Ascension, Soul Retrieval, Resurrection 1

Ascension, Soul Retrieval, Resurrection 1

by Rose Whaley


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WORDS TO THE WISE! BEING DIVINELY FREE, JOYOUS and WEALTHY IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT!! Rose is a AUTHENTIC SPIRITUAL AUTHOR/LIFE COACH, She shares her life stories that will help empower people who are READY to HEAL to CHANGE THEIR LIFE &THE WORLD! She was diagnosed with an incurable disease in 1987,an dysfunctional family,an abusive marriage,etc.Her REVELATION,learning to remember her true DIVINE self and positively reprogrammed her subconscious mind and healed the dis-ease, all illnesses and unhappy situations she created UNCONSCIOUSLY.Her first book-The book without a name,her books are extremely deep healing within, SELF EMPOWERING, an ease read, and thought provoking. She realize she was going through the Ascension process known by many name:Spiritual AWAKENING/KUNDALINI/GOLDEN AGE, she didn't believe she would live through the transformation to write : Ascension, Soul Retrieval, Resurrection pt.1 &2, Was hushed to the EMERGENCY in 2008. The process can be very challenging with many symptoms mental, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual, she illustrates her experience and share spiritual support resources on all levels.TECHNIQUES, empowering prayers, affirmations,quotes, meditation, books, CD/DVD etc. Natural things to helps ease the process, Every SOUL is UNIQUE (BE YOU).Her books was written in LOVE from her heart with the intention to help people inner and overstand TO LEARN SELF LOVE , reclaiming your DIVINE GIFTS /POWER. ALL her LIFE EXPERIENCES LESSONS (challenges), which led her back to TRUE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS to be a DIVINE SERVANT. Ascension is decoding your powerful dormant DNA. The process bring up un-conscious trauma, hurt, pain, unforgiveness, self-hatred, KARMA, DHARMA etc. Purging can be very painful, frighten and feeling abandoned, It's worth the growing pain DARK TO LIGHT,her unique spiritual healing journey back to higher consciousness, going through the SHIFT for Soul Retrieval and Resurrection.She explains the process of transformation out of human density (carbon based being) into a crystalline light being. You may experience some of these symptoms or many others Physical such as: body aches and pain all over etc., diet and sleep pattern changes, extreme fatigues, skin rash, eye problems, diabetes symptoms, body extreme heat or cold, dizziness, back spasms, legs, toes and finger cramping, pressure in your head or pain,Heart palpitation, sinus, craving for proteins lost OF JOB,HOME,OLD LIFE STYLE. MENTAL: spiritual depression, suicidal thoughts, confused and disoriented, bipolar/ADHD and schizophrenia like symptoms. panic attacks, feeling hysteria. Emotionally such as:mood swings, short memory loss, detaching from low or negative vibrating THINGS,PLACES, JOBS, Mates and PEOPLE, DETACHING from labels,Titles materialism for approval, INTERTAINERS ETC. false illusions of feeling powerless and unworthy. SPIRITUAL SYMPTOMS
such as: feel like you want togo home, seeing and hearing things in other dimensions, Feel unconditional love for all and sometimes extreme anger or bliss, heightened sensitivities to low or negative vibrating people etc.Some people have been feeling many of these symptoms for years and many will start. After the Ascension process, back to your higher self (out of this false MATRIX OF MIND CONTROL (SLAVERY)you will feel more inner peace, balance,and whole again, curing all disease, freedom from all CRAVING, REVERSE AGING, being healthy, abundant, Compassional, Unconditional loving, COMMITTED to true (purpose) MISSION, heighten intuition Realizing you are the ONE with unlimited power and possibilities. What some call an end is just a new beginning. COMING OUT OF THE TRANCE AND UNPLUGGING from this corrupt society; this foundation is crumbling and all its false construct (MATRIX) of materialism deception. WHAT SOME PEOPLE ARE CALLING THE END IS A NEW BEGINNING, SOME PEOPLE are now moving from the 3rd dimensional CONSCIOUSNESS through the 4th to the 5th and beyon

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ISBN-13: 9780977752317
Publisher: Universal Truths Publishing
Publication date: 10/07/2012
Pages: 152
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.33(d)
Age Range: 1 - 17 Years

About the Author

Rose COUNSEL PEOPLE INTERNATIONAL BY PHONE OR IN PERSON 60.00 a hour-40.00 half hour LIMITED TIME, I-718-933-4643 Awakening to her WAKE-UP call A DISEASE she healed, TO LEARN HER SOUL PURPOSE.SHE ATTEMPTED SUICIDE A FEW TIME, THE CREATOR SAVED HER TO HELP PEOPLE WHO ARE READY to HEAL & SAVE SELF.She chose to start a new life with their three children after almost killing her husband of 10 years of abuse that she EXPERINCE. because of HER UNCONSCIOUS SELF HATRED, Growing-up WITH dysfunctional parents, the lack of FEELING love, nurturing, inspiration, self-confidence and lack of true knowledge of her DIVINE SELF, she continue making the wrong chooses with mates, family, friends and other people vibrating on a low or negative FREQUENCY.She affiliate free self-awareness spiritual EMPOWERING workshops at TRS inc. and in Connecticut halfway house and the homeless shelter, other schools and community centers. She had two books signing at Barn& Nobles, Lectures at Sunkofa book store in NY. and spiritual workshops at Bisexual N-transgender community in NY. Children,s Aid Society,s Employee De-Stress Rejuvenation Health Fair as the Holistic Health/ Counseling 2014. Rose facilitated at a Conference on Blacklove relationship in Manhattan NY., in 2011 with Dr. Bolling MD. KEYNOTE SPEAKER at holistic, and others health EXPO'S. She been interviewed for her first literary endeavor for The Book Without a Name in The Inner Realm magazine and others. She has also been interviewed and did conference on other Cable shows and radio talk Shows.The Book without a Name, was the winner of Aspicomm Media, Inc.'s Self-Publishing Symposium S'INDIE AWARDS TRAILBLAZER.Rose produces her Cable TV. show "Self Awareness" which is viewed international on (internet), 2014/15 Surprised! was nominated by network of Brooklyn BRIC for their first award for outstanding program Feature/ Segment. She Loves helping all people help themselves, EVERYONE CAN RELATE To her life EXPERIENCES. She started her NEWLETTER in 1996, opened her first CUSTOM MADE boutique shop "ROSE ORIGINAL" in 1978, the second in 1996. Many of her fashions have been featured in the NEW YORK "Daily Newspaper" fashions shown in South America, many Colleges, Clubs and cable television's shows such as Video Music Box, In Style Ch.25, the famous Apollo theater, The Cotton Club, Sweetwaters, ETC. Newlife and Kwanzaa and Black Expo in New York City. In a variety of magazines: Upscale, Class and others.

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