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Cengage Learning
Automotive Service: Inspection, Maintenance, Repair / Edition 3

Automotive Service: Inspection, Maintenance, Repair / Edition 3

by Tim Gilles
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ISBN-13: 9781418037581
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 07/31/2007
Series: Automotive Service: Inspection, Maintena
Edition description: REV
Pages: 1488
Product dimensions: 8.80(w) x 11.00(h) x 2.00(d)

About the Author

An automotive teacher for 38 years, Tim Gilles is professor emeritus in the Automotive Technology Department at Santa Barbara City College, has authored or coauthored several textbooks, and has been active in professional associations for many years. He has served as president and a board member of the California Automotive Teachers (CAT), a board member and election committee chair of the North American Council of Automotive Teachers (NACAT), a member of the California Community College Chancellor's Trade and Industry Advisory Committee, and Education Committee chair for the Santa Barbara Chapter of the Independent Automotive Professionals Association. Mr. Gilles has also served several terms as a board member of the Santa Barbara Automotive Service Council and is active in industry associations such as AERA, The Automotive Repair Coalition, and IATN, including presenting at numerous conferences. Mr. Gilles has held the industry certifications of ASE Master Automotive Technician and ASE Master Engine Machinist.

Table of Contents

SECTION I: THE AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRY. 1. Introduction to the Automobile. 2. Automotive Careers and Technician Certification. SECTION II: SHOP PROCEDURES, SAFETY, TOOLS, AND EQUIPMENT. 3. Shop Safety. 4. Shop Management, Service Records, and Parts. 5. Locating Service Information and Specifications. 6. Measuring Tools and Systems. 7. Hardware, Fasteners, Drills, and Thread Repair. 8. Shop Tools. 9. General Shop Equipment. 10. Cleaning Equipment and Methods. 11. Lifting Equipment and Air Compressors. SECTION III: VEHICLE INSPECTION (Lubrication/Safety Check). 12. Engine Lubrication. 13. Underhood and Body Inspection (Car on Ground). 14. Undercar Inspection and Service. SECTION IV: ENGINE OPERATION AND SERVICE. 15. Introduction to the Engine. 16. Engine Classifications and Advanced Transportation Technologies. 17. Engine Size and Measurements. 18. Engine Upper End. 19. Engine Lower End and Lubrication System Theory. SECTION V: COOLING SYSTEM, BELTS, HOSES, AND PLUMBING 20. Cooling System Theory. 21. Cooling System Service. 22. Automotive Belts. 23. Automotive Hoses. 24. Automotive Plumbing: Tubing and Pipe. SECTION VI: ELECTRICAL SYSTEM THEORY AND SERVICE. 25. Basic Electrical System Theory and Repairs. 26. Battery Fundamentals. 27. Battery Service. 28. Starting System Fundamentals. 29. Starting System Service. 30. Charging System Fundamentals. 31. Charging System Service. 32. Lighting and Wiring Fundamentals. 33. Lighting and Wiring Service. 34. Safety, Security, Comfort Systems, and Electrical Accessories. SECTION VII: HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING. 35. Heating and Air Conditioning Fundamentals. 36. Heating and Air Conditioning Service. SECTION VIII: ENGINE PERFORMANCE DIAGNOSIS: THEORY AND SERVICE. 37. Ignition System Fundamentals. 38. Ignition System Service. 39. Fuels and Alternative Fuels. 40. Fuel System Fundamentals. 41. Fuel System Service. 42. Intake and Exhaust Systems, Turbochargers and Superchargers. 43. Emission Control System Fundamentals. 44. Emission Control System Service. 45. Electronics and Computer Systems Fundamentals. 46. Electronics and Computer Systems Service. 47. Advanced Emissions and On-board Diagnostics (ODB). 48. Diagnosing Engine Performance Problems. SECTION IX: AUTOMOTIVE ENGINE SERVICE AND REPAIR. 49. Diagnosing Engine Mechanical Problems. 50. Engine Removal and Disassembly. 51. Engine Sealing, Gaskets, Fastener Torque. 52. Engine Diagnosis and Service: Cylinder Head and Valvetrain. 53. Engine Diagnosis and Service: Block, Crankshaft, Bearings, and Lubrication System. 54. Engine Diagnosis and Service: Piston, Piston Rings, Connecting Rod, Engine Balancing. 55. Ordering Parts, Short and Long Blocks, Engine Assembly. 56. Engine Installation, Break in, and In-Chassis Repairs. SECTION X: BRAKES AND TIRES. 57. Brake Fundamentals. 58. Brakes Service. 59. Anti-lock Brakes - Traction and Stability Control. 60. Bearings, Seals, and Greases. 61. Tire and Wheel Theory. 62. Tire and Wheel Service. SECTION XI: SUSPENSION, STEERING, ALIGNMENT. 63. Suspension Fundamentals. 64. Suspension System Service. 65. Steering Fundamentals. 66. Steering Service. 67. Wheel Alignment Fundamentals. 68. Wheel Alignment Service. SECTION XII: DRIVE TRAIN. 69. Clutch Fundamentals. 70. Clutch Diagnosis and Service. 71. Manual Transmission Fundamentals. 72. Manual Transmission Diagnosis and Repair. 73. Automatic Transmission Fundamentals. 74. Automatic Transmission Diagnosis and Service. 75. Driveline Operation. 76. Driveline Diagnosis and Service. 77. Front Wheel Drive (Transaxle and CV Joints) Fundamentals. 78. Front Wheel Drive (Transaxle and CV Joints) Service. 79. Driveline Vibration. SECTION XIII: HYBRID AND ELECTRIC VEHICLES. 80. Hybrid Electric Vehicle Fundamentals. 81. Hybrid Vehicle Safety and Service. 82. New Vehicle Technologies: Battery and Fuel Cell Electric and Hydraulic Hybrid.

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