Autism's Relationship to Suicide

Autism's Relationship to Suicide

by Travis Edward Breeding


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Travis talks about how autism can be linked with suicide. Studies suggest people with autism live 12 to 18 years less than their neurotypical peers. The leading reason they die earlier is because they are taking their own lives before the age of 40. Travis stresses that society must do much more to address the social needs of people with autism so they are able to live happily and successfully.

Travis shares how autism makes him feel very depressed sometimes. Travis does not want to hurt himself or kill himself but he becomes very depressed and isolated because he does not have the neurotypical social skills to go out and make close friendships and date. Dating is an important topic for people with autism that Travis wishes his insurance company would address but they always tell him that dating and social skills are not medically necessary and this frustrates Travis deeply.

Travis does not want to take his life but there are days that he wished he could have cancer or have a heart attack and die because of his autism. Travis feels little is being done to help him with social skills and becoming neurotypical and that frustrates him to the point that he becomes very anxious and depressed.

This is a great book to learn what it is really like to have autism. Here is an excerpt from the book.

"I am growing so tired of autism. Some days are better than others but most days I just do not want to live. I have no desire to kill myself but I do not want to live a life full of rejection because of my autism. I just want to be able to go out and make friends and form relationships with girls like other guys do but for some reason I do not know how to do that and I think I am going to have to accept the reality that I may never be able to actually go out and make friends or get a girlfriend like normal people do.

I was not diagnosed with autism until I was 22 years old. By that point it was way too late for early intervention and I had already aged out of the education system so I was not able to get any services from my school to help me with autism as well."

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Publication date: 03/20/2016
Pages: 52
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About the Author

I'm Travis. I'm a 30 year old author of books about autism. I like football, basketball, tennis, hiking, music, rock, writing, reading, and talking.
I have overcome the greatest challenge in my life. I no longer cope with autism I live happily with it.
I have some really amazing friends and a truly inspirational and awesome best friend!
Life had always been a struggle for me until I started taking responsibility for my own life and situation. I spent a long time wanting and expecting others to fix or improve my life and make it what I wanted it to be. Truth be known, I was the only one who could and can do that.
Now I write books about autism and how I am taking responsibility for my own life. What a difference I've seen in life.
Life is what we choose to make of it.
I don't want to just be known as a guy with Autism. I want to be known as a guy who's doing something awesome with Autism!
Travis is dually diagnosed with Autism and Schizophrenia.

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