Autism And Computers

Autism And Computers

by Valerie Herskowitz


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Maximizing independence is the primary goal for any individual who has been diagnosed with a developmental disability. Accessing technology is the key element that will lead to the accomplishment of this objective. Technology and Autism provides the information in clear cut language that will help both families of individuals on the spectrum as well as the professionals that work with this population learn to implement the strategiesthat are necessary to ensure success.

Learn why it is so important to start technology training early: Understand why it is imperative that you begin to expose your child or your students to computers and other technological applications right away.

Learn how to set up a Computer-Based Intervention(CBI) Program in your home for your child or for professionals, in your school or office: With just a few steps, learn how you can set up your own easy and inexpensive program for your child or your students.

Learn the single most important technological invention that we have today that has the potential to increase independence immediately: Your child or student has the ability to gain significant independence in just a short amount of time just by using this one technological application.

Learn about the different areas that can be trained using CBI: Computer-Based Intervention can be used to enhance skill training in a variety of areas.

Read about different types of alternative and augmentative communication devices: Become educated in regards to the different types of devices that are available in order to help you choose the right one for your child or student.

Learn how to apply these skills to increase productivity in adulthood: Understand how technology can translate to productivity in a job or personal setting during the adult years.

Understand why individuals with autism and other developmental challenges take to computers like fish to water: Computer-Based intervention and technology training is something that individuals on the spectrum excel in. Learn why.

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