At the Gates of Walhalla

At the Gates of Walhalla

by Justen Forge

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At the Gates of Walhalla by Justen Forge

In the economically recessed eighties, the violent winds of change swirl in the drug world. The Canadian federal government is forced to privatize the job of defending the border. The only constant is Kurt Sorensen, a pillar of law abiding society. As a decorated U.S. Border Patrol Officer defending the southern border in El Paso, Texas, his keen skills, strong work ethic, classic Nordic looks and affable, good humor are a breath of fresh air in a region stifled with the burgeoning terror of warring drug gangs just across the border in Juarez, Mexico.

But while his wife, Lupe, and twins Mark and Matthew are birthday shopping at the Mercado in Juarez one afternoon, Kurt, loving father and devoted husband loses everything he lives for as they are killed in an extremely vicious and apparently random ambush in broad daylight. Kurt chooses to leave the painful memories behind as he returns to his peaceful, stunningly beautiful hometown, North Walhalla, Manitoba. Instead of finding peace and tranquility as a Canadian Border Officer, Kurt is suddenly swept up in a vortex of evil and injustice that seems to have followed him northward.

In a valiant attempt to protect Walhalla from succumbing to a sudden infiltration of death, drugs and destruction, Kurt engages in a long distance battle with the infamous drug lord, ‘El Cabron’, only to be shocked to his core at the revelation of the drug gang’s silent business partner. With no where else to turn, Kurt draws on his ancestral Viking spirit and strength to recruit a secret militia to right the wrongs in society, delivering justice swiftly and in stealth. Powerful forces and matching wills of the militia, the drug lord and the ominous third party are on inescapable collision courses, which intersect at the gates of Viking Heaven – Walhalla.

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Publisher: Justen Forge
Publication date: 12/12/2011
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About the Author

Justen Forge presently works in law enforcement. A Manitoba, Canada resident, this is his first feature-length novel. He has at one point held his commercial rotary (helicopter) pilot's license. Justen is a very seasoned traveler, having lived six months in the Middle East and traveled to numerous places - the Caribbean is his favorite. Justen looks forward to writing the sequel to At the Gates of Walhalla.

