At The Pirate Captain's Mercy (M/m)

At The Pirate Captain's Mercy (M/m)

by Violet Jessamy

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When young Rhys offers himself to a crew of unscrupulous pirates in order to save his sister's honor, he realizes too late that the sex-starved men plan to make him their whore. Despairing, Rhys finds comfort in an unlikely source - the ship's menacing captain.
WARNING: This 10,000+ word story contains elements of reluctant consent, as well as romance and several breathtaking, down-and-dirty gay sex scenes.

Rhys felt eyes on him and turned towards the red-bearded pirate. The scarred face was clearly displaying a grin.
“Ye want a whore, lad? D’ye know what to do with one?”
Rhys felt his face heating up. He tried to ignore the question, but a moment later, the other man had whistled and motioned for another woman to approach. This one was blond, with a long scar running down the side of her face and a crooked nose that looked to have been broken several times.
“Show the lad a good time, will ye?” The bald pirate shoved a bit of money at the woman before clapping his hand onto Rhys’ shoulder. “I’ll be seein’ ye on the water, boy.”
Puzzled and flustered, Rhys stared as the woman stood next to his chair and laid her hand on his thigh, stroking it. He shifted uncomfortably when she leaned forward, breasts nearly spilling out of her dress, and began the task of unlacing his breeches. He didn’t know how to feel about this at all. Across from him, he saw McCoy leaning comfortably back while the curly-haired whore went to work on him.
Rhys could not keep himself from staring at the captain's dark, engorged shaft. He remembered only too well how the massive organ had felt. He remembered how he’d choked on the throbbing meat, again and again. The whore, however, seemed to have no such issues as she knelt before McCoy and put her mouth on him.
Rhys swallowed hard and blinked, his breath quickening. For some reason, he couldn’t stench the flow of memories and sensations, of McCoy claiming him. As slim fingers touched him, Rhys' eyes were fixed on the scene opposite them. The captain had closed his eyes and thrown his head back. Watching the girl's head in the man's lap made him recall how it had felt to be on his knees before the captain in front of his entire crew, how he had tasted, how he had spent himself on Rhys’ face.

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BN ID: 2940015942019
Publisher: Violet Jessamy
Publication date: 11/07/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Violet Jessamy’s thoughts do not always revolve around sex - just most of the time. She believes that this fact, along with her hyperactive imagination, is to blame for her choice of secondary career. Having developed a passionate interest in erotica as soon as she figured out it existed, she credits the internet in general for allowing her to pursue said interest and tolerating her early attempts at creating the perfect arousing tale.
She also writes non-erotic fiction, but gets far more enjoyment out of writing smutty stories.

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