Astral Travel

Astral Travel

by Yvonne Frost

Paperback(Revised ed.)

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ISBN-13: 9780877283362
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Publication date: 10/01/1986
Edition description: Revised ed.
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 1,290,001
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Your Guide to the Secrets of Out-of-the-Body Experiences


Samuel Weiser, Inc.

Copyright © 1982 Gavin and Yvonne Frost
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-0-87728-336-2


Enjoy This New Occult Frontier

'In the agonizing moment that seemed to last for ever, that moment before the train hit me, I finally realized this was a serious experiment. Question upon question raced through my astral consciousness. Were Gavin and Yvonne really reliable? Did the Canterbury Institute and the Church and School of Wicca know what they were doing? Was the train going to kill me? Or would I come off unscathed, as they had promised? Was I crazy to place my trust in people I had never met, and in some rather glib statements in some lectures I had received through the mail?

'A few moments later I knew that everything was all right. Yes, the train hit me and my astral body went on a curving upward course through the engine, the tender, and the first freight car. The impact was slight. Just as had been promised, I was light as a feather. Now I was floating above the train with confused memories of moving mechanical parts, gauges, a tank of diesel fuel, interspersed with lots of free space. This experience gave me the confidence to go further into the realms of astral travel, and now I believe I have explored all except the outermost realms of time and the uppermost spiritual domains.

'I cannot thank you, the people at the Canterbury Institute, or the other workers enough for having added these new dimensions to my life. I am a Christian still firmly committed to my faith. Many things I have seen and done have led me to a new understanding of the meaning of the Bible and of Jesus. I can never express my gratitude for all you have done for me; and I wish you well. May the bonds between all religions grow in love.'

The foregoing is an extract from a letter written by a paraplegic veteran. Once he was on the verge of suicide because he was, he thought, condemned for the rest of his natural life to sit in a wheelchair and be tended by others. Astral travel added a new dimension to his life, a dimension where he spends as much time as he can while his body remains in its wheelchair. In addition to the extensive experimental work this man has done for us, many times he has added comments such as, 'If only people knew the truth! If only people would experiment as I have done! Not only would they lose their fear of the astral realms, but they would also have a far more serene life and lose their fear of death and dying.'

You can follow our friend into the astral realms. At the time of writing, even more subjects are conducting experiments for us and in that way are contributing to this work. We believe the instructions we give here are the most comprehensive, the easiest to understand and follow, that have ever been offered to the public. They are not the results of one or two people's by-chance astral trips; they are the result of a large body of trained subjects working with conscious intent for a common end. The participants come from all walks of life, and from all nations of the free world. You can astral travel too. You can do it without fear, for no one in all the thousands of letters and reports that we have on file has ever reported any difficulty.

This book is intended as a practical guide, a book you can use to follow others on to the astral. We recommend that you first read it through to get the general gist and meaning. Then, and most importantly, you should read it a second time and try out the instructions contained in each chapter before proceeding to the next.

Re-evaluating Ancient Knowledge

The Pyramids and the Sphinx of ancient Egypt bear witness to the greatness of the civilization that existed in those far-off days. In Egypt was found the Rhind Papyrus; on that papyrus are inscribed from ancient days all the degrees of latitude from the Equator to the North Pole. With today's modern satellite equipment we find that the Egyptians' knowledge of the planet far surpassed anything they could have been expected to know from the apparent state of their science.

The ancient Mayans produced a calendar more accurate than the one we use today. The Mayans were able to chart the progress of the planets to an accuracy of better than one day in six thousand years. Only since the invention of the atomic crystal clock have modern scientists been able to improve very slightly on the accuracy of the Mayan calendar.

Other cultures in South America also had astounding knowledge and skills. The monumental structures and city buildings made from cut stone by the Incas on the tops of mountains are a well-known enigma that remains to be explained. Modern construction equipment would have difficulty in duplicating the work of the Incas. When viewing those mountain sites, modern contractors shake their heads in wonder and amazement; and despite a millionaire's offer of funding, no contractor has yet been found who would attempt to duplicate the work.

To the north, the Incas' Aztec brothers were pyramid builders. The base measurements of the Pyramid of the Sun near Mexico City are identical to the base measurements of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh in Egypt.

