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Astronomy For Astro Navigation: Black and White Edition

Astronomy For Astro Navigation: Black and White Edition

by Jack Case


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Astronomy For Astro Navigation. This book focuses on those aspects of astronomy that are essential for a complete understanding of astro navigation - a must for sailors, navigators, nautical colleges and navigation tutors. The only book of its kind - no other book focuses on only those aspects of astronomy that are relevant to astro navigation. An ideal introduction to both astronomy and astro navigation containing 178 letter size pages packed with illustrations, detailed diagrams and clear explanations. Teachers and students of many other subjects including geography and mathematics will also find this book interesting, entertaining and very informative."Know the stars and you will always have a compass" (The Revenant) Other books in the Astro Navigation Demystified Series:Astro Navigation Demystified. The ultimate book of the series; it is a complete course in astro / celestial navigation. This unique self-teach course comprehensively covers all relevant elements of the examination syllabuses of the main sailing associations. Part one ranges from simple explanations of the basic principles through to detailed expositions of the important aspects of the subject. Part two provides a comprehensive coverage of the use of rapid sight reduction techniques for position fixing. It is emphasised that this book teaches the rapid reduction method of astro navigation; if you wish to learn how to use the traditional method which involves the application of spherical trigonometry, then you may prefer 'Celestial Navigation - The Ultimate Course' which forms part of the series.Applying Mathematics to Astro Navigation. This addition to the 'Astro Navigation Demystified' series focuses on the mathematical principles upon which astro navigation is based and it will appeal to anyone with an interest in these subjects whether they be navigators or mathematicians. The approach adopted in this book involves putting the student in the place of a navigator who has no automated navigation equipment, nautical almanac, chronometer or 'Sat. Nav.' and who must therefore discover a means of navigating without them. Section two of the book, which is very popular with teachers and college lecturers, contains activities that are designed to provide opportunities to consolidate the knowledge acquired and provide ideal starting points for 'open-ended' projects. They are suitable for people with a wide range of interests from seafarers and sailing enthusiasts to students of mathematics and nautical studies. Celestial Navigation. The Ultimate CourseThe traditional method of celestial navigation involving the use of spherical trigonometry to calculate a vessel's position is comprehensively taught in this book. At first sight, the term 'spherical trigonometry' might seem quite daunting but with the knowledge of just two formulas and with a little practice of the methods explained in this book, it will be found to be quick and easy to apply as well as very accurate. With this method, we make accurate calculations using data taken directly from a vessel's DR position and so avoid the inaccuracies of sight reduction methods that involve interpolation from tables using data based on an 'assumed position'.Note. The terms celestial navigation and astro navigation are generally regarded as synonymous. The Astro Navigation Demystified website provides a free resource for all those interested in the subject of astro navigation (or celestial navigation as it is also known):

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ISBN-13: 9781511675598
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/16/2015
Pages: 166
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.35(d)

About the Author

About The Author
Jack Case is an experienced navigator who became a teacher when he left the sea. He taught navigation not only to sailors but also to students of mathematics and geography and was able to demonstrate the important links between these subjects. Over many years, he developed the art of teaching navigation in an interesting way so that it could be understood by students of all ages.
Many of the author's adult students, including small boat owners and yachtsmen, expressed the need for an easily read and un-complicated book to help them to understand astro navigation. Hence the reason for writing this book.

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