Asian Paleoanthropology: From Africa to China and Beyond

Asian Paleoanthropology: From Africa to China and Beyond


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ISBN-13: 9789400733220
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 11/06/2012
Series: Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology Series
Edition description: 2011
Pages: 216
Product dimensions: 8.27(w) x 10.98(h) x 0.02(d)

About the Author

Christopher Norton has spent the past eighteen years conducting paleoanthropological research in China, Korea, and Japan. Of those eighteen years, Norton has spent more than eight years actually living in those respective countries learning not only the paleoanthropology, but the cultures and languages as well. This has allowed Norton to develop a broader, regional scope for his research. This has facilitated his previous research and was the primary impetus for proposing this comprehensive synthesis of the current state of research in Asian paleoanthropology. The co-editor, David Braun, works primarily in Africa. However, we both agreed that comparative research between Africa and Asia was critical to fully comprehending both regional records. This was the primary reason why we co-organized a symposium on Asian Paleoanthropology at the AAPA meeting in March 2007, which forms the foundation for this edited volume. Most of the presentations from that conference are chapters in this book.

Table of Contents

1. Asian paleoanthropology: An introduction
Christopher J. Norton and David R. Braun

2. The colonization of “Savannahstan”: issues of timing(s) and patterns of dispersal across Asia in the Late Pliocene and Early Pleistocene
Robin W. Dennell

3. On the road to China: The environmental landscape of the Early Pleistocene in western Eurasia and its implication for the dispersal of Homo
Miriam Belmaker

4. East Africa and East Asia: Comparisons of the earliest archaeological evidence
David R. Braun, Christopher J. Norton, and John W.K. Harris

5. Inter-continental variation in Acheulean bifaces
Ceri B. K. Shipton and Michael D. Petraglia

6. Cranial shape in Asian Homo erectus: geographic, anagenetic, and size-related variation
Karen L. Baab

7. Rethinking the Palearctic-Oriental biogeographic boundary in Quaternary China
Christopher J. Norton, Changzhu Jin, Yuan Wang, and Yingqi Zhang

8. The history of hominin occupation of Central Asia in review
Michelle M. Glantz

9. Core-and-flake assemblages of India
Parth R. Chauhan

10. South Asia as a geographic crossroad: Patterns and predictions of hominin morphology in Pleistocene India
Sheela Athreya

11. Cranial morphology and variation of the earliest Indonesian hominins
Yousuke Kaifu, Etty Indriati, Fachroel Aziz, Iwan Kurniawan, Teuku Jacob, and Hisao Baba

12. Central-East China - a Plio-Pleistocene dispersal corridor: The current state of evidence for hominin occupations
Christopher J. Norton, Xing Gao, Wu Liu, David R. Braun, and Xiujie Wu

13. The earliest hominin occupations in the Nihewan Basin of northern China: recent progress in field investigations
Chen Shen, Xing Gao, and Qi Wei

14. Peopling in the Korean Peninsula
Kidong Bae

15. When were the earliest hominin migrations to the Japanese Islands?
Kazuto Matsufuji

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