Ashar'an Rising: Book 2 of the Nexus Wars Saga

Ashar'an Rising: Book 2 of the Nexus Wars Saga

by Robert Day


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...then the son of the Lion shall travel to the sylvan ocean,
and within find the daughter of the long-lived,
so shall they unite their people as one to follow the river of blood that the Skymaster has ridden.

      : Chronicles of Yas, T.E. 1105

As Prince Andrak and Princess Kitara journey with the Sage-like figure of Ka'Varel toward the Elven city of Lloreander, Valdieron, descendant of Kay'taari Dragon-riders, continues his quest to restore the Disk of Akashel.

Heading South toward Dak'mar, he hopes to discover more about his heritage and recover pieces of the Artifact, while continuing to harness his own abilities in the Dream Plane of Kel'Valor.

With the Demon Hordes massing, and Assassins dogging his every move, will he have enough time to re-form the Disk which will lock the Demons within the Voids once more?

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Publication date: 12/08/2011
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