by B. J. Daniels

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ISBN-13: 9780373778461
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 02/25/2014
Series: Beartooth, Montana , #4
Edition description: Original
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 442,668
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author B.J. Daniels lives in Montana with her husband, Parker, and three springer spaniels. When not writing, she quilts, boats and plays tennis. Contact her at or on Facebook at or on twitter at bjdanielsauthor.

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From the middle of the corral, Dillon Lawson tugged gently on the halter rope, urging the filly in a circle. She was a beauty and he couldn't help feeling a sense of pride in her. The filly was smart, too. He'd known that the moment he'd looked into her eyes after she was born.

He'd named her Bright Beauty, struck dumb by the miracle of birth and the courage he'd seen in the foal as she'd stumbled to her feet for the first time.

Now as she trotted the tight circle around him, he could feel her gaze on him. The breeze lifted her red mane and she seemed to prance as if wanting to please him.

His heart swelled. His father wouldn't have approved of the way he'd gentled her. Burt Lawson "broke" his horses, the same way he'd tried to break his sons. The thought brought with it fresh pain. For whatever reason, their father had always been meaner to Ethan. It was why Dillon had spent years trying to protect his brother-only to fail him in the end.

Not even this beautiful Montana spring day or the filly he'd nurtured since birth could keep his mind off his brother-and the upcoming one-year anniversary of Ethan's death. Dillon wasn't sure what was worse, the guilt that he'd let his brother down or the grief of having lost the last member of his family.


With his mind on his brother, Dillon thought he'd only imagined the voice. He looked over, surprised to see a woman he didn't recognize at the corral fence. He lived so far out of town he seldom had strangers come in off the highway. Nor had he heard anyone drive up. He did a quick glance to the yard. No vehicle. Where had she come from?

His gaze returned to the woman. She'd climbed up the corral fence and now clung to the top rail. A mass of curly dark hair floated around a face dominated by huge blue eyes. That was all he was able to take in before she spoke again.

"Ethan." She said the name like a curse. He'd thought he must have heard her wrong the first time she'd said his brother's name. This time he heard anger in that one painful word. Anger and disappointment.

A chill ran the length of his spine.

She thought he was his brother.

That realization came like a kick to his gut. He slowed the filly to a stop and pushed back his Western straw hat. A warm sun slipped toward the west, making the breeze that blew down from the Crazy Mountains suddenly feel cold. The snow-fed breeze was a reminder that this was Montana in the spring and, like life, it could change at a moment's notice.

Dropping the halter rope, he took off his hat and, stepping toward her, tried to clear his throat. A lump had lodged there. If this woman had mistaken him for Ethan, then she must not know about his death.

As he drew closer, the woman's eyes narrowed. Her anger confused him. But then again, who knew what his brother had been up to before he died? Ethan had always attracted trouble like a magnet to metal, and Dillon had known little about his brother's life the past few years. That was the way Ethan had wanted it.

He was within a few feet of her when he saw her eyes fill with tears, then all the color suddenly bled from her face. She teetered on the corral railing for a moment before starting to slump backward in a faint.

Dillon took two long strides, bounded over the corral fence and managed to catch her before she hit the ground. Holding her in his arms, he looked down at her and felt his eyes widen.

The woman was pregnant. Very pregnant.

Her thick lashes fluttered. Those big blue eyes opened and zeroed in on him.

The roundhouse slap she gave him was hard and did more than surprise him.

"You bastard."'

"You've made a mistake," Dillon said. "The mistake was ever falling for you."

He shook his head sadly. "I'm not who you think

I am."

"You 're telling me? Put me down."

Dillon did as she'd ordered and watched her struggle to get her feet under herself. Seeing him had been a shock for her, that much was clear. And yet she'd come here looking for him, as if..

He frowned as he tried to make sense of this. Ethan had been dead a year tomorrow. Why would she think he was Ethan? Not to mention… He stared at her swollen belly. The woman looked as if she might deliver that baby at any moment.

"You knew my brother?" he asked suspiciously.

She had dropped her large shoulder bag. She now bent to pick it up from the dirt before turning to glare at him. "I just want my money," she said as she slung the bag over her right shoulder.

"Your money? Are you talking about the insurance money?" The check had come only a few days ago. Apparently his brother had taken out a halfmillion-dollar policy on himself and made Dillon the beneficiary. Ethan had always been full of surprises. This woman was apparently another one.

