by Krystal Wade


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ISBN-13: 9780997010411
Publisher: Blaze Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 02/16/2016
Pages: 338
Product dimensions: 4.90(w) x 7.90(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 13 Years

About the Author

Krystal Wade is happily married to the love of her life (don't gag) and raising three beautiful children in the gorgeous state of Virginia. They live just outside Washington, D.C., and every day she wakes up to find herself stuck in traffic trying to get there. The horrid commute gives Krystal plenty of time to zone out and think about her characters in full, brilliant details (she's a safe driver; don't worry). Stories give her a way to forget about the sometimes smelly strangers sitting next to her on the fifty mile trek into town (she picks up hitchhikers every day. True story. Check out if you don't believe us). Krystal has been a part of organized hitchhiking for nearly fifteen years, but that's just one small aspect of her oh-so-large life. When she's not working, commuting, or chasing after her three children (four if you count the man), you can usually find Krystal outside talking to her chickens like they're the cutest things in the world (they are), or training her amazing dogs how to herd said chickens (which they love), or curled up on the sofa with a good book (why can't that be 100% of the time?).

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Asleep 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Useless, thoughtless teenage girl lies and whines and complains from page one. Quit reading on page 78--couldn't finish.
Bookaholic_Banter More than 1 year ago
THIS BOOK WILL STAY WITH YOU LONG AFTER YOU'RE ASLEEP! WOW! This book totally blew me away! This is the first book that I have ever read by Krystal Wade but it will definitely not be the last. After I read this book I immediately went on Goodreads and made sure that every one of her books were on my to-read list. If the rest of her books are as well written and creepy as this one that I am going to be in for an awesome treat! This book is definitely going to make it to my top reads for 2016. This book kept me on the edge of my seat at all times. I never knew what to expect and the whole time I was reading my mind was going in circles trying to figure it all out. It kept me guessing the whole way through. I never knew what to expect next. The plot thickened with each chapter. This was one of the biggest thrill rides I have read this year. It constantly threw me for a loop and I loved every second of it. Be forewarned: This book WILL keep you up all night reading! This book was written so well. It was easy to follow, and the words flowed with ease. The characters and setting were described so eloquently and in such vivid detail that the story came alive. It was mezmorizing, shocking, and creepy, and I loved every second of it. This book gave me all the feels. I loved Rose and Phillip together. I felt for the both of them and was cheering for them the whole time. They are two characters that I definitely will not forget. All the characters are very memorable and not easily forgotten. If would recommend this book to fans of the Mara Dyer series and Pretty Little Liars series. If you loved those books you will definitely love this book! Don't miss out on reading this one! I can't stress enough what an excellent read this was! This book was so good I never wanted it to end. I am sad that it is over. I want more, and I must have this book on my shelf. I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.
Amys_Review_Obsession More than 1 year ago
You can already tell from the cover that this was going to be a creepy one before you even read it or saw the genre. Though this book became better, I do have to warn ahead that there is a slow beginning. I don't know if I even liked the beginning because it moved like a slug. Now personally, I felt that it gave me the perfect feel of creepy horror that I oh so crave and haven't had since the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark when I was a child. So the fact that I got my fill on this and also have it not to be ridiculously cheesy, romantic, or flat out stupid, makes it all the better. It makes you feel crazy in the end and not the other way around. It twists and turns the mechanisms in your brain and there is no way to overcome them. So to cure fear, you must use fear. I think Krystal Wade does a fantastic job at capturing her readers in the end but not so much in the beginning. I felt that it was slow and rather childish. But I did end up liking it to an extent for a 3.3 out of 5 stars. Blog you later, awesome book nerds.
BookMafiaBlog More than 1 year ago
Genre: Teens & YA, Horror Age: 16+ Recommendation: Yes! This book kept me completely immersed. This would be perfect for mid to late teens. Heck, it kept me on my toes as a twenty something! Type: Stand alone ( although I would totally be down to read more about Rose.) Summary: +descriptive +intriguing plot +suspenseful +well written +well developed -a little vague in certain parts +awesome ending +great female lead -a little confusing on certain parts Full Review: Asleep by Krystal Wade is a page turner. Seriously it is a sweaty palms, skipping your hard earned mom nap, all encompassing read that sucks you in and leaves you at its mercy until the last page. I don’t think I have ever been more thankful that a book was not part of a series than I was with this one. I just do not think I could have handled a cliffhanger, my poor heart just wouldn’t have been able to take it. But I would totally be down with reading more about Rose. This story, told from a single POV, follows a teenage girl, who after a considerable amount of fighting with her mom and some perhaps not so great decision