At Their Own Game

At Their Own Game

by Frank Zafiro


Jake Stankovic has been flying below the radar for years, dealing safely in stolen property crime with his two-man crew. But times are tough, so he decides to step up to the big money with a drug deal. Everything that can go wrong, does. The deal goes bad, a vengeful detective sets his sights on Jake, one of his crew might be a turncoat, and a woman from a long past affair suddenly reappears. All of this would be complicated enough on its own, but for Jake, it’s even worse.

The woman is the detective’s ex-wife.

And Jake Stankovic used to be a cop.

Now Jake must face new problems and old vendettas in an all-in proposition with lives on the line. He has to find a way to get his money back, keep the girl, and beat everyone involved…At Their Own Game.


“A suspenseful descent into darkness…[Zafiro] elevates the story beyond just an entertaining caper story to being a profound examination of good, evil, betrayal, revenge and many other things that have been central to human existence since the dawn of history.” —Brian Triplett, independent reviewer

“It is a compelling story, with great twists and turns, but one that makes us question our own morals. Would we resort to the way Jake deals with his friends and enemies alike?” —Shirley Ford, independent reviewer

“A brief, tight, criminally intense story of destructive behavior masked by “good” intentions, At Their Own Game puts its finger right on the pulse of the ever-sinful human heart.” —Ned Hayes, author of Sinful Folk

“[M]oves very fast, but at the same time draws you into the characters, so that you are on the roller coaster ride of plot twists with them.” —David Aggerbeck, from a 5-star Amazon review

“This taut tale, which moves at the relentless pace of a silver bullet, will keep fans of the genre quite happy.” —Anthony Venutolo, from a 5-star Amazon review

“This story absolutely sizzles with intrigue.” —Beverly Clark, from a 5-star review

“The book was so captivating I couldn’t put it down till I had finished the last page at 2:30 AM!” —Thea Childs, from a 5-star review

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781643960395
Publisher: Down & Out Books II, LLC
Publication date: 10/14/2019
Series: SpoCompton Crime Novel , #1
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Frank became a police officer in 1993 and retired in 2013 as a captain. He has written and taught courses at the Basic Law Enforcement Academy, written several college courses in police subject matter and co-authored A Street Officer's Guide to Report Writing.

Many of his stories and novels take place in the fictional River City, a mid-sized city in Eastern Washington, with recurring characters. The River City series of crime novels begins with Under a Raging Moon.

Frank has authored numerous books, including crime novels with Jim Wilsky (Blood on Blood, Queen of Diamonds) and Colin Conway (Some Degree of Murder). Over fifty of his short stories have been published in more than a dozen different anthologies, as well as print and online magazines. His story "Good Shepherd" was a finalist for the 2006 Derringer Award. In 2007, his story "The Worst Door" was a finalist for this same award. His story "Dead Even" was a finalist for the 2009 Derringer Award. These and other short stories are gathered together in three River City collections: Dead Even, No Good Deed and The Cleaner.

In addition to writing, Frank is an avid hockey fan and a tortured guitarist. His wife, Kristi, supports both.

You can keep up with him at where he maintains his blog or the blog he shares with Jim Wilsky at He also writes under his given name and you can check that out at

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