Asetian Bible

Asetian Bible

by Luis Marques


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Asetian Bible by Luis Marques

The Asetian Bible is an authoritative work on Ancient Egyptian spirituality and real life vampirism that presents the Asetian tradition to the world, developed in a way for both initiates and scholars.

After millennia of elitist secrecy, a tradition old as time itself, built before the very foundations of mankind, escapes the void of eternity to be seen throughout the mist. The first dark mystical path in history, a profound system of predatory spirituality, Asetianism echoes the saga of the first-born vampires, the immortal Children of the Gods. After wars of ancient empires, quests from the priests of old and long researches from uncountable watchers over the centuries, the holy knowledge of Egypt is now revealed within the cryptic Asetian theology in a volume of sacred words.

International author Luis Marques, one of the world's leading specialists in Asetian spirituality, is a renowned expert in metaphysics, vampirism and Ancient Egyptian knowledge within the Order of Aset Ka. This work, developed between Portugal and Egypt, was finished in 2007 as a result from years of research, experience and growth.
With granted access to the classified texts, inner knowledge and practices, internal to the Order of Aset Ka, Luis Marques developed this book from scratch in a way to be accessible for the general public, presenting a solid reference on vampirism, Kemetic spirituality and magick. An authority in religion and ancient symbolism, the author presents us with the inner secrets of the Elders hidden behind the beauty of his words and cryptically inspiring text...

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ISBN-13: 9789899569409
Publisher: Aset Ka
Publication date: 04/14/2008
Pages: 300
Sales rank: 126,432
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)
Age Range: 3 Months

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Asetian Bible 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been interested in vampires and Ancient Egypt for nearly my whole life. I have also been reading about magic and the occult for quit a long time, experimenting with different things and systems. It was a great surprise when I found this book that proved to be amazing. If you do not believe that vampires are real, the author Luis Marques will certainly change your mind, opening you a door that is closed for more than 8000 years to mortals. A door to the world of immortals, that roam in secret, hidden among common human society, since the times of Ancient Egypt. He exposes their origins, their stories, their adventures. Together with this, Luis Marques presents us with the religion that real vampires have been following for centuries, in secret and in silence. This secret religion of vampires is called Asetianism, and it was founded in Egypt, thousands of years ago. Their spiritual system is based on the evolution of the soul, adopting a dark path paradigm full of mysteries and magic. This tradition is presented within the book in beautiful and inspiring words, that explain to all of us the concepts behind most metaphysical practices and how magic actually works. If you are into vampires, magic and Ancient Egypt, reading this book is likely to change your life...
Victoria23 More than 1 year ago
To make a true, honest and full review on such a blessing as this work of art, and how it and the Order of Aset Ka changed my life, it would be only fair for me to write my own book... probably far longer than the Asetian Bible itself. I am not even sure how I should begin... I rather share a glimpse of my own story as I make this review. A long, long time ago, when I first began being interested and fascinated about vampirism and the occult, I came across countless, and I am speaking of hundreds upon hundreds of websites, informations and even people, who, strangely, never ceased to impress me and feed my thirst for the sacred knowledge. After an extensive amount of time, being quite fed-up and sick of the lack of spirituality and elitism in the community, where all I would see daily was everyone claiming to be a vampire because they loved blood, feared sunlight or the worse, had fangs... where all I would see is orders upon orders trying to make money and nothing more... In that time, I came across a wise woman and spoke with her about vampirism and she introduced me to Asetianism, back then in those days that the Aset Ka was yet but a shadow, a light whisper, to us all. Many months passed by and my thirst grew stronger, as the Asetian Bible was finally released to the public. Reading this blessed book was, as everyone says, life-changing. Every single detail of this book is magickal... to hold it and know the sigil you are gazing at is the sigil that the Beautiful Goddess herself created, thousands of years ago, is almost too beautiful to be true. But the most life-changing of all details is only for those who can evolve with this book, and once you can grasp the divine secrets, ever so beautifully written by Master Marques, only then you can see the change within yourself, as I did, and still do, every time I realize how much I grew.

I owe all my evolution, growth and true knowledge to our beloved Asetian author for writing such an inspiring, moving, addictive and spiritually complete book, a true divine work of art, only to those who have Eyes to See.

JennaT22 More than 1 year ago
This book is what many of us have been waiting for for a long, long, long time. Many of us that knew of the existence of the Aset Ka before the publishing of the Asetian Bible. I have been in and out of countless forums, learning about countless vampiric houses and orders in the past couple of years, but never have I come across something so powerful and life changing as the Kemetic Order of Aset Ka. Never have I seen or felt such a deep change within myself, although only when I could truly comprehend everything I read, and learned to open my mind and cleanse my Soul and mind of what the common society and religion ¿shoved down my throat¿ all of my life. This book is not just a book... it is, as it was said, a metaphysical tool for evolution and much more. I am just thankful I found this path.

-Jenna Tolsom
MarcPaterson More than 1 year ago
Being myself fascinated with Ancient Egypt for over fifteen years, I have come to learn a lot about the tradition and secrets that many may not completely realize... For many years I have dedicated my entire life to learning as much as I can about Ancient Egypt, being so touched with every new details I learned. But last year when searching for books on Kemeticism, I came across one that at first I could not understand the connection... vampirism... I asked myself how this can be possible, so I ordered the Asetian Bible and begun reading... and yet it took me a while to open my mind to such a taboo subject. Months have passed and I must admit my full view on all of my studies over the years have changed without a doubt. To a beginner, this will sound too confusing, if you start your journey of knowledge with a closed mind. But once you grasp the essence and open your eyes to the Truth... you start to see that in this road, every piece of the puzzle matches and makes sense. This road, however, as it is already mentioned within the book, isn't for everyone. It is for the strong-minded and the evolved... Nevertheless this was one of those things that change your life and mind completely.

Marc Paterson
MarkRosentall More than 1 year ago
This is a highly controversial book, but nonetheless an amazing literary work. It is clear that the writing of this book took the author in a long spiritual journey and is a result of many years of intense research. Its contents have clearly defined a genre in its own way, becoming the strongest reference worldwide in what comes to vampirism and the vampire. This has affected many people, especially the ones that use vampirism and the occult merely to feed their shallow commercial projects. As a great example of this is the review left in here by Pox, one of the many people that waste their time to badmouth this book in many places across the internet, bringing up their own commercial works, that honestly hold nothing within its pages but ignorance of the real occult reality of the vampire and its long standing tradition. Sad people, that have nothing but fear towards the exposure of real gnosis as what can be found in a book such as the Asetian Bible. Anyways... Terrificly recommended. You will find nothing alike in what concerns vampires and vampirism. Have an open mind, and try to study it yourself, without being drawn away by the voices of the haters that have nothing but jealousy of what is accomplished in here. ;) Despite what those weak minded individuals that hide behind pen names and computer screens may say, the Asetian Bible has changed the lives of many people, opened doors for countless scholars of the occult and literally marked its own place in history. This is what bothers so many...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago