Audelia's Adventures: Book 3: Settling Wild Texas

Audelia's Adventures: Book 3: Settling Wild Texas

by Rosemary Janney


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More Wild Adventures of Audelia Yates

In Book 3 of the Audelia’s Adventures Series, once again Audelia’s strength and courage will be tested in this action-packed sequel to Book 1: Going to Texas and Book 2: Living in Texas.

With dark times coming to their once peaceful settlement in East Texas, Audelia’s family must make a choice that will risk everything, including their lives, as they take a stand for freedom. Quickly, it is evident they must leave their homes. In a caravan of horse riders, Audelia’s large extended family sets out on a journey to reach their new fort settlement in Central Texas. But the long trip will be filled with ups and downs, as numerous threats along the way challenge this strong-willed, horse-loving teenage girl.

Go back in time to 1842 and experience more thrilling adventures, as Audelia struggles with the unfairness of slavery, the hardships of traveling across the wild Texas frontier. Hardest of all will be the choices Audelia has to make, as two handsome young men challenge everything she’s ever believed about herself. Will Audelia follow her oath to never marry or finally find true love and be happy?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781684548408
Publisher: Crack of Dawn Publishing
Publication date: 02/01/2019
Pages: 332
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.74(d)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

About the Author

Rosemary Janney is a retired teacher now teaching part time at the Richardson Environmental Center. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband, Bob. They raised three wonderful children and are now proud grandparents to four grandkids. Rosemary is the author of three Audelia's Adventures novels.

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