Atlantic Salmon Chronicles: The Fish, The Rivers, The Fly-Fishing Techniques And Equipment

Atlantic Salmon Chronicles: The Fish, The Rivers, The Fly-Fishing Techniques And Equipment

by E. Richard Nightingale


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ISBN-13: 9781581601046
Publisher: Paladin Press
Publication date: 09/01/2000
Pages: 480
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 1.28(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword by Bill Taylor
Foreword by Dr. Alex T. Bielak
Chapter 1 - Salmo Salar
The Paradigm of Sporting Pisces
Chapter 2 - Selecting Fly Rods, Matching Fly Lines
Part I Fly Rods
Fly-Casting Fundamentals
Fly-Rod Fundamentals
Rod Components and Finish
Two-handed Rods
Part II Fly Lines
Last Casts: A Recommendation
Chapter 3 - All About Reels
Types of Drags
Types of Clutches
Types of Reels
Reel Parameter and Design
Reel Selection
The "Best Reels"
The Best of the Best: All-Mode Fly Reels
Last Casts: A Second Recommendation
Chapter 4 - The Form and Style of the Atlantic Salmon Fly
Alton's Red Butt
What Is a Fly?
Theories of Fly Selection
A Basic Fly Selection
Alternative Selections
Selected Fly Dressings
Last Casts
Chapter 5 - Knots: Their Construction and Testing
Casa Blanca Tarpon
What Is a Knot?
Knots in Nylon and Other Synthetics
Loop Hitches
The Testing of Knots
The Test Results
Last Casts
Chapter 6 - Rigging Your Leader, Line, and Backing
Securing the Backing
The Backing
The Running Line
The Fly Line
Sinking Tips and Lead Heads
Fluorocarbon Leader Tippets
Assembling Your Rigging
Last Casts
Chapter 7 - Equipment, Clothing, and Physical Conditioning
Physical Conditioning
Last Casts
Chapter 8 - Conserving Our Endangered Salmon
A New Look at the Life Cycle
Stresses Imposed by Nature
Stresses Imposed by Man
Enhancing Wild Salmon Stocks
The Specter of Disease
In Summary
The Very Last Cast
Chapter 9 - Techniques for Fishing the Wet Fly
Day One, Course 101
A Salmon Is Not a Trout
Why Do Salmon Take the Fly?
The Conventional Fishing of the Wet Fly
Alternative Techniques for Presenting the Fly
Fighting the Salmon
Last Casts
Chapter 10 - Fishing Very Small Flies
Little Fly, Big Fish
Small Fly Tactics
The Sixteen-Twenty Club
Last Casts
Chapter 11 - Sacred Rivers of the Salmon
In the Shadow of the Great Steeplechase
Other Venues: Russia and Scotland
"And Miles to Go Before I Sleep"
Chapter 12 - Guides: Joy and Tribulation
Good Guide, Bad Guide
Guides Are People, Too
One Guide's Perspective
Wading Guides and Canoe Guides
Landing Fish
Releasing Fish
Correcting Bad Habits
Last Casts
Chapter 13 - Savoring the Catch
Raw and Cured Salmon
Other Appetizers
Soups and Chowders
Main Courses
Referenced Trade Sources

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