Authentic and Comprehensive History of Buffalo

Authentic and Comprehensive History of Buffalo

by William Ketchum



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ISBN-13: 9780403003723
Publisher: Scholarly Press, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/01/2009
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CHAPTER XIV. Among the settlers in Buffalo at the period we are now considering, was Mr. Job Hoysington. His name be. comes historic as being the only citizen of Buffalo killed in the battle which preceded the burning of Buffalo, on the morning of the 30th of December, 1813. The following notice of Mr. Hoysington, was written by Mr. Benjamin Hodge, for the Buffalo Historical Society, in 1862 : "Mr. Hoysington came to reside in Buffalo, in 1810. He was a man of great energy, and perseverance; of indomitable courage and great endurance. He was well caleulated to battle with the trials and difficulties of a frontier life. He was a very expert marksman with the rifle. He could bring at almost every shot, a squirrel from the top of the highest trees. He seemed to take great delight in his hunting excursions. But when the war of 1812 opened, Hoysington had a new field before him, and none entered it more willingly, or with more readiness to meet the invading foe. So far as others could judge he was a stranger to fear. He always seemed perfectly cool and collected ; nothing ever shook his nerves, and if for once he did miss his mark (as we shall presently relate), it may be attributed to other causes. " On the morning of the Jlth of July, 1813, the enemy crossed the river at Black Rock, dispersed the few militia we had, and burned the barracks. Gen. Porter and others rallied a force of some two hundred men and about twenty Indians, under the celebrated Indian chief, Farmers Brother, vigorously attacked the enemy and drove them back, with the loss of some fifteen or twenty killed and wounded. Mr. Hoysington was on the right flank with the Indians. He cautiously advanced, under cover ofsome trees, until he'found himself near the enemy, who were standing near the turn of the ro...

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