At the Mercy of the State

At the Mercy of the State

by Robert Coleman

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A new book written by local resident Robert Coleman describes the true-life story of his family’s nightmare experiences at the hands of CPS (Child Protective Services) in the state of Michigan.
The events took place in 2008 when the Coleman family claims they were falsely accused of child abuse by a vindictive couple they had evicted from the apartments the Colemans owned in Ironwood, Michigan.
In Coleman’s account, he describes how local law enforcement authorities and state officials, eager to go after him because of previous conflicts he had experienced with them via disputes he had with them while in business in Ironwood, jumped at the opportunity when the claims were made, without properly investigating the backgrounds and claims of the vindictive couple. The ensuing investigation purportedly included statements of his then six-year-old step daughter, who today at age ten, denies much of what the state claimed happened. The step daughter’s own account of what, in fact, took place, indicates the state used threats that she could never go home unless she said what they wanted her to say as a means of getting her to say what she did, in fact, say. That was coupled with many straight out lies, according to Coleman, as well as creation of so-called evidence manufactured by the state, which was never supported by any indisputable facts. Coleman’s claims in the book are all supported by either tape recordings he made of state officials at the time, the state’s own memos created at the time, or in actual court proceedings, which are fully documented in Coleman’s book.
The book further exploits the state of Michigan’s documented abuses of the CPS system, with referrals to other abusive CPS cases that resulted in a class action lawsuit, lost by the state of Michigan, a direct result of their abusive actions. In Coleman’s case, the state actually raided his hotel room at three o’clock in the morning, in a kidnap style, swat type of raid, to take his children on a Sunday morning, and attempted to paint Robert up as a dangerous person, when in fact, he had no criminal record nor as much as a fight in school while growing up to support such allegations.
The Coleman family left Ironwood when their case was finally closed in 2009, seeking out a desireable community to live in, and finally settled on Huron where Robert went about the writing of this book and the family now enjoys a new and peaceful life. Robert is presently engaged in his effort to establish a book publishing
business where others, such as himself, can effectively expose corruption and abuse by the system in real life cases such as his own. According to Coleman, there are plenty of those stories to be divulged.

At The Mercy Of
The State
… Based on the true life
story of Robert and
Janet Coleman

Not everything is at it appears! This true event unveils how the state of Michigan used corruption, seduction and lies in a scandal to accomplish the state’s child kidnapping plot! It is the 2008 life story of the fight for a family to stay together as a corrupt state attempts to keep them apart in the zest to make money! Author Robert Coleman provides a chilling narrative describing the entire spine tingling event that changed the life of his family forever!

* What happens when the state uses “false allegations” to
“kidnap” your children?

* What can a parent do upon discovery that the “chosen”
foster parents of the state are themselves abusing their

* Learn just how far some states will go to “retaliate” if
you fight for your kids!

This event actually happened! If you are a parent,
it can happen to you!

Imagine a scene where police officers from a number of departments block off the entrances to a hotel and begin a raid on one of the rooms on a Sunday at three o’clock in the morning. Bystanders at the scene would probably suspect it was a drug raid, or perhaps something even more sinister. Would it surprise those bystanders to find out it was merely a child custody raid, conducted by overzealous officials to remove two small children from the custody of their parents?

Imagine the agony and pain of the parents when they find out later in the process that their children have been abused by the people the state then turned them over to. All under the pretense of protecting them from their abusive parents.

Then consider what in fact the state said constituted this so-called child abuse. A spanking! Because that is why this raid actually happened in 2008. This was not a case of us, as parents, beating our children, or sexually abusing them, not even a case of belt spanking as the state accused us of, but could never offer undeniable proof.

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About the Author

Robert S. Coleman had ambitions early in life to work in law enforcement because it was his goal to work in a career that would afford him the opportunity to protect the safety of public citizens. It is interesting how life turns you in directions you sometimes never imagine it will, however, and it took a literal state kidnapping of his children for Robert to wind up in the career he is pursuing today. After having worked in security jobs and as a park ranger for a number of years, Robert decided to go into business for himself, and for almost ten years at the turn of the century, he operated Coleman Estates Rental Properties in Ironwood, Michigan. But in 2008, a vindictive couple who rented an apartment from Coleman made false allegations that he and his wife had been abusing their children. Because Robert did not get along that well with some of the law enforcement and state officials in the area, the state gladly went after him, without any actual proof of this at all. They started by raiding a motel he and his wife were staying in while on vacation, a raid which took place at three o’clock in the morning on a Sunday morning, after false claims had been introduced to the court by the state. Other lies and falsifications followed, and he and his wife were found guilty of child abuse and had to fight to get the custody of their children back. The nearly year long fight is depicted in his recent book At The Mercy Of The State. The book has drawn the attention to many to the problems of CPS (Child Protective Services) in his 2008 home town of Ironwood, Michigan, but also on a national scope -- problems Robert uncovered as he fought to defend himself and his wife from the malicious attack of Michigan state officials during their own custody battle. All are pointed out in his recent book. But in the course of writing his book, Robert discovered a new passion, that of publishing books that expose corruption and government abuse wherever it is found. So today, his new career direction is that of publisher for his new publishing company. So if you’ve had a problem with corrupt officials and want to publish your story, Robert will be there to assist you! He openly invites anyone to contact him.

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