Automatic Control XII IFAC Triennial World Congress, 1993

Automatic Control XII IFAC Triennial World Congress, 1993

by Graham C. Goodwin, Evans



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ISBN-13: 9780080422145
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books
Publication date: 06/28/1994
Series: IFAC Series
Pages: 1024

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Section headings and selected papers: Automobiles and Transportation. Robust coordinated control for 4-wheel-steering and 4-wheel-drive vehicle (E. Ono et al.). Idle speed control of an automotive engine using a systematic fuzzy logic methodology (G. Vachtsevanos). Control and process supervision of a particle filter system for diesel engines (J. Kurth, H.Rake). Intelligent controlled automatic transmission (H. Takahashi et al.). System architectures for complex road traffic information and control systems (M. Cremer, X. Zhang). The advanced automatic control system for train operation - research on moving autoblock system (Wang Xi-Shi et al.). Biomedical and Biotechnology. A closed loop system for controlling blood O2 and CO2 in mechanically ventilated patients (J.S. Packer et al.). Knowledge-based systems and neural networks for clinical decision making (N.B. Jones et al.). Control of the HIV/AIDS infection spread (G. Dzemyda et al.). Modeling and simulation of municipal wastewater treatment plants by activated sludge (M.N. Pons et al.). Non-linear filter application for the control of a wastewater-treatment process (C. Rappl, H. Rock). Singular optimal control of fed-batch fermentation processes with state inequality constraints (J.F. van Impe et al.). Bilinear system modeling in cytokine control of myelocytic cell dynamics (A. Takekawa, R.R. Mohler). Robots. A robust model to realize an adaptive control system for precision injection molded parts (M. Anjanappa, G. Ariyanayagam). An efficient adaptive variable structure tracking control strategy for constrained robots (Y.Stepanenko, Chun-Yi Su). Ultrasonic motor for direct drive manipulator (A. Kato et al.). Path constrained robot control with limited torques - experimental evaluation (O. Dahl). Dexterous manipulation of rigid objects using learning hybrid control techniques (M. Aicardi et al.). PC based robotic control system (E.R. Fielding, E.D. Illos). Identification of a flexible manipulator using neural networks (E.M. Nebot et al.). Aerospace. Online computable guidance methods for the atmospheric flight of a spacecraft (R. Andiarti et al.). Fault tolerant navigation system for aircraft landing (H.G. Zhang, H.Y. Zhang). Dynamic analysis of space station freedom assembly via continuum modeling (L.W. Taylor Jr., J. Ramakrishnan). Path tracking control of wheeled mobile robots (S. Patarinski et al.). Pointing control design for autonomous space vehicle applications (K.D. Young). A new architecture for the simulation and testing of satellite attitude and orbit control systems. Hardware and software description (P.G. Milani).

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