Astorians, Eccentric and Extraordinary

Astorians, Eccentric and Extraordinary


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In 1993, the New Yorker published Calvin Trillin's memorable article on the eccentric Flavel family of Astoria, the descendants of Captain George Flavel, whose ornate Queen-Anne-style mansion is a tourist draw today. With Trillin's gracious consent, "First Family of Astoria" is reprinted in Part One of Astorians, Eccentric and Extraordinary, making its first appearance in book form.

Part Two carries on the theme with portraits of fifty-five other notable Astorians. Five Oregon writers have captured the essence and the flavor of vivid personalities that include the notorious shanghaier Bridget Grant; the charming scoundrel Mayor Francis Clay Harley; the elusive English "barmaid" Jane Barnes, the first white woman in the Pacific Northwest; and Rolf Klep, who believed he could create a major maritime museum in an economically depressed town—and made it happen.

In biology, it is said that the richest life forms reside at the edge of the ecosystem. Astoria epitomizes edges—the edge of the country, the edge of a great river, the edge of the Pacific Ocean, and the edge of our American culture. This book celebrates the larger-than-life quality that has appeared with regularity in the town's two-hundred-year history. As Steve Forrester, publisher of the Daily Astorian, notes in the book's introduction: "Extraordinary people are not necessarily eccentric. But eccentrics are driven to do extraordinary things." Contributors include M. J. Cody, Amy Hoffman Couture, John E. Goodenberger, Nancy Ricker Hoffman, Liisa Penner, and Calvin Trillin.

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ISBN-13: 9780870716324
Publisher: Oregon State University Press
Publication date: 11/01/2010
Pages: 224
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About the Author

Karen Kirtley, a freelance editor based in Portland, Oregon, teaches advanced editing in the Portland State University publishing program. She is most recently the editor of Pendleton Round-Up at 100: Oregon's Legendary Rodeo. She co-wrote, with Richard Newman, the biography Alma Rosé: Vienna to Auschwitz, now available in German and Hebrew as well as the original English.

Table of Contents

Introduction Stephen Aldrich Forrester 7

Part I The Magnificent Flavels 11

First Family of Astoria Calvin Trillin

Part 2 Other Notable Astorians 45

Coboway M. J. Cody 45

Donald McTavish Amy Hoffman Couture 52

Jane Barnes Amy Hoffman Couture 55

Robert Shortess Amy Hoffman Couture 59

John McClure Amy Hoffman Couture 63

Alexander Lattie Amy Hoffman Couture 66

John Shively Nancy Hoffman 69

Solomon and Celiast Smith Amy Hoffman Couture 72

Truman Powers Amy Hoffman Couture 75

William H. Gray Amy Hoffman Couture 77

Cyrus Olney Nancy Hoffman 81

Jennie Michel Amy Hoffman Couture 84

Adam Van Dusen M. J. Cody 88

J. G. Hustler Amy Hoffman Couture 91

P. W. Gillette Liisa Penner 95

Bridget Grant Nancy Hoffman 98

Cleveland Rockwell Nancy Hoffman 102

Charlotte Smith Amy Hoffman Couture 107

Marshall J. Kinney Nancy Hoffman 109

Alfred Kinney Nancy Hoffman 112

Narcissa Kinney Nancy Hoffman 114

Charles William Fulton Nancy Hoffman 115

August Erickson Amy Hoffman Couture 118

Jack Williams Nancy Hoffman 121

Frank I. Dunbar Amy Hoffman Couture 123

Herman Wise John Goodenberger 126

John A. Buchanan Amy Hoffman Couture 128

Minnie Hill Nancy Hoffman 130

Joseph Riippa Nancy Hoffman 132

Rose Ingleton Nancy Hoffman 134

Melville T. Wire Nancy Hoffman 136

Maria Raunio M. J. Cody 138

Polly McKean Bell Nancy Hoffman 141

Sam Schnitzer M. J. Cody 143

Anna Bay M. J. Cody 147

John E. Wicks Nancy Hoffman 151

Fritz Elfving Nancy Hoffman 154

Francis Clay Harley Liisa Penner 158

Lem Dever Nancy Hoffman 160

David James Ferguson John Goodenberger 164

May Miller John Goodenberger 166

Joe Dyer M.J.Cody 168

Rolf Klep Nancy Hoffman 172

Burnby Bell M. J. Cody 176

Emil Richard ?Dic?Nivala Nancy Hoffman Liisa Penner 119

Helmi Huttunen Mellin Liisa Penner 183

Edward Harvey John Goodenberger 187

Edgar Quinn Nancy Hoffman 189

Sam Churchill Nancy Hoffman 190

Wally Palmberg Nancy Hoffman 193

Charles Haddix Liisa Penner 196

Svenson Sisters Nancy Hoffman 198

Michael Foster M. J. Cody 202

Liisa Penner M. J. Cody 206

Robert Adams M. J. Cody 210

About the Authors 217

Index 219

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