In England ancient peoples built great stone or 'megalithic' monuments to a very exact measure which astroarchaeologists call the 'megalithic yard'. That measure is based on the foot, which is not, as many suppose, derived from the anatomy of some long-dead king but is, instead, an astronomically perfect measure.

There are many other common beliefs shared by peoples who were separated from one another by thousands of miles. Various theorists have propounded different hypotheses for the very sophisticated scientific knowledge displayed by ancient peoples. In recent years the ancient-astronaut theory has received a lot of attention. In our opinion, there may indeed have been ancient astronauts; however, astral travel seems to us to be a far easier way for knowledge to have been transmitted from one ancient civilization to another.

It is our premise that this knowledge came from astral guidance and that the peoples involved knew the realms where they could contact higher beings and get information from them. In support of this theory, ancient Egyptian writings clearly show that they had knowledge of astral travel and that in healing they regularly separated the patient's consciousness from his mundane body so the patient would feel no pain while healing was being accomplished. Thus astral projection seems to have been an ancient universal experience important enough to be recorded in early writings.

During the Middle Ages men began to scoff at astral experiences; such experiences were not sanctioned by state-controlled religions. At about the same time, eastern meditation was changed. No longer was the meditator allowed to float free (astral project); instead he was ordered to concentrate on a single mantra. Later in 'scientific' western countries astral experiences were laughed at and then ruthlessly suppressed by the newly educated 'rational' middle class. Because of world-wide suppression of those experiences, the source of infinite knowledge available to the Ancients was lost to us. Only in the last decade or so, with the new legitimacy of astral travel and its scientific testing by such people as Dr Charles Tart of the University of California at Davis, has it become acceptable.

With the aid of this book, you too can tap into the knowledge that enriched the life of the Ancients: astral knowledge which can be of vital importance in your growth today. Do not try to evaluate astral travel with cold logic, for if you do you will miss the whole point. The astral reality is not necessarily a logical place in terms of the physical world. We urge you to try the experiments we suggest. Experience controlled astral travel for yourself. Expand your awareness. Then judge the results for yourself.

The Light-Hearted Side of Astral Travel

Astral projection, or more simply, letting your spirit travel without your body, is one of the most useful and entertaining skills you can ever learn. You can watch others in their daily lives facing and overcoming problems; you can learn what other people honestly think of you; you can find out what really happened in history—and what is to happen in the future.

In their private lives people do the most amazing and amusing things. The serious, staid pillar of the community is often one of the most relaxed people you could ever wish to meet when he is in his own home. People have to relax sometimes, and it seems that those who are the most uptight, the most self-conscious on the outside, are the most amusing when off guard. You can see life as it actually is. You can have great fun taking the starch out of your local vicar, perhaps by commenting in an offhand way on his most private and amusing habits. That bank manager who's giving you a hard time over your loan will be infinitely more relaxed with you if you can talk to him about his favourite hobby. You will not only know what his hobby is, but will also know exactly how he feels about it.

You Have Already Astral Travelled!

You may doubt this startling claim, but you can prove it for yourself tonight. Demand an answer from your mind to a question whose answer you cannot possibly know. The question can be as simple as, 'What type of house does X live in?' having picked the X at random from the telephone directory. Write down the first thing you feel about X's house when you wake. Now phone X. On your first attempt you may find that X is unco-operative; but if you present it as a wager, most people will go along with the gag.

The déjà vu (having been here before) experience is another common way you can prove to yourself that you have genuinely had astral-travel experiences. In most déjà vu cases, you get 'the feeling' just before you enter a room or go round a corner. Write down what you think you are going to see, or tell someone about it. Then walk round the corner. Now you can prove that you actually have been there before. Since in many cases it was totally impossible for you to have been there in the body, you have proved once again that astral travel is real.

You have already spontaneously astral travelled during sleep. Now, through following step by step the instructions in these pages, your trips can be directed instead of random, useful instead of pointless. The purpose of this book is to show you how to control and use those previously unplanned trips.

Two Life-and-Death Cases

In the files we have many documented cases of people who effortlessly learned to astral travel. Some of these people became students because of the vivid but unexplainable things that happened to them—unexplainable, that is, in terms of their orthodox religious background. Here are two cases in which astral projection meant the difference between life and death.

Case 1—Harry J.