making, is thrown into an involuntary stay at a mental health hospital by her parents. Completely in denial about why she is there, Rose begins her stay expecting to just get in, get out and get on with her life, except things in there aren’t as they seem and she begins to dance between insanity and paranoia. As a reader, this story immediately catches your attention because you, along side Rose, are trying to figure out what is going on. Is she insane? What did she even do to get in there? Did she deserve it? Are things she is seeing really happening? Can she trust the people that are supposed to be helping her? I found myself questioning every aspect of every interaction the entire time I was immersed in her life, and it was fantastic. I was coaxed into so many emotions when reading this book, I was pissed for her that her friends are terrible and her mom and dad threw her in there. I felt excited when she met Paul and things started to develop between them. I was confused and slightly afraid for her when things started happening that had her questioning her sanity. A great writer has the ability to make you feel what he or she wants, and I am guessing Wade wanted me to feel like a pre-menstrual teenager who was on the verge of throwing a fit because that is how I felt reading parts of this. I really felt like going to bat for Rose, and I am pretty sure anyone who reads this will as well. The writing is descriptive and rich details are provided which make certain things in this book particularly anxiety inducing. Rose is multi-dimensional and complex and Paul is a mystery and by the end of the book makes you want to hug him. Like a lot. The situation she is in is equally disturbing and terrifying. One thing I really appreciate about this book is the ending. Ohhh, the ending. I refuse to give spoilers away about this book because it is a superb read and it would do you such an injustice to muddle your starting point but let me tell you this.. Wade does NOT disappoint with the ending. This book is a great choice for anyone wanting something suspenseful and thrilling. Not weighed down with a ton of bad language or sex, Asleep is appropriate for mature teens and adults alike. Keep in mind this book discusses mental health issues and has mention of suicide. Disclaimer: I obtained a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review
Aisazia More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book but for some reason I didn't feel as "creeped" out as I thought I would be for this horror story. I don't usually read a lot of horror, I enjoy watching it on TV or a movie instead. I did cringe at certain parts of the story because of what the character went through but I feel that this book is more of a psychological mystery with elements of horror. I wanted more suspense and thrills but mostly got mystery which is fine but the pace felt slow so I do feel that the pacing could be better. I think a lot had to do with the lack of stakes for the main character to make it thriller for me. There were moments where I skimmed through to get to the good parts but that wasn't too much, mostly in the middle of the story. The characters were interesting and somewhat complex, enough that I could relate to Rose and Phillip. I do feel that sending her to the institution had been a little extreme based on her parent's reasoning. I wish there had been more clues or breadcrumbs left along the way during the story because sometimes I got confused as to what was important in the story or Rose's goal. I did like the part about Rose being unsure of who to trust. I found myself also unsure of who she should trust and that compelled me to keep reading. There were also a few twists and turns which I enjoyed in the story which had me at the edge of my seat wanting to know more. The climax and end were my favorite part so there is kind of a payoff at the end but it still left some unanswered threads and questions for me. I liked where it ended but I'm not sure if I would consider this story particularly memorable for me because of the lack of stakes or excitement in the story. Overall, an interesting story if you like Sleeping Beauty mashed with Freddy Kreuger. I also feel like there are some parallels to American Horror Story: Asylum (season 2), so if you enjoyed that you might like this too but this is a YA version so not as gorey as the TV show. 3.1 out of 5 for me! (A copy was provided for an honest review. I was not compensated in any other way.)
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Samantha Gregory for Readers' Favorite Asleep by Krystal Wade is the tale of Rose Briar, a teenage girl who is committed to an asylum by her parents, Leah and Stefan. While there she has bad dreams and starts to believe that she may actually be crazy. A fellow patient called Philip tries to get her to stop taking the drugs and warns her that she may be in real danger from the doctors and staff at the asylum. Can she trust him? Or are they both just crazy? As she is introduced to the different residents at the hospital, it is hard to know who to trust and this plays on her sanity. Krystal Wade has written a good book in Asleep. Clearly it is a modern day telling of Sleeping Beauty, but it was interesting to read about it in a different setting. Rose is so sure that she is sane, but, as time goes on, that belief begins to unravel. I liked the way the author incorporated the different elements of the original story into the modern day setting. For example, her dad being the ‘king of real estate.’ I do enjoy stories like this. I think that the author has written an entertaining book that will do well on the market. With the popularity of films such as Maleficent, the retelling of fairy tales is very current right now. I would recommend it to fans of fairy tales, but with a bit more depth to them.