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At the Gates of Walhalla 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
StarGazer2 More than 1 year ago
The Gates of Walhalla by Justen Forge is a well-written story about border patrol officers and drug dealers. The characters are so developed that you forget that they are fictional characters. You start to believe you are reading a biography of one of the patrol officers. Not many authors can do this, so I am very impressed with Justen. I recommend this book to all readers looking to escape their chaotic world for the day.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for a contemplative, moral compass adjusting thriller you will certainly find it in At the Gates of Walhalla. The slow build of the intricate story begins with the back story of Kurt Sorensen. The author, Justin Forge, meticulously sets up the vicious murder of Kurt's entire family with the exception of one of his twin sons. Unthinkably, that son is abducted. As a border patrol officer on the Mexican border Kurt eventually faces the terrible realization that the ruthless drug gang that killed the rest of his family would not have been any more merciful to his son. Accepting this loss he eventually returns to his childhood home of another border town, North Walhalla, Canada. It is here that he takes the Viking actions necessary to insure that another father in his town does not have to go through his torturous past. Justin Forge strategically places a poignant quote before the first chapter of the novel. The Frederich Nietzsche quote is "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby becomes a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes into you." Forge does a remarkable job in creating, effecting, and thereby changing the man that Kurt Sorensen is throughout the novel. Despite the lack of a lot of dialogue, the reader will go from offering Kurt sympathy, to admiring his affability and congenial leadership, to becoming increasingly mortified by the extent of his sense of justice. The character is a lot like Robin Hood and the feared Viking warriors in that he goes to great, illegal, and highly debatable lengths, including murder, to keep illicit drugs out of his hometown. The amalgamation of Robin Hood and the Viking warrior becomes a lot like Edgar Allen Poe's William Wilson, a doppelgänger. What Justin Forge creates so well is a conflicted perspective of the main character. At the Gates of Walhalla is a novel for persons who want a storyline that pushes the protagonist to impressionable moral cliffhangers. It begs the question, how far should one go to obtain justice and perceivable peace for our fellow man?
GiselleP More than 1 year ago
At The Gates of Walhalla by Justen Forge is a stunning Mystery/Crime Drama that deals with one man’s personal struggle with the War on Drugs. Kurt Sorenson, a hard working border patrol officer, has his world shaken by the violent death of his wife and one of his twin boys in the boarder town of El Paso, Texas. He becomes so obsessed with finding the men who gunned down his family and in finding his missing son that he finds himself consumed with grief. Unable to continue in El Paso, Kurt puts in for a transfer to the sleepy town of Walhalla, North Dakota. Kurt enjoys living in the quiet countryside when his world is turned for a loop once again when he finds that Walhalla is an unwitting hub for drug smuggling into Canada from the U.S. by the Columbian drug cartel El Cadron. Kurt, along with a few brave members of the community embrace their Viking heritages in a crusade to cleanse the small town of this deadly enterprise and avenge the death of Kurt’s family. This novel is a great balance of fiction and real world experience. The main character of Kurt Sorenson gives a personal backdrop to a battle that has been waged for decades. This personality allows the reader to connect with the struggle on a heartfelt and humane basis. The plot is a shining accomplishment. Justen Forge crafts an overall tantalizing story that is well developed. It has a healthy balance of character growth and expositional clarity. It concludes with a satisfying(all be it predictable) ending that leaves the reader with a true barometer for right and wrong. Overall, I believe that Justen Forge has done a great job embodying the moral aspect of the border patrol organization from the perspective of a very personal level. The only problem with the story is that is tends to meander from the personal to the expositional with little to no transitional help. The expositional periods of the novel are very long(whole chapters in some cases) and the author tends to focus on the scenery and history of Walhalla more than the plot/character progression at times making for a very sluggish read. In addition, the sentence structure in the novel is problematic and seems to read more like a well thought out stream of conscience essay than a fully organized novel. This book would be excellent as a light, interesting and intriguing summer time beach read that appeals to the most avid crime buff.
timcarmom More than 1 year ago
At the Gates of Walhalla is a mystery thriller that centers around the life of Kurt Sorenson who is a border patrol officer. Without giving away too much detail, the book starts off with Kurt and his family, his wife Lupe and twin sons Matt and Mark, living in Texas. Certain circumstances find Kurt relocating to his home town of Walhalla in Canada. Drugs have infiltrated Walhalla and along with this comes crime. Kurt is on a mission to stop the drugs from entering and to restore Walhalla back to the beautiful, peaceful town it used to be. In order to do this he enlists the help of 2 other officers, John and Steve, and also 10 other residents from the town. I recently read another similar book about border patrol officers and drug trafficking called The Smell of Duty (Neglected War) by Elias Rodriguez. I found this book filled with a lot of suspense and mystery at the very beginning, however, I thought that some of the first quarter of the book lost my interest. Some of the background history of the main character could have been left out. But soon after that, the book became very suspenseful and I found it hard to put down. The way Kurt dealt with the drug dealers was a little gruesome but I thought it was an original, although shocking, idea. I loved the twist of who was involved with the drug dealers (I don't want to reveal a spoiler). I couldn't put the book down, I loved it! If you like mysteries or thrillers, you would be sure to love this also.
