposed to be children of God? How could there be a heaven and a hell when Jesus said the Kingdom of the Father is inside of us? And, why would God, a loving father, create a bunch of non-Christians just so they would go to hell (if there was one)? How can there be unconditional love and punishment at the same time? The list of questions went on. It made no sense.

The biggest question for my young mind at the time was that of one and only one life to get it right. If "ashes to ashes and dust to dust" was right, and there were cycles of life, what about the human soul? If everything else got recycled, why didn't we? I was sure something was missing.

I remember the first day I heard someone speaking about reincarnation. I was only ten years old but I knew I had just heard truth. I did not know what to do with that truth, but I packed it away for the future assuming that someday I would figure it all out. Many years later I learned that reincarnation had been part of the original teachings of Jesus but was removed from The Bible as part of the "reorganization" of the church. In defiance of Emperor Constantine, reincarnation was actively taught as part of Christian doctrine by many priests until 553 AD when Rome declared excommunication for anyone continuing that practice. While this knowledge raised even more questions about the accuracy of The Bible, I had at least one question answered.

I continued to participate in church as a youngster, but I could not find the answers to my questions or the connection to the Christ that I sensed but could not define. Going to college was the perfect opportunity to separate from church almost entirely. I did not lose my desire to better know the Christ, but with no specific direction to follow, I put my spiritual interests on the back burner and went on about my life as most young adults seem to do. I read a few good spiritually-based books over the years and learned to meditate, but gradual exploration was all I wanted for many years.

Learning to Meditate

Part of my gradual exploration in my thirties was learning Transcendental Meditation. My first experience was the bliss of feeling my connection to, what I called at that time, the universe. The purpose of meditation is to transcend the lower-self (the physical, emotional, and mental self) to experience the spiritual-self. Until one quiets the mind, the emotions, and the body, one cannot know a true connection to one's soul. As The Bible says, "Be still and know that I am God!"

Once I got used to being in the stillness, I began to get messages from my god-self. The stillness is where we hear our true inner voice, or Divine Guidance, as long as we are clear and willing to listen. For me, that guidance began as messages when I was coming out of the meditative state. My mind was relaxed and opened at that time, so my god-self could slip me a message without my lower-self interfering and talking me out of it.

I found the messages that I received coming out of meditation were right on target. No matter what I was guided to do, it worked perfectly. Over time I learned to connect and clearly receive my guidance at any time and to trust that connection.

The importance of meditation cannot be over-emphasized. No one has Ascended from this planet without becoming a master of meditation. It is in the deep meditative state that one experiences oneself beyond the illusion of the physical world. In other words, it is in the deep meditative state that one experiences one's true self - one's god-self.

The goal is to eventually reach the avatar state of walking meditation — the state of ever-present Oneness with the God/Goddess/ All That Is. However, that does not happen without mastery of traditional meditation.

The Big Awakening

I had my big awaking, the one I could not ignore, in August of 1999. I had become interested in self-healing through energy work and was exploring a variety of options. My husband and I were living in Colorado and I enrolled in a class on healing techniques in Denver expecting the focus to be on learning to heal the physical body with some emphasis on the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.

I was already enjoying the class when the teacher announced that we were going to begin healing past lives. We were to use a specific technique to identify a time in the past that needed healing and clear it. My enjoyment changed to anticipation as I expected something very exciting to happen. I had always believed in reincarnation and had read about healing the present life by healing past lives. I was ready for the experience.

Most of the people in the room were getting immediate results. They were identifying lives that needed healing and going to work. I listened to the stories being shared around the room, but I sat there dead in the water. Nothing was coming for me. I so wanted a past life experience and I was getting nothing. My anticipation began to turn to frustration, but I was determined enough not to give up. I tried one more time to locate a past life to clear. I so wanted this to happen.

I cannot say what time period I tapped into, but suddenly I was overcome with emotion. I felt so weak I had to put my head down on the table. My back began to boil. The instructor came over and tried to touch my back, but it was too hot. This continued for a couple minutes at most. Then, as though a veil was being lifted, all of the intense energy just flowed away. I was exhilarated and full of joy. The only thing I knew was that the people who were my mother and father in this life were somehow involved in that past life and that all of the old energy had been cleared away. Wow.


Excerpted from Ascension by Marsha Hankins. Copyright © 2016 Marsha Hankins. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Acknowledgments, ix,
Foreword: High on a Mountain Top, xi,
Introduction, 1,
Chapter 1 The Road to Here, 25,
Chapter 2 Ascension and the Experiment, 45,
Chapter 3 The Spiral Staircase, 61,
Chapter 4 Our Stages of Evolution, 74,
Chapter 5 Living in Unity, 98,
Chapter 6 Achieving Oneness, 116,
Chapter 7 The Levels of Avatar, 134,
Chapter 8 The Levels of Initiation, 144,
Chapter 9 Surrender and the Divine Plan, 158,
Chapter 10 Climbing the Staircase, 174,
Afterword, 193,
About the Author, 195,

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