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ISBN-13: 9781402006746
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 07/31/2002
Series: Nato Science Series II: , #65
Edition description: 2002
Pages: 604
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.06(d)

Table of Contents

Preface. Adatom, Vacancy, and Dimer Diffusion. Experimental Study of Surface Diffusion in Metal Overlayers on Anisotropic Metal Surfaces; A.T. Loburets, et al. Ab Initio Modeling of Free Energy Profiles in Thermally-Activated Processes; I. Stich, et al. Surface Diffusion with a Realistic Damping Coefficient; O.M. Braun. Vibrational and Structural Properties of the Nb(001) Surface with and without a Nb Adatom by Tight-Binding Molecular Dynamics; Ch.E. Lekka, et al. Adatoms and Vacancies on the A3B (001)Surfaces; Ch. E. Lekka, G.A. Evangelakis. Long-Time-Scale Simulations of Al(100) Crystal Growth; G. Henkelman, H. Jónsson. Diffusion of Dimers on Silicon and Germanium (001) Surfaces; H.J.W. Zandvliet, et al. Island Nucleation and Multilayer Growth. Island Nucleation in Metal Thin-Film Growth; K.A. Fichthorn, et al. Capture-Numbers and Island Size-Distributions in Irreversible Homoepitaxial Growth: A Rate Equation Approach; M.N. Popescu, et al. Island Statistics Reflecting Growth Processes; P.A. Mulheran. Growth of an Anisotropic Surface: The Case of Ag/Ag(110); C. Mottet, et al. Vibrational Properties of 2D Copper Islands on the Cu(111) Surface by MD Simulations; E. Vamvakopoulos, G.A. Evangelakis. Irreversible Nucleation in Multilayer Growth; P. Politi, C. Castellano. Second Layer Nucleation and the Shape of Wedding Cakes; J. Krug, P. Kuhn. Steering Epitaxial Growth; B. Poelsema, S. Van Dijken. Coarsening Mechanisms in Surface Morphological Evolution; T. Michely, et al. Realistic Atomistic Modeling of Mound Formation during Multilayer Growth: Metal(100) Homoepitaxy; K.J. Caspersen, J.W. Evans. Vicinal and Patterned Substrates. Patterning Surfaces by Self-Organized Growth;K. Kern. Growth and Ion Erosion: Two Methods for Patterning Surfaces; F. Buatier de Mongeot, et al. Oscillatory Driving of Crystal Surfaces: A Route to Controlled Pattern Formation; O.-Pierre-Louis, M. Haftel. Reconstruction-Determined Growth of Silver on Silicon (111)-(7×7); P. Sobotík, et al. Electromigration of Si Adatoms on Si Surfaces: A Key to Understanding Step Bunching Instabilities during Sublimation and MBE Growth; S. Stoyanov, et al. Atomic Steps on a Single-Crystal Surface Studied with in situ UHV Reflection-Electron Microscopy; A.V. Latyshev, et al. Heteroepitaxy, Strain Relaxation, and Quantum Dots. Mechanisms and Anomalies in the Formation of InAs-GaAs(001) Quantum Dot Structures; B.A. Joyce, D.D. Vvedensky. Ab initio Study of Stability of Surfaces and Nanonstructures; J. Kollár, et al. Atomistic and Continuum Elastic Effects in Heteroepitaxial Systems; A.C. Schindler, et al. An Initio Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics of Diffusion, Growth, and Self-Assembly of Quantum Dots; M. Scheffler, P. Kratzer. Atomistic Aspects of SiGe Nanostructure Formation by Molecular-Beam Epitaxy; O.P. Pchelyakov, et al. Stress-Induced Surface Modulation; C. Misbah, et al. Entropy Effects in the Self-Organized Formation of Nanostructures; V.A. Shchukin, et al. Dislocation-Free 3D Islands in Highly Mismatched Epitaxy: An Equilibrium Study with Anharmonic Interactions; I. Markov, J.E. Prieto. Self-Assembly of Few-Atom Clusters in a Model of a Strained Submonolayer; V.I. Tokar, H. Dreyssé. Ab initio Study of the Influence of Epitaxial Strain on Magnetoelastic Properties; M. Komelj, M. Fähnle. Strain Characterization of Epitaxially-Grown Superlattices by R

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