Aspects Ecocritiques de L Imaginaire Africain

Aspects Ecocritiques de L Imaginaire Africain

by Etienne-Marie Lassi (Editor)


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It is important to question some recurrent commonplaces about the (post)colonial order and the preservation of the environment if one wants to reconcile ecocriticism and postcolonial theories. For instance, were pre-colonial societies devoid of ecological awareness? Is the environmental commitment of the developed world a kind of repentance for the damages that its material comfort has caused to the environment? Are the underprivileged people of the third world so concerned with their daily survival that they become unable to advocate for the protection of the environment? Can we conclude, given the conflicting views of the industrialized countries and their post-colonial counterparts on ecology, that issues of human development and those of the conservation of the environment are incompatible? These are some of the questions that the essays in Aspects Ecocritiques de l'imaginaire africain attempt to answer, with reference to African literature.

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ISBN-13: 9789956791255
Publisher: African Books Collective Limited
Publication date: 08/26/2013
Pages: 194
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