Auna's Angels

Auna's Angels

by Twyla Fritz


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It is 1995 and the small Midwestern town in South Dakota is satisfied to be a conservative and quiet town. Businesses on main street fight to keep their doors open with competing shopping malls in near by cities.
Auna Franklin, a feisty widow who is convicted of murdering her husband, is insufferably stubborn and independent, escapes from the two police officers en-route to the state penitentiary.
Laura Hunny and Pammy, two dear friends help place the get away vehicle which they've stocked with everything to keep her alive until she reaches safety.
Guy Mardly and his family have been contacted and promise to keep her safe until she is cleared. In her desperation to reach the ranch that she hasn't seen in thirty years, she gets confused and hopelessly lost.
Johnny and Cilla, realize her true identity as they hide her until help arrives.
Hank Sturgeon, the heroin who has a questionable past of his own, becomes involved after making a promise to Guy Mardly, his dearest and oldest friend, to help her prove her innocence.
Auna is then hunted by Bodeine, a washed up special agent who is desperately trying to regain the respect of not only the agency, but also that of himself.
Rawhide, a crude and tactless bounty hunter follows Bodeine from one case to another and seems to step in just as Bodeine is ready to make the arrest.
Chet and Mary, Auna's children, take part in an emotional and horrifying encounter with a suspect as they try to draw out the real killer.
Auna has lost her first love, and husband, Joe to a murderer, and gained Hank Sturgeon, who has seen the best of her and the worst of her, and loves her to the very depth of her soul---and his.

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ISBN-13: 9781425943615
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication date: 10/28/2006
Pages: 544
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.21(d)

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Auna bit into stolen fruit. She soon dropped the apple core, tire dof the taste. Tired, she blinked, her cat-like emerald eyes looking at the far off town. She stood straight, beginning a walk to the nearby village. She could only rest at one inn per town, it had become habit to tear the olace down when she was done. She wore a long silver cloak, wearing clothes that covered her hands even. Auna stretched, a tiny bulge in the pocket. She had found a small, blue chicken egg the other day. She took it out, a small crack lining its surface. Her finger tips tingled with excitement, but Auna never revealed such emoitions. Auna put it back in its place, tucked in a chest pocket just below her neck. She continued on, ignoring the heavy knihts that were struggling to catch her. The knights were heavily armored, and Auna was swift. She passed through the bushes, only pausing to remove briars from her silver cloak. She yawned, and at the slightest glint of silver armor she took refug ein a tree. Watching them pass below her, she allowed herself to breathe.