StayPositiveKV More than 1 year ago
Justen Forge is one of the most amazing mystery writers of our time and his book At the Gates of Walhalla has just proven that he should be on the New York Times Best Sellers List. The book pulls the readers in from the start, with Kurt's wife and child being killed and the mystery of one child gone missing. It keeps you wondering what is going to take place next. You are pulled into an emotional roller coaster as Kurt try's to deal with the death of his family. I can tell you that Kurt was a lot stronger then I would have been. I don't know that I would be able to go back to work with so much heartbreak in my life. As the book progresses you see the mystery/thriller aspect of the book. There are events that take place that one never would have thought of and with a surprise ending. It is amazing how the books starts off with good and has so much evil that it has one reading to find out if it ever going to become good again. I really love the fact that the author give some history, so that one really understands about the area and what it really means. I am not one for history, but adding the facts into this book was an excellent touch. I honestly loved the book, the characters and would rate this a 5 star. Move over James Patterson and Tom Clancy, we have another rising author to our list.
aqursc More than 1 year ago
Tuesday at 2:55pm [Sharon Cole] Sharon Cole – This story is dramatic and loaded with action to me. The conflict was a statement purposely saying that they are here to attack from the drug war and not randomly. Kurt was a intelligent, determined man that treated his staff with high respect that they all merited. He had gone through such a tragic time in life losing his wife and son's to the violent attack. In Kurt's off duty time he would engage in activities like softball, picnics. do some volunteer work and get involved with the church but all this still did not fill the void in his life every time he would walk into his empty home. Justen Forge points out the characters very clearly to make you feel like you were actually there involved in it. I enjoyed the time that Walhalla was a encouraging and growing place to be in the center of. The final thought for the story to me was the fact that it was dramatic and had some emotional times throughout the story as well. I would highly encourage anyone to read this book and soak it in.
bluejellybean More than 1 year ago
Gates of Walhalla is a crime-based thriller based on real problems of the modern world. Enjoying the life of a family man with a loving wife and two boys, Kurt Sorensen's life is suddenly turned upside down. With a quick introduction, the story is a page turner from the beginning. While Kurt stayed back, his wife, Lupe and the boys went shopping and were tragically gunned down and killed. Losing everything, Kurt, a U.S. border patrol officer, relocates to his hometown in Canada. The plot unfolds with conspiracy, crime and real-life problems of drug trafficking. The well-written book also appears to be well-researched by Forge and allows the reader to really escape into a world of good versus evil. The author's skill with character development makes Sorensen's personality one that the reader wants to keep following. Added to that are the events that unfold, taking the reader into a world of drug trafficking and conspiracy that he or she most likely does not have personal experience with. It is a learning experience as well as an entertaining read. I would recommend this book for an exciting, dramatic read!
Jeff-Wallace More than 1 year ago
At the Gates of Walhalla by Justen Forge is a gripping thriller that will keep you hooked through all 319 pages. The story revolves around fictional border enforcement officer Kurt Sorensen. The veteran agent loses his beloved wife and twin boys in a vicious attack and soon leaves the wild Mexican-American border and head north back to his hometown. He joins the border agency at the Canadian border in the little town of north Walhalla. He goes along his job of apprehending contraband before it can get into Canada. His job soon get more complicated then he ever dreamed when he finds out a secret that could prove deadly if he isn't careful. He devises a plan to fight the new enemy and recruits some of his co-workers and citizens of Walhalla as warriors in the fight. The 'sons of Thor' as Kurt and his group are know wage their own war even though the stakes are high and they may not survive. Mr. Forge does a marvelous job of making the characters and surrounds so vivid that you are drawn into the story. You can actually picture yourself in the crop duster as Steve, one of Kurt's co-workers and a 'son of Thor', as he takes to the air. In other parts of the book you can easily find yourself with the group as they search through vehicles looking for drugs. In another part the description is so vivid you can actually see the tattoo that every member of the 'sons of Thor' wear on their neck. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys action, the struggling the underdog and a little blood mixed into the storyline.
dwgodbyDG More than 1 year ago
Kurt was a very knowledgeable officer who participated with the United States Custom's Office trying to cut down the drugs and illegial money coming into the states. This book provides insight into the drug cartel and how they have invaded Mexico, the US and Canada. While there is a great discussion about these three locations and how the drugs and money travel back and forth there is also the element of a person's life and what goes along with this type of job. While this wasn't the type of book I normally read I did enjoy the parts where the drug raids occurred. When they would capture a truck at the border and how they would inspect it using dogs, and various forms of equipment was very good reading. 4 of 5 stars.