Asphalt & Dirt: Life on Two Wheels

Asphalt & Dirt: Life on Two Wheels

by Aaron Heinrich


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For the past three years Aaron Heinrich has interviewed over fifty motorcyclists for his popular web magazine,, dispelling the myth of the stereotypical “biker.” As these stories reveal, there is no one definition of what a motorcyclist is and that any description is as varied as the riders who make up the motorcycling community—no two are alike, other than their shared love of two wheels.

Here are the stories of motorcyclists that run the gamut of the motorcycling world, from well-known and famous to unknown and obscure, from builders and tinkerers to racers and tourers. Here are world travelling adventurers and local riders, collectors and icons in the industry, motorcycle clubs to lone riders. Some are single, others are fathers or mothers, and still others are grandparents, and their passion covers from vintage days to modern times.

Their stories are meant to inspire, amuse and shed some light on this world, and dispel society’s myopic stereotype of what it ultimately means to be a biker.

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ISBN-13: 9781890623531
Publisher: Lost Classic Books
Publication date: 04/07/2017
Pages: 376
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

It’s no surprise that Aaron created Asphalt & Dirt ( It gratified his perpetual need to answer two of his favorite questions: “I wonder where that road goes, and what’s the story here?”

Aaron is a lifelong journalist and storyteller who published his first writing at the age of twelve—a letter to the editor for his local junior high school’s clean up project. The power of the written word grabbed him and fueled Aaron’s desire to take his writing even further. He went on to obtain an undergraduate degree in journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University and an MFA in screenwriting from the University of Southern California.

But a writing career is not where Aaron headed from there. Financial expediency sent him down the path of public relations and marketing. Since making that choice, he’s worked with large global companies like Microsoft, FedEx and T-Mobile, and startups to medium-sized companies launching a literal plethora of new devices and services.

Never far away, though, was an innate curiosity for what lie just beyond the next twisty or bend in the road. After a nearly twenty-five-year hiatus, he got back on a motorcycle and proceeded to rack up mile after mile exploring the freeways, highways, and backroads of the West. Several years later, he launched the website Asphalt & Dirt as a platform for telling the stories of individual riders, regardless of what or where they rode. The stories shared in Asphalt & Dirt cover the roads traveled and lives led of interesting people from all walks of life and all parts of the world.

While Aaron continues to help companies of all sizes create and improve their brand stories, he profoundly understands what it means to share the fascinating journey of the human spirit—especially of those who are intimately one with road, wherever it may take them.

Table of Contents

About the Author v
In the Beginning… 1
Meet Joe D 7
How Mark Wilsmore Aced It 15
Simple Is Hard and We’re All Going to Die 23
From Boardroom to Showroom 31
It’s A Dirty Business 37
It’s Better the Faster You Go 43
50-Plus at 150 mph 49
Of Golf, Cooking, and Riding 55
Blame It on Ewan and Charley 61
Making an Impression 67
Crossing the Line 73
Roads Less Traveled 79
Bits, Bytes, Eat, Sleep, Ride…Repeat 85
Screw Impulse Control 91
Keepin’ the Dream Alive 97
Nails, Caffeine, and Bikes 105
One-Wheeled Racing Wonders 113
Transformation on Two Wheels 121
Sometimes It’s Just About the Ride 127
Stuntman, Weapons Expert, Biker, Writer 133
Sons of Thunder—a Different Kind of MC 139
Chew on This 147
100 Hundred Dollars and a Piece of Pie 153
Furey Road 161
Impatience is a Virtue 167
Blame It on the Kids 173
Loaded Gun Customs 179
When Jayson Warner Smith Learned to Fly 185
Painting Is Not a Numbers Game 193
Defy Expectations 199
More Than One Thing at a Time 207
Ride It, Write It, Own It 215
Run Ryan, Run Riot 221
Keeping Things Interesting 227
The Upside of Pain 233
Keeping History Alive 239
Boredom Sucks! 245
Go Your Own Way 251
Life Doesn’t Always Fit Like a Glove 259
What “Cider Run” Means to Erin Hunter Sills 265
Women Can Ride 273
Riding With Ants 281
Get Out of Your Own Way 289
Answering the Call of the Wild 297
Boxer, Biker, Painter 305
What Doesn’t Kill You… 311
A Life at Full Throttle 319
Necessity Made Robert Pandya 325
A View from the Back 333
Stilettos on Steel 339
Posers Not Allowed 347
Phil Morris Preserves Motorcycling’s Fast Past 355

Acknowledgements 361
Appendix 363

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