"Insurance? Is that what you call it? Just give me what's mine and I'm out of your hair for good," she said, and glanced toward the mountains as if she couldn't bear looking at him any longer.

Sweetgrass County was rimmed with snowcapped mountain peaks, making some people think it was paradise. Dillon was one of those people. The moment he'd seen the Crazy Mountains, he'd known this was where he wanted to settle-rather than the logging town in western Montana where they'd grown up. His brother, Ethan, had hightailed it the moment he turned eighteen and apparently had never looked back.

When her gaze returned to his, Dillon saw that she hadn't been admiring the breathtaking Montana scenery. She'd apparently been trying to tamp down her anger-and failing.

"Why don't we go into the house?" he suggested. "I think we can settle this easy enough. Just let me get the halter rope off my horse-"

"If you think you can sweet-talk me, you're dead wrong. And you sure as the devil aren't seducing me. Not again." Her hand went to her stomach and he felt his heart drop.

She wasn't really going to try to convince him that she was carrying Ethan's baby, was she? He'd never been the brightest kid in school, but this one was a math no-brainer. Even if the woman did look as if she could give birth any moment, his brother had been gone twelve months tomorrow.

"Look, I'm not sure what your story is, but that baby you're carrying? It isn't-"

"If you dare say it isn't yours…" Her right hand dipped into her shoulder bag. An instant later he was staring down the barrel of a .45.


Dillon raised his hands and took a step back. "Take it easy. Like I said, if you'll come in the house, I can take care of this. But first, put down the gun. There's no call for any gunplay."

This was not her first rodeo, Tessa Winters thought as she took in the cowboy. She'd come all this way on a hunch that Ethan might have gone to Montana, but she'd still been shocked when she'd actually tracked down the lying bastard.

"You won't be charming your way out of this."

He shook his head. "Not my intention. If you put away the gun, I'm sure we can resolve this."

She eyed him warily, torn between her anger and his apparent calm. There was a time when she would have weakened. That time had long since passed.

Her gaze narrowed as she realized that he must have come straight here after he'd run out on her. His big hands were callused and his skin was tanned, as if the man had actually been doing some honest physical labor.

Looking at him now, she couldn't help but think about the first time she'd seen him. With his tousled sandy-blond hair and big blue eyes, he'd been the most handsome cowboy she'd ever run across. Like now, he'd been wearing a Western shirt that accentuated his broad shoulders and slim hips, and jeans that- Tessa shook off those dangerous thoughts and reminded herself what was at stake here. He might look good-the physical Montana lifestyle had made him even more attractive-but under the facade was a liar, a coward and a thief.

"Please." He motioned to the gun. "You're making me nervous."

"You should be nervous." But she lowered the gun.

"Okay," he said, slowly putting down his hands. "Let me see to my horse and then we'll go up to the house and take care of this." He climbed the corral fence and approached the wary filly slowly.

Tessa could hear him talking softly to the horse as he removed the halter rope, then stroked the filly's neck. Her ire rose as she saw how gentle and loving he was to the horse. It hurt even more to think of how easily he had abandoned her and their child.

When he finished with the horse, he climbed back over the fence and motioned toward the house. She followed. Distrustful as to what he was up to, she kept her fingers around the grip of the .45 in her bag. He thought he knew her, but he had no idea who he was dealing with. Pregnancy had changed her in more ways than one.

Tessa felt like a loose cannon, and knew a large part of it was the hormones her doctor had warned her about. Given the way she was feeling, it surprised her that more pregnant women didn't kill the men in their lives.

Truthfully, she was so angry with Ethan that she didn't know what she would do. She'd spent six months telling herself to let it go. Forget about him and the way he'd conned her. Finally, she'd given up kidding herself. She had to look him in the eye one more time before she could let it go. Probably bringing the gun hadn't been her best choice, though. But she wanted him to know that she was dead serious.

The cowboy mounted the steps of the house and pushed open the door, holding it for her. Now he was going to act like a gentleman? She gave him a withering look as she entered. Behind her, she heard him step in and close the door.

"How about we discuss this over a cup of coffee?" he asked, but didn't wait for an answer as he moved past her.

She sighed, wondering how long he thought he could stall before she lost her temper. Since becoming pregnant, she'd found herself on a roller-coaster ride shifting between tears and anger, which had left her exhausted. But she was nonetheless determined. It was bad enough Ethan had seduced her with his lies, knocked her up and then taken off on her. Stealing her money, though? That had been the last straw.