Harry J. is a Missouri farmer. On his land there are many limestone cave formations. One day his twelve-year-old son persuaded Harry to take him into one of the caves. Neither Harry nor Bucky knew very much about speleology, the science of cave exploration; they just grabbed a couple of torches and a rope, and went off down into the caves. They got lost. They had no compass, and pretty soon the batteries in their torches began to fail. Wisely, they sat down to await rescue. Meanwhile on the surface a heavy storm broke out, and in the cave where they sat the water quickly began to rise. In this situation Bucky panicked. He began to run away from the water. Harry grabbed at him but slipped and hit his head on a rock. He found himself free of his body. As he recounts it, the cave that had been pitch-dark was now eerily illuminated. In his new state he 'knew' the way out and he drifted out through the entrance of the cave. A few moments later he regained consciousness back in his body. Now, even in the dark and in the rushing waters, he was able to guide Bucky through the maze of caves safely back to the entrance.

Case 2—Helga N.

Helga N. lives in a flat in Munich. A thalidomide baby, she does not have the use of her legs. Perhaps as a kind of compensation Helga has the ability to spontaneously astral travel.

Normally her mother and father would be in the flat; but Helga convinced them she would be all right with her friend Kaethe while the parents went skiing in the Bavarian Alps. She knew they would benefit by a brief time away from the responsibilities that stemmed from her handicap.

Helga and Kaethe were having a pleasant weekend when Kaethe's mother called to say that her father had had a stroke. Could Kaethe come home, she urged, because the doctors did not expect him to last the night. Kaethe and Helga talked things over; Helga assured Kaethe she would be quite all right, provided only that Kaethe help her into bed. Kaethe did this and rushed off to her father's bedside.

During the night fire broke out in a flat adjacent to Helga's. Thick choking smoke soon woke Helga. She coughed and cried out, but no one came, for the block of flats was built in solid German fashion and sounds were not easily transmitted through the walls. Realizing her fate lay in her own hands, Helga astral projected herself and searched for someone who could be made aware of her plight. First she went to Kaethe, but Kaethe was so wrapped up in the crisis at her home that Helga could not get her attention. Helga tried other people she knew, but everywhere she turned they seemed to be busy. Finally she had an inspiration. She rushed back to Kaethe's house and contacted Kaethe's father as he lay there. With almost his last breathe he told Kaethe of Helga's danger and urged her to rescue her helpless friend. Helga watched as Kaethe got her coat and took the Strassenbahn (streetcar) to the block of flats, where she saved Helga's earth-plane life.

How This Book Can Guide You to a Better Life

Do these examples seem far-fetched? They are not. Our files contain hundreds of similar examples of people from all walks of life who have gained by learning to astral project.

Whether you know it or not, you yourself lead a double life. The life you live in the world where you earn your living is matched with a similar life you live on the other side of the invisible barrier that divides the astral world from the earth plane. Many people claim they do not live in that mysterious other half of life, and they sincerely believe they do not. By getting them to try the techniques spelled out in these pages, we showed them that they do actually live in both worlds. Your life in the plane of existence where you are reading this information today may be chaotic or painful for you, but what is your life like in the astral? Upon examination you may find that your astral life is near perfect. All you need to do is match your astral to your earth-plane life to bring the perfection of your astral to the earth plane and


It works the other way too. If your mundane life is unsatisfactory, but you can't work out why, you may find that you have some problems in the astral realms. Checking on the astral for problems is an essential part of any attempt to make your life serene and happy.

Astral Projection Will Work for You

Do you dream?


Do you daydream?


Can you imagine yourself in a different place doing something different?


When you do these things, you are ALREADY doing all that will be required of you in this book. By simply extending your dream sequences and programming them, you will be able to astral project. Many people do not realize how often 'dreams' are actually astral projections. For that reason and because the dream state is the easiest from which to astral project, we are going to digress for a few pages to discuss dreams.

Everyone Dreams

You dreamed last night. You may not have any memory of the dreams you had, but modern research clearly shows that everyone dreams. Whether you remember it or not, you dreamed. There are two basic reasons that may be preventing you from remembering your dreams:

1. Too tired to remember—When you go to bed exhausted, you go into a deep sleep state. In this state you dream, but the veil between the conscious and the unconscious minds is tightly drawn. The conscious mind is busy helping the body recover from its exhaustion and repairing tissues. Signals from the lower levels of the mind cannot be comprehended while the upper portions of the mind are preoccupied.

