Atlas of Pain Injection Techniques E-Book

Atlas of Pain Injection Techniques E-Book

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Here's a highly illustrated practical guide with easy to follow descriptions of pain injection techniques. It will give special advice on how to achieve a successful block and how to avoid and manage potential problems. The techniques will be described in a systematic and easy to use way. Each description of the injection will be accompanied by figures demonstrating the surface anatomy, patient position, needle puncture site and movement of the needle in relation to anatomyh. Where necessary further figures will be used to show dye injections and successful blocks.
  • Uses concise bulleted text with important factors highlighted throughout for ease of understanding and assimilation.
  • Shows how to perform each injection technique step-by-step with comprehensive illustrations (photographs, line drawings, radiologic images)
  • Techniques are grouped together in a logical and easy to follow manner with the same format being used for each block
  • Offers solutions to actual clinical problems and highlights potential pitfalls in both diagnosis and treatment..
  • Covers a broad scope of clinical practice for use by both beginners and experts.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780702050343
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 10/11/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 146
File size: 9 MB

Table of Contents

1. Mechanisms of pain transmission—an overview of anatomy and physiology
2. Joint injections

2.1 Lumbar facet joint injection
2.1 Cervical facet joint injection
2.3 Sacro-iliac joint injection
3. Epidural blockade
3.1 Lumbar epidural block
3.2 Thoracic epidural block
3.3 Cervical epidural block
3.4 Caudal epidural block
3.5 Long-term epidural catheter insertion
4. Somatic nerve blockade
4.1 Intercostal nerve block
4.2 Interpleural block
4.3 Lumbar nerve root block
4.4 Thoracic nerve root block
4.5 Sacral nerve root block
4.6 Occipital nerve block
4.7 Trigeminal ganglion (Gasserian) block
5. Autonomic blockade
5.1 Stellate ganglion block—C6 (classic) approach
5.2 Stellate ganglion block—C7 approach
5.3 Lumbar sympathetic block
5.4 Celiac plexus block—retrocrural approach
5.5 Celiac plexus block—anterocrural approach
5.6 Splanchnic nerve block
5.7 Hypogastric plexus block
5.8 Ganglion impar block
5.9 Intravenous regional sympathetic block—upper limb
5.10 Intravenous regional sympathetic block—lower limb
6. Muscle injection
6.1 Trigger-point injection—neck
6.2 Trigger-point injection—back
6.3 Gluteus medius injection
6.4 Piri formis injection
7. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)
Appendix 1 Suggested local anesthetics
Appendix 2 Suggested corticosteroids
Appendix 3 Suggested neurolytic agents
Appendix 4 Recommended resuscitation drugs and equipment
Appendix 5 Dermatomes

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