Tessa looked around the old farmhouse, surprised to see how neat and clean it was, as she told herself that once she'd settled things with Ethan, she would get back to being calm, confident and in control of her normal self again. At least she hoped so.

"Who cleans your house?" she asked suspiciously as she stepped toward the kitchen doorway.

"I do," he said over his shoulder.

She watched him set about making a fresh pot of coffee. When had he learned to make coffee? Or maybe he'd known all along and, like everything else, had played her. Just when she thought he couldn't make her any angrier.

Looking away to keep from pulling the pistol and shooting him, she was shocked that the kitchen was as clean and uncluttered as the rest of the house. This was not the Ethan Lawson she knew.

Until that moment she hadn't considered that the reason he'd left her and the baby she was carrying was because he had another family back in Montana. The thought felt like one of his horses standing on her chest. She fought to take her next breath-and worse, not cry.

Was it possible the reason he was always broke was because he'd been sending the money he made home to a family? She hadn't thought he could hurt her any more than he had, but she'd been wrong.

"Who else lives here?" she asked, her voice breaking.

He turned to look at her. "Just me and a couple cattle dogs. Why don't you have a seat? Have you had breakfast? I could make-"

"I'm fine." She didn't even want coffee. And since when had Ethan learned to cook? She just wanted her money and she'd be on her way. Well, not quite. There was that other small matter, she thought, her hand going to the shoulder bag again.

He motioned her into a seat at the table and placed a mug of coffee in front of her. "I made decaf because of the.. " He waved his hand toward her pregnant belly.

"Baby. It's a baby, Ethan, and stalling isn't going to do you any good. Just give me my money-"

"Hang on a second." He left the room and she half expected to hear the sound of his pickup engine revving up outside as he pulled another disappearing act.

To her surprise, he returned a few minutes later with several photos and what appeared to be two newspaper clippings.

She watched him drop them on the table next to his coffee before he pulled out a chair across from her, turned it around and straddled it.

"Let's see if we can clear this up," he said, and shoved the photos and the folded newspaper clippings across the table to her.

She didn't even give the items a glance, wondering what he was up to. Whatever it was, it wasn't going to work. Had she really thought that by coming here she could settle this? With a curse, she started to get up from the table, her hand going to the gun in her bag.

"Please. I think this will help." He said the words almost as gently as he had spoken to the filly. Reaching over, he pushed the newspaper clippings aside to expose the top photo.

She gave him an impatient look. Then, settling back down with a sigh, she glanced at the snapshot lying on the table. Shock rippled through her. Her gaze shot up to him. He looked as if he was waiting patiently. She dropped her gaze to the photo again. Her fingers trembled as she picked it up to make sure her eyes weren't deceiving her.

The boys were about ten in the snapshot. Both were grinning at the camera, their cowboy hats pushed back. They wore Western shirts, jeans and boots, and stood next to what appeared to be an old barn.

Her gaze moved to the second photo, an older version of them. She lifted it from the table, still shocked to see the two identical faces. They appeared to be in their teens in this shot. They were dressed much the same as they had been in the other photograph, but in this one, neither was smiling at the camera.

"Identical twins," he said as if she hadn't already figured that out.

