Autumn: Healthy Vegan

Autumn: Healthy Vegan

by Jadranka Boban Peji?, Dag Oršić

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Autumn: Healthy Vegan by Jadranka Boban Peji?, Dag Oršić

The secret of maintaining good health is in the art of adjusting to seasonal changes. Just as we adjust our clothing to changes in nature we should also adjust our food choices. Autumn is a season when energy matures. It is a season of harvesting, but also a season when we tend to withdraw into the cosiness of our own homes. Temperatures are falling, and we are more in the mood to spend time in the kitchen, to enjoy the warmth of our homes and generate strength for the upcoming winter. Jadranka Boban Peji?, the pioneer of macrobiotic and natural cuisine, and the bestselling author, has prepared a bunch of easy-to-prepare vegan recipes for autumn. She has combined fantastic wholesome and powerful autumn foods such as pumpkins, apples, grapes, chestnuts..., and managed to create delicious and healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, dinners, and desserts. The book includes 28 beautifully illustrated delicious recipes, many tips and tricks on how to organize your seasonal menus, and information about the reasons why autumn power foods should be a part of your daily nutrition. Jadranka Boban Peji? is a globally recognized macrobiotic teacher, and a prize-winning author. Her cookbook Summer received the prestigious international Gourmand World Cookbook Award as a second best vegetarian cookbook in 2007, and Gluten Free was also nominated among the four best vegetarian cookbooks in 2009. Autumn is the third title in the cookbook series dedicated to cooking according to seasons within the Healthy Vegan cookbook series. Other seasonal titles are: Winter, Spring and Summer. And for more titles in the Healthy Vegan series please check: Whole Grains, Sprouts, Pulses, Seaweeds, Gluten-Free, Salads, Healthy Vegan Lunch Hour, Breads and Rolls, The Power of Raw.

Jadranka Boban Peji? is the leading name in natural foodism in Croatia. She acquired the title of macrobiotics teacher in Kushi institute in Boston. In the past twenty years she is leading various educational programmes. She is the author of numerous papers and regular contributor to several journals and magazines, as well as TV shows. With her husband Zlatko, she founded Makronova Institution in Zagreb, where she conceived and managed the programme of Natural Cooking School and the concept of Comprehensive Woman's Health. Together with her husband she has held numerous courses in all major cities in Croatia, as well as abroad. In her work she often links her previously acquired expertise in special education and knowledge in macrobiotics, especially when working with children and parents. She is the author of several books: Natural and Sweet, For Babies and Kids, I Cook and Eat Healthy, Grains, Algae, Spring, Summer and Winter and the co-author of the book Food for Life. For the book Summer she won the prestigious international Gourmand World Cookbook Award in the category 'the best vegetarian cookbook in the world' in 2007.

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