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At the Edge of America

At the Edge of America

by Allen Frost


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Two connected novels (Bagdad Butterfly of Panama, and Waterstories) in one book. Travel through time, life and death, air and water, as you move across a mythical America in this pair of mysterious, poetic adventures. In 1989, Allen Frost wrote these legends in NYC, inspired by the soul of that big city, and the experience of a gothic winter visit to Cape Cod.

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ISBN-13: 9781945176609
Publisher: good deed rain
Publication date: 06/14/2016
Pages: 252
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.57(d)

Table of Contents

lighter than america plastic flowers it was gone leaving america in movies balloonless with the buffaloes the island of mauritius is a jewel advice from a caterpillar what people missed they dreamed waitressing sorry evolution where she had been she had been turned into a robot see the blue white house the savior and his eden breathing extinction like a cigarette getting cinematized feathers far as moons apart as a butterfly in panama
6 national geographics free from the blue white house the civil war the war with japan gone with wax
dreamland the lonely parts of the country have befriended the television histories of summer the magician's best efforts couldn't return the dodo in the museum of american history barnstorming
1937 pancakes peace on earth in the days of the new, new deal a trailer park of fire apples rosa parks imaginary telephone books he wasn't most of the people the people of lakehurst talk in disaster metaphors industrial revolutions houdini's arsonist childhood rosetta stone butterfly countdown all was said and done in hieroglyphics america (strangely enough)
with alice falling the history of america as remembered alice again
1956 glass the ruins of the land once alive nostalgia at the edge of america the moment that waterfalled dictators and butterfl ies sunken nursery rhyme another north dakota mark twains widow's walk reamerica a tragedy of seashells the fireplace arlington the rain in the shine of 'no vacancy' neon there were flowers and also sandwiches how she was captured on film
15 mph from god socialist photographers walt whitman's sunken treasure the stone memory of her moving her reflection in ice george washington to the rescue the rediscovery of good waxwater rockets the first clue a clue leads to trouble reconsidering the blinking mirror the moving of the trees he ran airwaves the island seed in the dream she had everything that was done was done quietly black coffee the atmosphere watching the monster hands broken a tragedy of closing doors down the rabbit hole

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