Auntie Opal Children's Stories - Book 2

Auntie Opal Children's Stories - Book 2

by Auntie Opal


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My second book of children's short stories.

I am a Great Grandmother who lives in a small town in Virginia. I have a black and white cat named Ambrose who is very fond of sleeping at my feet. I like to watch the birds and butterflies in the summer, standing on my front porch. And in the winter, I make sure there is seed set out for the birds to eat.

I grew up in a family of five sisters. Each one named after a precious jewel according to the month they were born in. There was Pearl born in June, Sapphire born in September, Emerald born in May and Ruby born in July and of course I born in October. My mother wanted us to always remember how special we were by naming us after valuable jewels.

My mother's family came from Scotland. We would grow the biggest potatoes' in the whole county. My sisters went their own directions but I stayed on the small farm. I met my husband, James, a local farmer and we married. We raised four children, two boys and two girls.

I see every new day as something to behold and be grateful for and we each have the opportunity to show some sort of kindness. There is a world of wealth in kindness, and it is the kind of wealth this material world knows nothing about.

l always have the good Book by my bedside and a prayer in my heart. I want to send a hug and a smile to every child and let them know that they are all precious, sparkling JEWELS!

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Publication date: 12/13/2017
Pages: 40
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