2. Unexpected impressions—Many people expect only to see pictures when they dream, but people don't dream in pictures. Instead the impressions they get come as:

a. sounds—This mode of dreaming is called 'auditory'. Psychics refer to people who are open to sound messages as 'clairaudients'.

b. smells—Unusual as this may seem, it is a recognized mode of receiving dream impressions called nowadays 'olfactory'.

Excerpted from ASTRAL TRAVEL by GAVIN FROST, YVONNE FROST. Copyright © 1982 Gavin and Yvonne Frost. Excerpted by permission of Samuel Weiser, Inc..
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents



1 Enjoy This New Occult Frontier          

2 Astral Dreaming          

3 Twilight Zone Astral Travel          

4 Keyed Meditative-State Astral Travel          

5 Anywhere Anytime Astral Travel          

6 The Here-Now and the Space-Time Continuum          

7 The Spiritual Realms          

8 Liz and Bert Davis, the Couple Who Have Everything          

9 The Secrets of the Grimoires          

10 Healing and Helping with Astral Projection          

11 The Selfish Use of Astral Travel          

12 Serenity through Astral Knowledge          

Appendix A Questionnaires Used for Statistical Analysis          

B Statistical Analysis Tables          


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Astral Travel 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Well, this is the first book for Astral Travel that I bought. It's great for helping explore the astral plane, but when it comes to teaching you how to astral travel, it's very vague. So far the best book on astral travel I have found is A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams by Belzebuub. It has step-by-step information that makes astral travel easy to understand and it helps simplify a hard to learn subject.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was one of the first I came across when searching for answers to some spontaneous astral experiences I had a few years back. Whilst it assisted in terms of affirming the actual existence of the astral plane, it did not contain the content to do much more. Most of the content in the book was unfortunately confounding and entangled, and did not present an accurate overall picture of what the astral plane is. Additionally, one gets the feeling, even without any substantial occult knowledge, that in the attempt to describe the nature of the plane and its workings, the authors have undertaken an overly ambitious endeavour, given that that their own understanding of the plane seems at best incipient and at worst, terribly incomplete. The outcome of this to the reader, is a misleading hotch-potch of subjective information that is better off avoided if you are seriously seeking to understand either your own experiences or the hidden world in general. Because the cultivation of an authentic understanding of the astral plane is but a small fraction of an immense, potentially life-long study of the esoteric truths that permeate life, those who are drawn to this should note that any worthwhile study requires the aid of an ethical and profoundly knowledgeable author, and preferably an organization that can assist a student in their development in the same way. Despite the plethora of misleading books, materials and other information on this subject that abounds like weeds in the fields, there is fortunately such an author and also a number of correlating schools of study available, for those who are serious about understanding this and other related subjects profoundly. The Author I recommend is Samael Aun Weor. A profoundly ethical man and probably the greatest occultist of recent history, Samael Aun Weor is a South American authority, whose astonishing experience with the esoteric world have been detailed in over sixty books, which only in recent times have been translated from his native Spanish to English. In the writings of Samael Aun Weor, one finds explicit information on the most effective methods on how to experience a successful astral projection, what the astral plane is and how the astral plane fits in within the esoteric world on the whole. Unmatched discourses on all subjects that go hand in hand with the legitimate development of occult understanding are also available; all of these books contain the most practical and potent methods to facilitate bona fide experiences that one can find. Titles in the works of Samael Aun Weor that include practical methods for astral projection are many and varied, and common to most of his works, is the synthesization of vast amounts of information which is of varying levels of complexity. A good starting point for those interested in understanding dreams and the astral realm is the book - Dream Yoga: Writings on Dreams and Astral Travel.If anyone wishes to follow up this author in any other way, a recommended website which contains high quality information is Gnosis-Usa. Be advised however, that 'interpretive movements' of his work also exist which unfortunately discompose his original teachings.
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it reall works for a begginner . i left my you can learn to leave your body in 2 minuets in the chapter ASTRAL TRAVEL ANYTIME ANYWHERE.even with a crowd of a 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, people it you'll like it.