Attack on Christianity: 10 Strategies Christ Used to Fight the Culture War

Attack on Christianity: 10 Strategies Christ Used to Fight the Culture War

by David M. Howard




Christians are being systematically persecuted by various political segments in the federal, state, and local governments, along with secular progressive principalities like the press and ACLU. Their goal? To dominate and diminish Christian influence in our culture. If nothing changes, persecution will only grow. It's time for Christians to stand up for religious freedom—but how?

In Attack on Christianity: 10 Strategies Christ Used to Fight the Culture War, Montana state senator David M. Howard calls and equips American Christians to engage in our increasingly hostile culture. He begins by laying out the progressive principalities' dependence on lies and their irrational attacks on the Bible, Christ, and absolute truth. He then highlights ten strategies Christ used to engage in the culture war while He walked on earth, strategies that demonstrate the need to unite in prayer, tactics, and public action for God's glory.

Through examining Christ's strategies, we are transformed from uninformed and uninvolved to front-line Christians. We learn to motivate and embolden the body of Christ to put on the whole armor of God and speak boldly as Christ's ambassadors into the marketplace of ideas.

Attack on Christianity asserts that our survival as a Christian nation depends on us waking up and taking on a more public role by speaking life through the Spirit of Truth into our culture's darkness. Consequently, we secure our descendants the same invaluable gift our forefathers gave us through God's providence—the full freedom to live in Christ's liberty and practice our Christian faith.

Attack on Christianity motivates Christians toward involvement while answering the oft-asked question “What can we do?”

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Publisher: Deep River Books LLC
Publication date: 01/04/2018
Pages: 224
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About the Author

Montana state senator David M. Howard has a long history of serving his fellow citizens and speaking for truth. As a retired FBI agent, Dave was an authority on workplace violence prevention, a certified fraud examiner, and an expert witness. In 2012, he founded Foxhole Ministry, an organization of Christians seeking “to be Frontline Soldiers for Christ to stand against the evil of this day.” This organization was joined by its radio program, The Voice of Truth’s Wake-up Call, in 2014. In addition to speaking on radio and in person about truth, liberty, and politics, Dave published a Christian novel, The Story of Eternal Life, in 2007. Dave holds a BS in criminology from California State University in LA and a master’s degree in public management from DePaul University in Chicago. He and his wife, Carla, live in Park City, Montana. They have six daughters and sixteen grandchildren.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Culture War in America 13

Chapter 1 The Present Attack on Christ 19

ACLU vs. America

Supreme Court's Lawless Decision

Christ's Followers' Present Actions

Satan Has Redefined the Word "Politics"

Where Do You Stand?

Chapter 2 What Is Our Present Situation in America? 29

How the Situation Began

The Silencing of the Church Continues

The Gay Seven-Point Strategy

The Gay Lifestyle and Mental Health

Homosexuality: The Unnatural Sin

The American Secular Progressive Culture

Next Steps of the Secular Progressive Agenda

Chapter 3 Will Shepherds Continue to Sleep as America's Religious Freedoms Burn? 43

Lost by Default

Our Responsibility as Believers in Christ

The Problem of Approval Addiction

Lessons from Shepherds of Old

Perilous Men Are Now Engaged Against Christianity

The Enemy's Strategies Against Christians

The Enemy's Attacks Against Christians

Cautions from American History

Where Are the Leaders of the Christian Church?

Shepherds Must Stand for Christ's Truth

Our God-Given Assignment

It Is Our Responsibility to Decide

God's Shepherds Are Watchmen on the Walls

God's Commission to His Shepherds

What Are We Failing to Influence?

Our Declaration

Chapter 4 The Biblical Theology of Liberty 75

Liberty and the Whole Gospel of Christ

Are We Worthy Adversaries to Evil?