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Atonement 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
jef71 More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed the book very much. I was so glad that Frank and Lynette got together finely. I was surprize who the kill was.
sarahj2u More than 1 year ago
B.J. Daniels excels again! I was hooked from the very first page, and the two love stories (Dillon and Tessa, and Frank and Nettie), along with the fast-paced suspense made this one of the first hard-to-put-down books I've read in a long time! You know you're hooked when you find yourself carrying the book around the house, reading as you go and desperately hoping you won't trip over something! I especially loved the continuation of the Frank-Nettie storyline. B.J. is so good at creating flawed (as in Nettie's ongoing gossip problem) characters that you nevertheless fall in love with. I won't give too much away, but if you read the previous book in this series, you'll be very happy with how things turn out for this pair. I'd recommend this book to anyone!
ttaborsky More than 1 year ago
I recently went on a short vacation and was on two flights on my way to Cleveland. I had this book with me and was glad I did; it was perfect - easy to read but kept me very interested the whole way through the book. I couldn't put it down. One thing I love about BJs books is how easily she pulls a reader into the story and keeps the momentum through the whole book. I also enjoy the continuation of previous characters' stories as well as the introduction of new characters. This book in particular was interesting - the twin aspect was compelling - I like the dynamics between the brothers, especially since I was once married to someone who had an identical twin. The suspense and complex plots continue to surprise me in every book I read of BJs. Sadly though, I felt the romance in this book was somewhat lax...maybe it had something to do with Tessa's pregnancy, but there could have been something more. I was craving the romance and connection between Dillon and Tessa but was left a bit unsatisfied. Even with my craving unsatisfied, I would highly recommend this's a must read if you love BJ and her Beartooth series.
Amigagal More than 1 year ago
I found it exciting to visit Beartooth, Montana again! I love the characters there and BJ's writing! I always know there will be a lot of madness and mayhem! As others have mentioned, there are two storylines. Both are quite easy to follow and it's not difficult to go back and forth between them through the book. That is one thing I have always enjoyed about BJ's writing. She keeps you so involved in the storylines because there is usually a lot going on but it's not overwhelming! The romance is just enough to keep things interesting too and the romance between Tessa and Dillon is developed very well. I enjoyed the other storyline with Sheriff Frank Curry and Nettie because it's been an ongoing line in all the Beartooth books. I'm so glad it got resolved in a dramatic way! The whole book has lots of twists and turns, filled with so many ways to keep you turning the pages and wondering what is going to happen next! I highly recommend it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Very good story. ONE ?.......Where did the baby badsinet come from?......The room was presented to the reader as plane not much as way as furniture?????.......d
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
BooksandBenches More than 1 year ago
B.J. Daniels is a great storyteller, and she does a wonderful job of drawing readers into the Montana settings of her books. I didn't come into this series at the beginning, so I know I missed out on the first introduction of some characters, but that didn't detract from the individual stories. B.J. weaves multiple story lines in a way that makes you want to know more about each character. I did have to get used to the multiple stories in one, but once I caught on, it was an enjoyable ride. I also like how the characters span a wide age range, rather than everyone in their 20's. B.J. writes great suspense and I had no trouble following along (with anticipation). I'd definitely recommend this author, and I plan to read more of her books.
JAB4422 More than 1 year ago
Dillion Lawson is the new undersheriff of Beartooth, Montana. He is in the middle of a murder investigation involving the sheriff when a very pregnant Tessa Winters shows up mistaking Dillion for his twin brother and claiming he is the father of her unborn child. Since his brother, Ethan, died a year ago, Dillion thinks Tessa is trying to con him - or is his brother still alive? Tessa doesn't expect Ethan to come back to her but wants him to sign off his parental rights to their child so she can get on with her life. She finally believes Dillion when he proves he is not Ethan but Tessa knows that Ethan didn't die a year ago and she has the proof in her belly. Dillion and Tessa start out to find out what really happened to Ethan but with Dillion looking just like his brother and asking questions, they put themselves in dangerous situations thanks to Ethan's past.  B.J. Daniels is a very illustrative writer who creates an entire world for audience to get lost in. Every aspect of this novel is fully developed in a manner that you can’t help but picture. She presents her readers with a novel that is simultaneously exciting, suspenseful, and emotional. Also the character development in this story is quite in depth. You get to know a great deal about the main characters, their lives, and their histories. This is a captivating story that I didn't want to put down.
gaele More than 1 year ago
