Authentic Faith: Can You Be Convicted?

Authentic Faith: Can You Be Convicted?

by Ken Bray


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ISBN-13: 9781519260697
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/01/2015
Pages: 198
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.42(d)

About the Author

Evangelist and Bible teacher, Ken Bray has been called by God to preach and teach the truth of the Word of God to a lost and dying world that is not contained within the walls of a building. Dedicated to keeping the Great Commission spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who are ready to receive the truth. By boldly and without compromise expressing biblical truths in God's search for man through the gospel message of Jesus Christ, not man's misguided search for God in "any other Jesus". Ken does not subscribe to denominational and doctrinal in-difference, tolerance, and compromise. Ken's teachings are for those who have a sincere hunger and desire for the ways of God and the truth of His unchanging, irrevocable, immutable, infallible, settled Word. Discipling those who are motivated to serve God and others and those who have a sincere desire to live according to God's direction, instruction and ways. Not by man's direction, instruction and ways. Discipling those who want to live their lives as pleasing to God not to themselves or to their neighbors.

Ken does not and will not teach prosperity, name-it and claim-it, self-help or "works Salvation" of any kind. Ken will not, under any circumstances, water down the Word of God so that it will be easier for some to swallow. He will not leave out the parts that hold us responsible for our own actions before an Almighty God. He will not teach, that because God is a God of love you can live in willful sin and apart from God and that He still loves you anyway, and that He will make an exception in your case and still let you into heaven. Kens' teachings are arranged to make a person see their need for God not God's need for them. Kens' teachings will force one to look at themselves and realize that we are not God, a god, or ever will be God. Kens' teachings only consist of teachings of righteousness not selfishness. Ken teaches such things as:
• The Bible and how to "properly divide it"
• True repentance,
• Sin,
• Humbleness,
• Salvation,
• Hell is a real place,
• Self-sacrifice,
• Following Jesus,
• Loving and serving God and others before self
• Kingdom living and principles as opposed to worldly living and principles
• Obedience
• Judgment
• Counterfeit Christianity
When Ken is not busy writing books and Bible studies, he is speaking at seminars, conferences and churches on subjects such as; effective soul winning techniques, effective inductive Bible study techniques, discipleship, and effective prayer.

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