Satan's Counterfeit Liberation Theology

Chapter 5 The Christian History Bringing Liberty to America 83

Most American Christians Do Not Know the Enemy

Early Links in the Chain to Liberty

The Impact of the Protestant Reformation on Liberty

The Impact of the Pilgrims on Liberty

The Matrix of Liberty

The Fight for Independence

The Declaration of Independence

The U.S. Constitution

Civil War and Civil Rights

Chapter 6 Freeloaders vs. Ambassadors 101

Today's Christian Freeloaders

Living as Christ's Ambassadors

The Branch Bears Fruit or Is Burned Up!

Ambassadors Speak the Law of Liberty

Ambassadors Speak Light and Truth into the World

Ambassadors Are Peacemakers, Not Peacekeepers

Chapter 7 The Substance of Evil 117

Lessons from God's People

The Power of Willful Gratitude

The Most Powerful Weapon in the World

Worldly "Truth" Is Based on Fiction

The Ultimate Reality

Chapter 8 Knowing the Motive of the Enemy 127

The Battle for Power and Control

The Philosophy of Evil

The Key to Understanding Evil

The Products of Evil in the Secular State

The Modern American Secular State

The True Meaning of Liberty

The Problem with Political Ideologies

The Non-Ideological Alternative

Chapter 9 How Does Evil Represent Itself Today? 141

The Difference Between Liberalism and Christianity

The Liberal Church in America

Diametrically Opposed Viewpoints

A Self-Inflicted Delusion

Why Do Liberals Promote Socialism?

The Worldview of Jesus

The Perfect Prison of Socialism

Socialism and the Spirit of Evil

The Only Bridge in Our World

Chapter 10 Who Will Rise Up for God Against Evil? 155

When Good Men Do Nothing

The Concept of Triumphing over Evil in the Old Testament

The Concept of Triumphing over Evil in the New Testament

Apostates Depraved and Doomed

Rise Up for God!

Chapter 11 We Are to Expose False Teachers, Pastors, and Priests! 165

Satan Comes in Sheep's Clothing

A Sober Warning for Christians

Chapter 12 Should Christians Take Up the Whole Armor of God and Be Involved in the Public Square of Opinion? 169

The Evil Principalities of Our Age

Dubious Justifications for Pastoral Silence

How Did Jesus Stand Against Evil?

How Do We Identify Evil Principalities and Rulers?

Well-Begun in Christ but Half-Done Until Death

The Second Half of Our Life in Christ

We Must Know the Truth!

Chapter 13 We Stand for the Source of All Truth! 179

The Source of Truth

The Simplicity of Christ

Why Are We Losing the Culture War?

What Should Christians Do Now?

Chapter 14 How to be Frontline Christ Followers 187

The Apostles Learned How to Be Bold from Jesus

We Have to Be Christlike to Be Frontline Christians

Why Must We Speak into Wrongdoing?

Remaining Silent Is Not an Option

Frontline Christ-followers Encourage the Body to Speak the Truth

Frontline Christians Feed Our Shepherds

The Biggest Enemy to Frontline Christians Is Satan's Lies

Ministers Who Teach Error and Greed

Frontline Christians Stand Against Apostate Churches

The Peril of Not Progressing

Chapter 15 What Is Our Mission? 213

The Mission of the Faithful

The Creature Within Us

Substance, Manifestation, and Evidence of Faith

Obeying God Is Not a Choice

Our Christian Duty

Chapter 16 The Principles of Success in Christ 221

It Is Time for Activation

Christians Are Liberators

A Word of Caution

Four Processes for Success in Christ

Chapter 17 Ten Strategies Christ Used to Fight the Culture War 229

Strategy 1 Know Your Enemy

Strategy 2 Be Shrewd, Loving, and Remain in Christ.

Strategy 3 Unify and Stand Together Against Evil

Strategy 4 Expose the Enemy's Immorality and Beliefs

Strategy 5 Conduct Righteous Actions

Strategy 6 Keep the Pressure on Evil

Strategy 7 The Promise of Future Action

Strategy 8 React to Evil's Pushback with Joy

Strategy 9 Sponsor Enjoyable Social Activities

Strategy 10 Continue to Stand Every Day

A Closing Reminder

Where Are We Now?

Conclusion: The Unheeded Witness 277

Endnotes 281

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