My first encounter with this author, and I was intrigued by the premise of the book.  Essentially I expected this to be a bit of a twisty story, but the premise of a missing father with an angry and determined pregnant woman to be the real draw into the story for me.  Tessa is pregnant with Ethan’s child, and she arrives in Beartooth loaded for a show-down. Her primary concern is to find the father of her child, and start anew for a better life for them all.  But, Ethan is missing and presumed dead.  And, he too had secrets: the biggest one being his twin brother Drew.   Drew was an interesting character, while I could understand his disbelief in Tessa’s story, his reactions were churlish and distasteful, and I couldn’t ever resolve my initial impressions of him to gain a liking for his character or the pairing with Tessa.  For her part, I can understand the panic and desire to find better, but the easy acceptance of Drew, as if the two brothers were interchangeable didn’t give me a great feeling about her ability to parent.   There are several subplots brought into the story: Ethan’s intentional disappearance due to some unknown trouble he was involved in, a mystery surrounding a murder investigation where the sheriff’s estranged wife is found dead on his property, and the mystery surrounding the danger that they all could be in, and there were so many different elements that I never could quite connect to any of the characters as I was trying to keep all of the elements straight in my mind.   Daniels has a style of writing that I could really appreciate, mixing in seemingly unrelated elements that eventually do seem to sort out kept me engaged and reading on to see what the outcome would be.  But, the continual dropping of clues and subtext that related to the multiple story lines almost was too much: the characters of Tess and Ethan never did develop in a way that grabbed me emotionally or had me rooting for or against them.  In many ways, I think that Frank’s story and his relationship with Nettie overshadowed the story that was purported to be primary: sorting out the mystery that is Ethan and the growing attraction between Tessa and Dylan.  Readers more familiar with the series will find some resolution in the threads that carried forward, and I can see everyone appreciating the Frank and Nettie story development.  I received an eBook copy from NetGalley and a paperback copy from Media Muscle/Book Trib for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility. 
JL_Coy0 More than 1 year ago
Atonement grabbed me from the very beginning as nearly all of B.J.Daniels' books do. We return to Beartooth, Montana and pick up with some of our old friends and acquaintences and we meet a few new ones. As always, there is mystery and danger and romance; everything we need in a book! I especially enjoyed getting to know what happened with Frank, Nettie and Pam. I was so happy to see the crows return!! This was just one of the threads in this book. We follow Dillon Lawson, undersheriff of Beartooth and Tessa Winters as they search for Dillon's twin brother, Ethan. We learn the backstory of Ethan's disappearance and we get to meet all the bad guys while learning that story. I love books with multiple plots going on and generally have no problem following each one, but there were a few abrupt changes that threw me for a loop for a paragraph or so. This is a fun book to read. I wanted to read it in one sitting, but the book arrived on a weekday and I had to be up for work the following morning. It only took me two sittings to read it through. And when I was done, I went back and re-read the other Beartooth books that B.J. has written. I love it when a book makes me want to catch up with previous characters again.
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
4 stars In Atonement has two story lines, One is dealing with the Sheriff and his ex-wife that has been in all four books of Beartooth, Montana. The other deals with Dillon Lawson and his dead twin brother. Also Tessa and her pregnant baby. The plot was good and kept you wanting to know what happens next. Full of Drama, action, suspense and mystery. I enjoyed reading Atonement. Also clean read. The setting was Beartooth, Montana and surrounding states. I liked the characters. I would think it be hard to love brothers especially twins. Dillon is a hard working honest man. He is acting Sheriff and his own small ranch. Ethan is the opposite of Dillon. In fact he is dishonest and died a year ago. Tessa Winters is eight month pregnant and she has found Ethan the father of her baby. She wants the money he stole from her and sign his rights away to the baby. She can't believe she fell for Ethan lies. Now she and the baby could be in danger. Their are a lot of characters that are new. Their is also others that we have met in Beartooth Montana. The Sheriff Frank who is wanted for murdering his ex-wife. Nettie the grocery store owner who has loved Frank for years. Their are a few murders that happen in the book both in story lines. I will read more books by B.J. Daniels in the future. I was given this ebook to read and asked in return to give honest review of it by Netgalley and Harlequin. publication: February 25th 2014 by Harlequin HQN 384 pages ISBN 9780373778461
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
