Athens Concert

Athens Concert

by The Charles Lloyd QuartetThe Charles Lloyd Quartet


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No one, save for perhaps Charles Lloyd, could have predicted that when he resumed his recording career in 1989 with ECM, he would scale such artistic heights as a player, a mentor, and a bandleader. Lloyd has taken part in many fascinating musical experiments: with the late Billy Higgins in Sangam with drummer Eric Harland and Indian master percussionist Zakir Hussain, as well as on his many quartet recordings. The latest version, with bassist Reuben Rodgers, Harland, and pianist Jason Moran, has been together just over four years. It should come as no surprise then, that The Athens Concert, a double disc with the truly legendary Greek contralto Maria Farantouri, is as full of the exploratory wonder and delight as his other dates for the label. Farantouri is regarded in her own country as Edith Piaf was in France. Lloyd's band and Farantouri are assisted by Socratis Sinopoulos on lyra. "Kratissa Toi Zoi Mou (I Kept a Hold of My Life)," is a tune by Mikis Theodorakis set to a poem by George Seferis. Versions of Lloyd's "Dream Weaver" and "Prayer" are the only real instrumental tracks, and his song "Blow Wind" contains lyrics sung in English by Farantouri. The tune "Requiem" is a jazz number with lyrics by the famed writer/lyricist Agathi Dimitrouka. The three-part, 15-song Greek Suite takes up the lion's share of the performance. It is comprised of tunes that range from a Byzantine-era hymn to traditional songs from various regions of Greece, two more Theodorakis tunes, and one by composer Eleni Karaindrou (also an ECM artist) entitled "Voyage to Cythera." The suite was arranged by Takis Farazis, who also plays an additional piano on set-closer "Yanni Mou," and with Sinopoulos, bridges the two traditions. There isn't anything to really describe this music other than to say it is equally out of historical time and simultaneously concurrent within its stream. The two musical traditions -- post-millennial jazz and those of Greece's various eras and regions -- are made seamless, creating an entirely new and singular work that is dramatic, subtle, completely soulful, and full of startling musicianship. Indeed, the quartet plays this music as if it were part of their standard repertoire for a very special occasion. Improvisation, harmonic invention, and Lloyd's singular sense of leadership don't demand fine performances from his players; they are given freely. In turn, he offers his finest to Farantouri, who brings the collective bounty to the listening audience. The Athens Concert is truly inspirational and quite a watermark in a career full of them for Lloyd.

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Release Date: 09/13/2011
Label: Ecm Records
UPC: 0602527678337
catalogNumber: 001587802
Rank: 90804


Disc 1

  1. Kratissa Ti Zoi Mou
  2. Dream Weaver
  3. Blow Wind
  4. Requiem
  5. Greek Suite, Pt. 1: Hymnos Stin Ayia Triada
  6. Greek Suite, Pt. 1: Epano Sto Xero Homa
  7. Greek Suite, Pt. 1: Messa Stous Paradissious Kipous [In the Paradise Ga
  8. Taxidi Sta Kythera

Disc 2

  1. Prayer
  2. Greek Suite, Pt. 2: Vlefaro Mou
  3. Greek Suite, Pt. 2: Margaritarenia
  4. Greek Suite, Pt. 2: Thalassaki Mou
  5. Greek Suite, Pt. 3: Epirotiko Meroloi
  6. Greek Suite, Pt. 3: Kægomæ Kæ Sigoliono
  7. Greek Suite, Pt. 3: Mori Kontoula Lemonia
  8. Greek Suite, Pt. 3: Alismono Kæ Hæromæ
  9. Greek Suite, Pt. 3: Tou Hel' To Kastron
  10. Yanni Mou

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Charles Lloyd Quartet   Primary Artist
Charles Lloyd   Flute,Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Tarogato
Reuben Rogers   Double Bass
Maria Farantouri   Vocals
Takis Farazis   Piano
Jason Moran   Piano
Eric Harland   Drums
Socratis Sinopoulos   Lyra

Technical Credits

Eleni Karaindrou   Composer,Lyricist
Charles Lloyd   Composer,Lyricist,Liner Notes
Mikis Theodorakis   Composer,Lyricist
George Seferis   Poetry
Manfred Eicher   Producer
Maria Farantouri   Liner Notes
Dorothy Darr   Producer,Cover Design
Takis Farazis   Arranger
Nikos Kypourgos   Composer
Nikos Espialidis   Engineer
Traditional   Composer
Lina Nikolakopoulou   Composer,Lyricist
Gail Holst-Warhaft   translation
Nikos Kanellopoulos   Back Cover Photo
Maria Hadzara   translation
Agathi Dimitrouka   Composer,Lyricist

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