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Assurity: A Space Thriller

Assurity: A Space Thriller

by Anthony Barbera


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Veronika Taylor Morgan knows interstellar mining like the back of her hand. But when her young son Ori contracts Delirium, she decides to sell her interstellar mining company to care for him. Her husband, Niles (a brilliant doctor), and his World Health Continuum team have failed to find a cure for Earth's worldwide pandemic, Delirium, an Alzheimer's-like disease, which has plunged the average age of losing your mind into the '30s. Earth's civil institutions are crumbling, and unless a cure is found soon, this time, humanity is truly in jeopardy of extinction.

When Mysterious radio signals are detected from below the ice in Antarctica, Dr. Morgan's team gains entry into a celestial spacecraft. There they find the remains of a very tall race of ancient aliens. Their expanded DNA will serve as a cure for Delirium-if they can locate a living source. It is then that an encrypted message from the planet Nemesis arrives, offering humanity help. The League of American State requisitions Veronika's flagship Assurity for the required journey. Veronika reluctantly agrees to help refit Assurity at Cassini Sol Station for the never-before-attempted voyage to the hidden planet Nemesis.

When the captain of Assurity becomes infected with Delirium, they hopefully await a replacement. Unexpectedly, a devastating solar flare pushes the date of departure from days to hours. As Cassini scrambles to find a replacement captain, Veronika devises a risky escape for Assurity. If they wait, it will take months before they can attempt another mission. Tactless and short-fused-Veronika's people skills are unnerving. Not afraid to take what some consider to be calculated risks-most deem her reckless. Yet, with time running out and torn by her responsibility to care for her desperately sick son, Veronika knows Assurity is the only ship capable of following the map to a cure. Skeptical of anyone else's ability to perform a job correctly-especially androids-and deathly afraid of cryosleep, she must overcome her inability to trust and work in concert with others--if she takes on this critical mission. Will she captain this collection of rookie twenty-year-olds to save humanity's genetic blueprint from extinction?

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ISBN-13: 9780578803425
Publisher: Anthony Barbera
Publication date: 11/12/2020
Pages: 366
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.82(d)

About the Author

An Amazon Best Selling Top 100 author, Anthony Barbera, began his career as a music composer for films and commercials. Earning his B.M. in Music Composition from North Carolina School of the Arts University, he then worked for his Master's Degree at the University of Massachusetts. Winning numerous awards, he placed first at the BMI National Music Awards, where the North Carolina Symphony Orchestra performed his "Two Songs for Soprano and Orchestra on Poems by Rilke." And yet, during that time, Anthony's passion for literature and writing was beginning. After being asked to direct a collection of ambitious teenagers in writing and acting in their first film for the Sonoma Film Festival-that was it, he was hooked. In order of publication, his novels are 'Catching Baby Moses,' 'The First Rains of October,' 'Jonah In the Time of the Kings,' and 'Assurity.' His screenplays include 'An American Psalm,' 'Catching Baby Moses,' and 'Assurity.'

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