Aspects of War in US History

Aspects of War in US History



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ISBN-13: 9781853311772
Publisher: Keele University Press
Publication date: 01/31/1997
Series: European Papers in American History Series
Pages: 256

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Aftermaths of war
the colonial militia in Anglo-Indian wars—Virginia, 1622-1677
indians, settlers and soldiers—the war of 1812 and Southern expansionism
olive branch and sword—Union war-making in the American Civil War
the war for the Union as a just war
nation, organization and the individual—the military thought of Theodore Roosevelt
World War 1, the campaign for compulsory health insurance, and the transformation of progressive social thought
maritime strategy and the crucible of war—the impact of World War 1 on American naval policy, 1914-1921
psychological warfare and the building of national morale during World War 11—the role of non-government agencies
the other side of war—oveseas marriages between British women and American GIs during World War 11
guns, butter and civil rights—the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the Vietnam War, 1964-1968
the long shadow—the third Indochina War, 1975-1995.

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