Aspire Freedom: Your Outpatient Rehab and Life After Addiction Workbook

Aspire Freedom: Your Outpatient Rehab and Life After Addiction Workbook

by Freedom House


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Many people who struggle with compulsive behaviors such as drinking, smoking, using drugs, gambling, masturbation, etc. want to stop using, but they are continually overcome by cravings caused by euphoric recall, they live trapped in a vicious cycle of addiction. I've created a framework that helps them clarify their vision of recovery and prevent relapse long term so that they can start living the life they've always wanted.

Aspire Freedom: Your Outpatient Rehab and Life After Addiction Workbook, by Freedom House is a guide through recovery from all kinds of addiction including, but not limited to crack cocaine, heroin, alcohol, sex, gambling, food and shopping. This is a workbook that will help recovering addicts who are in their early stages of recovery to establish balance and a healthy lifestyle.

Use this book to journal your way through recovery. Respond to the daily prompts honestly to yourself; write it out in the book and you will experience the grace of working your recovery.

Aspire Freedom is a practical daily guide through the world of drug use and abuse and addiction treatment. With a lot of compassion for yourself and a vision for your future, Freedom House offers a platform to for you to create the future you desire. Aspire Freedom is for those who are in recovery from suffering from a full spectrum of addiction, from drugs, alcohol, emotions, and activity addictions to addictions to work, stress, bad relationships, social and digital media, and adrenaline.

Do you understand that compulsive behaviors can be as controlling of any other addiction? The process of staying clean and sober and becoming unhooked from any compulsive behavior is a daily activity. As said by many professionals in the addiction field, the question is not "Why the addiction?" but "Why the pain? What pain is your addiction bandaging? With a focus on personal recovery, Freedom House takes us through the proven essentials of daily addiction recovery and treatment.

This is a groundbreaking journey to freedom from addiction using simple and practical, proven solutions for individuals, families, and communities dealing with substance use and abuse. This recovery workbook will be especially useful if you are in recovery, gone through addiction counseling or therapy, attend 12 step meetings, or any other way of recovery. This is a great workbook to help you overcome your cravings while creating a healthier lifestyle so that you can live the life you've always wanted. Aspire Freedom provides practical help, comfort, and hope.

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Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/21/2018
Pages: 116
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