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Assembly Automation and Product Design

Assembly Automation and Product Design

by Geoffrey Boothroyd, Boothroyd


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Assembly Automation and Product Design

This important reference/text presents an analytical, yet practical, approach to assembly automation -- introducing product design for ease of automatic, robotic, and manual assembly, as well as electronics (PCB) assembly. Examining the performance and comparative economics of complete assembly systems, Assembly Automation and Product Design provides specific discussions on equipment such as transfer devices ... parts feeders ... feed tracks ... placing mechanisms ... robots ... and much more! In addition, this volume contains over 500 drawings, tables, and equations, as well as numerous problems and laboratory experiments to help clarify and reinforce essential concepts. Assembly Automation and Product Design is an ideal guide for manufacturing, product, design, industrial, and mechanical engineers seeking to improve productivity and competitiveness while reducing costs. The book also serves as an excellent source for professional seminars and upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses on assembly automation in manufacturing and product design.

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ISBN-13: 9780824785475
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 01/28/1992
Series: Manufacturing Engineering and Materials Processing Series
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.26(h) x 0.99(d)

Table of Contents

1.1Historical Development of the Assembly Process2
1.2Choice of Assembly Method6
1.3Social Effects of Automation10
2.Automatic Assembly Transfer Systems17
2.1Continuous Transfer18
2.2Intermittent Transfer19
2.3Indexing Mechanisms22
2.4Operator-Paced Free-Transfer Machine28
3.Automatic Feeding and Orienting--Vibratory Feeders31
3.1Mechanics of Vibratory Conveying32
3.2Effect of Frequency36
3.3Effect of Track Acceleration37
3.4Effect of Vibration Angle38
3.5Effect of Track Angle39
3.6Effect of Coefficient of Friction40
3.7Estimating the Mean Conveying Velocity41
3.8Load Sensitivity45
3.9Solutions to Load Sensitivity47
3.10Spiral Elevators48
3.11Balanced Feeders49
3.12Orientation of Parts51
3.13Typical Orienting System51
3.14Effect of Active Orienting Devices on Feed Rate57
3.15Analysis of Orienting Systems58
3.16Performance of an Orienting Device66
3.17Natural Resting Aspects of Parts for Automatic Handling73
3.18Analysis of a Typical Orienting System83
3.19Out-of-Bowl Tooling89
4.Automatic Feeding and Orienting--Mechanical Feeders95
4.1Reciprocating-Tube Hopper Feeder96
4.2Centerboard Hopper Feeder99
4.3Reciprocating-Fork Hopper Feeder106
4.4External Gate Hopper Feeder106
4.5Rotary-Disk Feeder112
4.6Centrifugal Hopper Feeder115
4.7Stationary-Hook Hopper Feeder119
4.8Bladed-Wheel Hopper Feeder123
4.9Tumbling-Barrel Hopper Feeder123
4.10Rotary-Centerboard Hopper Feeder126
4.11Magnetic-Disk Feeder129
4.12Elevating Hopper Feeder130
4.13Magnetic Elevating Hopper Feeder131
5.Feed Tracks, Escapements, Parts-Placement Mechanisms, and Robots137
5.1Gravity-Feed Tracks137
5.2Powered Feed Tracks165
5.4Parts-Placing Mechanisms175
5.5Assembly Robots178
6.Performance and Economics of Assembly Systems197
6.1Indexing Machines198
6.2Free-Transfer Machines205
6.3Basis for Economic Comparisons of Automation Equipment212
6.4Comparison of Indexing and Free-Transfer Machines214
6.5Economics of Robot Assembly217
7.Design for Manual Assembly229
7.2Where Design for Assembly Fits in the Design Process230
7.3General Design Guidelines for Manual Assembly232
7.4Development of the Systematic DFA Methodology238
7.5Assembly Efficiency241
7.6Classification System for Manual Handling242
7.7Classification System for Manual Insertion and Fastening244
7.8Effect of Part Symmetry on Handling Time246
7.9Effect of Part Thickness and Size on Handling Time248
7.10Effect of Weight on Handling Time250
7.11Parts Requiring Two Hands for Manipulation251
7.12Effects of Combinations of Factors251
7.13Effect of Symmetry for Parts that Severely Nest or Tangle and May Require Tweezers for Grasping and Manipulation251
7.14Effect of Chamfer Design on Insertion Operations252
7.15Estimation of Insertion Time256
7.16Avoiding Jams During Assembly256
7.17Reducing Disk-Assembly Problems258
7.18Effects of Obstructed Access and Restricted Vision on Insertion of Threaded Fasteners of Various Designs259
7.19Effects of Obstructed Access and Restricted Vision on Pop-Riveting Operations261
7.20Effects of Holding Down262
7.21Manual Assembly Data Base and Design Data Sheets264
7.22Application of the DFA Methodology267
7.23Results of the Analysis271
7.24Further General Design Guidelines275
8.Product Design for High-Speed Automatic Assembly and Robot Assembly281
8.2Design of Parts for High-Speed Feeding and Orienting282
8.4Additional Feeding Difficulties289
8.5High-Speed Automatic Insertion290
8.7Analysis of an Assembly292
8.8General Rules for Product Design for Automation293
8.9Design of Parts for Feeding and Orienting298
8.10Summary of Design Rules for High-Speed Automatic Assembly301
8.11Product Design for Robot Assembly302
9.Printed-Circuit-Board Assembly309
9.3Assembly Process for Printed-Circuit Boards310
9.4SMD Technology321
9.5Estimation of PCB Assembly Costs321
9.6Worksheet and Data Base for PCB Assembly Cost Analysis324
9.7PCB Assembly-Equations for Total Operation Cost324
9.8Glossary of Terms328
10.Feasibility Study for Assembly Automation333
10.1Machine Design Factors to Reduce Machine Downtime Due to Defective Parts334
10.2Feasibility Study336
Appendix ASimple Method for the Determination of the Coefficient of Dynamic Friction379
A.1The Method380
A.3Precision of the Method383
Appendix BOut-of-Phase Vibratory Conveyors385
B.1Out-of-Phase Conveying386
B.2Practical Applications388
Appendix CLaboratory Experiments391
C.1Performance of a Vibratory-Bowl Feeder391
C.2Performance of a Horizontal-Delivery Gravity-Feed Track395

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