The Audience Studies Reader / Edition 1

The Audience Studies Reader / Edition 1

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Taylor & Francis


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The Audience Studies Reader / Edition 1

The Audience Studies Reader brings together key writings exploring questions of reception and interpretation, reprinting forgotten pieces and combining key essays with new research. Beginning with a general introduction to the Reader, each extract is placed in its historical context with specially written section prefaces and suggestions for further reading.
Organized chronologically and thematically, sections address: the paradigm shift - from 'effects' to 'uses and gratifications'; moral panic and censorship; the active audience and reading as resistance; shifts in screen theory - the spectator and the audience; the fan and the audience; female audiences; nation and ethnicity.

Essays by: Theodor Adorno, Ien Ang, Camille Bacon-Smith, Jacqueline Bobo, Martin Barker, Michel de Certeau, Dawn Currie, Barbara Ehrenreich, John Fiske, George Gerbner, Marie Gillespie, Larry Gross, Sara Gwenllian-Jones, Miriam Hansen, Richard Hoggart, Henry Jenkins, Sut Jhally, Elihu Katz, Paul F. Lazarsfeld, Justin Lewis, Tamar Liebes, Angela McRobbie, Robert Merton, David Morley, David Muggleton, Laura Mulvey, Janice Radway, Philip Schlesinger, Esther Sonnet, Jackie Stacey, Frederic Wertham, Charles Winick and Gregory Woods

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780415254342
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 12/06/2002
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.88(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

Table of Contents

Introduction: 'It's our there.somewhere': Locating the audience for The Audience Studies Reader
1. Paradigm shift: from "effects" to "uses and gratifications"
The People's Choice: How the Voter Makes Up His Mind in a Presidential Campaign (extract), Paul F. Lazarsfeld, Bernard Berelson, Hazel Gaudet
Mass Persuasion: The Social Pyschology of a War Bond Drive (extract), Robert K. Merton
Analysis of the film Don't be a Sucker: A study in communication, Eunice Cooper and Helen Dinerman
Tendency Systems and the Effects of a Movie Dealing with a Social Problem, Charles Winick
Suggestions for further reading
2. Moral panic and censorship: the vulnerable audience
Culture reconsidered, T.W. Adorno
Seduction of the Innocent (extract), Fredric Wertham
The Uses of Literacy (extract), Richard Hoggart
The Newson Report, Martin Baker
Suggestions for further reading
3. Reading as resistance: the active audience
The Nationwide Audience (extract), David Morley
The Practice of Everyday Life (extract), Michel de Certeau
Understanding Popular Culture (extract), John Fiske
We're Here, We're Queer and We're Not Going Catalogue Shopping (extract), Gregory Woods
Suggestions for further reading
4. The Spectator and the Audience: shifts in screen theory
Visual pleasure and narrative cinema, Laura Mulvey
Babel and Babylon: Spectatorship in American Silent Film (extract), Miriam Hansen
Star-gazing: Hollywood Cinema and Female Spectatorship (extract), Jackie Stacey
Women Viewing Violence (extract), Philip Schlesinger, Rebecca Emerson Dobash, Russell Dobash and C. Kay Weaver
Suggestions for further reading
5. The Fan Audience: cult texts and community
Out of the Closet and Into the Universe: Queers and Star Trek, Henry Jenkins
Beatlemania: Girls Just Want to Have Fun (extract), Barbara Ehrenreich, Elizabeth Hess and Gloria Jacobs
Histories, Fictions and Xena: Warrior Princess (extract), Sara Gwenllian-Jones
Suffering and Solace: The Genre of Pain (extract), Camille Bacon-Smith
Inside Subculture: The Postmodern Meaning of Style (extract), David Muggleton
Suggestions for further reading
6. Female Audiences: gender and reading
Reading the Romance: Women, Patriarchy and Popular Literature (extract), Janice Radway
Living Room Wars: Rethinking Audiences for a Postmodern World (extract), Ien Ang
Feminism and Youth Culture (extract), Angela McRobbie
Girl Talk: Adolescent Magazines and Their Readers (extract), Dawn H. Currie
'Just a book', she said.': Reconfiguring Ethnography for the Female Reader of Sexual Fiction, Esther Sonnet
Suggestions for further reading
7. Interpretive communities: nation and ethnicity
Enlightened Racism: The Cosby Show Audiences and the Myth of the American Dream (extract), Sut Jhally and Justin Lewis
The Export of Meaning: Cross-Cultural Readings of Dallas (extract), Tamar Liebes and Elihu Katz
The Color Purple: Black Women as Cultural Readers (extract), Jacqueline Bobo
Television, Ethnicity and Cultural Change (extract), Marie Gillespie
Suggestions for further reading
Conclusion: Overflow and Audience

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