Ask God: My 30-Day Experiment with Prayer and Its Potential to Answer Yours

Ask God: My 30-Day Experiment with Prayer and Its Potential to Answer Yours

by Kyle L.B. Morey



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Ask God: My 30-Day Experiment with Prayer and Its Potential to Answer Yours by Kyle L.B. Morey

An exercise in devotion. A demonstration of love.

Many books impart valuable information, it's the rare book that can evoke experience. This is one of those rare books.

Author Kyle Morey writes from his heart so his words inspire as well as inform. He is so deeply immersed in his faith, that the essence of it transmits from the page to the reader's heart.

What he set out to do was write for 30 days what he believed God was telling him to tell the reader. He wanted to be an agent for God, not an authority on God. After his daily warm up of praise through hymns, prayer and scripture reading, he asked God to guide him to what the reader-whoever she or he might be-wanted or needed to hear that day. The result is a conversational, often funny, always sincere revelation of spiritual reality as Kyle knows it and lives it.

It could have been easy for someone who walks the talk as Kyle does to appear holier than thou. He never does. It could have become preachy, but it didn't. And it might have appeared contrived or become gimmicky, but it is obviously genuine and authentic.

While deeply devotional in nature, the book is, at the same time, methodical, almost scientific, in its approach to self-awakening to the loving presence of Christ. It offers easy-to-follow steps to awareness readers can apply in their own lives. Some may be challenging while many are as simple as remembering to bless someone with a smile. All produce positive, uplifting results.

Kyle unabashedly talks about his family, his faith, his quirks and his foibles. He shares about mundane matters like working with an audit or deeply personal things like dealing with one of his young daughters or apologizing to his wife. He shows by example how to bring spiritual principles into practice in everyday life. He makes real the idea that we can actually walk with God. In fact, as Kyle says, "The primary principle of this 30-day experiment and book is this: God is with you especially during trying times, and especially when you are trying."

It is fitting that the book concludes on the theme of forgiveness as a powerful practice and with a blessing that comes through Kyle, but the source of which you can decide for yourself. It is a book for those of any faith, of little faith, or of no current faith but who hold a curiosity about what it might be like to live with God as a constant companion. It is a book that can be read a chapter at a time for 30 days or savored for a year or a lifetime. In the end, it is a labor of love and service-and it was written for you.

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Publisher: C Turtle Publishing
Publication date: 09/09/2016
Pages: 428
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About the Author

Kyle Morey is a man who walks his talk. He does not practice his faith, he lives it with each breath and integrates it into everything he does.

Raised in Louisville, Kentucky, and a graduate of Indiana University, Kyle spent two years in France on a mission for his church. That was a true test of faith since he barely spoke the language when he arrived in that country. Not only did Kyle make it through the entire two years, he returned to become both an entrepreneur and work at the executive level of several Chambers of Commerce, his most recent position being double CEO (Chief Executive Officer and Chief Enthusiasm Officer) at the Madison County, Indiana Chamber. Wherever he has been, Kyle made his mark, always leaving places better than he found them and consistently breaking records for success.

Simultaneous with his full-time work, Kyle is a volunteer ordained minister in his church and he traditionally dedicates at least 20 hours a week in service. He generally rises around 5:30 am and follows a rigorous schedule of devotional practices that continually awaken him to the eternal presence of the Spirit.

Kyle and his wife, Denielle, are the parents of 5 wonderful children to whom they are devoted. As of this writing, the Moreys are on a three-year mission/adventure as wandering worldschoolers, homeless house sitters, and venturesome volunteers. Another exercise in faith, they ask God where to dwell temporarily, then they roll up their sleeves to work, serve, speak at meetings and gatherings, and, of course, present Kyle's books.

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Ask God: My 30-Day Experiment with Prayer and Its Potential to Answer Yours 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Claudia Coffey for Readers' Favorite Ask God by Kyle L.B. Morey includes a writing per day over a 30-day period that this reader found to be enlightening and most helpful on how to grow in devotion to our Creator and make the most of life “while we are here visiting this wonderful planet we call Earth.” Morey shares his formula with us on how to grow our relationship with God: 1) Begin by praying to God and thanking Him for His word found in the Scriptures; 2) Ask God your most important question that day; and 3) Read randomly in the Scriptures, “pleading for the Spirit to guide us,” continuing to read until we get our answer. A new gem is revealed in each day’s reading of Ask God by Kyle L.B. Morey. Just some of the topics are: faith, hope, fear, strength, wisdom, prosperity, thankfulness, belief and action. We read about how to overcome depression – “When I choose to be negative and depressed, I am choosing to ignore God and his Blessings that surround me including the ability to breathe” - and how to find joy in the Sabbath, God’s special gift to us. Each daily reading closes with the author praying for his reader, or asking the reader to pray for both of us. You get the feeling that Morey really cares about his readers and wants us to grow with God as he has. The readings and interactive assignments inspired me to bring God into my daily life, not just at church on Sunday. Too many times I begin my days and my projects without asking for God’s guidance and blessing. This book is an excellent reminder to do just that.