B.J. hits another HOMERUN! Superb Story-Telling, Captivating Characters, Gripping Suspense! Oh My!!!!! I've loved every book in B.J. Daniels' Beartooth, Montana series and this is no exception. I think it's the best yet! I've grown quite attached to the characters in Beartooth who have graced each of her books and I really enjoy catching up with them in each installment. I can see myself re-reading this book in the future as it was that good!  Sheriff Dillon Lawson's story is the main plot line in Atonement. The story opens as Dillon is mourning the one-year anniversary of his twin brother's death when a very obviously pregnant Tessa shows up at his ranch. In a shocker revelation, she claims that the baby is his! Oh my!  A 2nd plot line features Sheriff Frank and Nettie. Pam's (Frank's ex) body has been found on Frank's ranch and Frank is removed from duty while Pam's murder is investigated. Of course, Frank is the main suspect with Nettie running a close second. AND, indubitably, Beartooth's busybody Nettie will be meddling in the investigation.  Atonement can be easily enjoyed as a stand-a-lone story, but if you've not read any of the previous Beartooth books, be warned, you will get hooked on BJ's superb writing and will want to read the previous books in this AWESOME series. For the romance lover, there is romance but it's secondary to the plots.  Also... please know that BJ is known by the mesmerizing way she can seamlessly weave multiple story lines into one book. With each new installment, the reader is treated to multiple plots in her books :-) Don't worry, though; B.J. always wraps everything up perfectly. I couldn't put this book down once I started it. There;s oodles of intrigue and twists and turns that I never imagined! AND NO Cliffhangers!!!!! WooHoo!  I can't wait for the next installment! 5 STARS!!!!!!
JackieBCentralTexasJB More than 1 year ago
Read on February 19, 2014 Book Info  ebook, 0 pages Expected publication: March 1st 2014 by MIRA(first published February 25th 2014) original title Atonement ISBN 139781488707667 series Beartooth, Montana #4  other editions (1) Source:Netgalley EARC Book Buy Links  Amazon  B&N  BOOK SYNOPSIS Just how far are people willing to go to keep their secrets?  Protecting the citizens of Beartooth, Montana, is never an easy job. It's been one year, and Sheriff Dillon Lawson still feels guilty that he couldn't save his twin brother, Ethan. But the biggest test of his bravery comes when Tessa Winters arrives, claiming to be pregnant…with Ethan's baby. At first, Dillon can't decide if this beautiful woman is a con artist or a victim. If Ethan didn't die in that car crash, then where is he—and why is he hiding?  Now, Dillon is prepared to do anything to uncover the truth—anything except admit his growing feelings for Tessa. But with violence threatening, Tessa and Dillon must trust in each other to save not only themselves but also Tessa's unborn child. My Thoughts Being this is the fourth book in a series there is a lot that I missed, however the author did a good job of tying up the loose threads from the previous book with this one she also put in a lot of effort to make this story work as a stand alone. There is no way to really get across how all the bits and pieces that are revealed in this book tie together without revealing too much. Suffice to say that since Dillon Lawson was a young man he had tried to help look out for and make things easier for his twin brother Ethan. The two were identical and growing up Dillon took great pride in that but for Ethan is was always a burden as he never felt comfortable as a twin, ultimately they grew apart with Dillon upholding the law and Ethan forever breaking it. Tessa Winters comes along right as Dillon is distraught over the anniversary of his brother’s death a year earlier, outraged and pregnant she at first believes Dillon to be Ethan but after being presented with proof that Dillon was indeed the twin she never knew about Tessa has no choice but to accept that Ethan is long gone from her and her child’s life. The truth of Ethan being missing rather than dead sets off a chain of events that take Dillon and Tessa on a search to find he and several of Ethan’s partners in crime which in turn sets off a chain of events that leads to even more startling secrets being revealed. Weaving the prior mystery of what happened to Sheriff Frank Curry’s ex-wife and the current mystery of where Ethan is and why he faked his own death leads the reader through a labyrinth that will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat more than once. As each thread of the story is unraveled and each mystery is solved Dillon finds himself caring more and more for Tessa and her unborn child, the question is will she return his feelings or will she once again turn to Ethan once they are reunited? Like the other cowboy western romances read by author B J Daniels this was a great mixture of suspense, romance and family drama. [EArc from Netgalley in exchange for honest review]
PureJonel More than 1 year ago
This novel was intensely captivating from the first page.  Daniels masterfully weaves two intensely suspenseful stories together into one unforgettable tale.  She also balances romance with suspense, never letting one aspect of the story overpower the rest.  This author paints this world for her audience with her words, creating a visual reading experience.  Her writing also changes from light and heartfelt to fast paced and intense along with the action in the story, giving her readers a really gripping look into the story itself.  I really appreciated the way that Daniels brought in parts of previous stories, allowing readers to join the series at this point without boring those who’ve read the entire series.   As a reader you fall in love with these characters as they fall in love with each other.  The relationship between the characters isn`t so much in the words said between them but rather in their actions.  And this goes for both couples in the tale.  I quite enjoyed the way that these characters were developed as well.  Daniels takes characters that we`ve met in previous novels and expands on them.  That said, everything necessary to get to know the characters can be found within this instalment of the series.  She also plays on the old adage that actions speak louder than words.  She allows her characters` actions to show who they truly are. As a whole this was a brilliant read, walking the fine line between relaxation and suspense that leads to a tale you won’t be able to put down, nor will you forget.  It’s a brilliant read for anyone who enjoys Daniels’ work, or for those who’d like an introduction to her writing.   Please note that I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.