Avalon: The Retreat

Avalon: The Retreat

by L. Michael Rusin



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ISBN-13: 9781624870019
Publisher: Kamel Press, LLC
Publication date: 02/14/2013
Series: Avalon Series , #1
Pages: 298
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.00(d)

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Avalon: The Retreat 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Poorly written and edited. Seems to be directed at children no more than ten years old. Childish plot with uninspiring, flat characters. The dialogue is stilted and unrealistic. Women are mostly all helpless in this story and waiting for a man to save them. This is the first book the "publisher" ever published. That tells you it is self-published by someone who created his own "publishing company" to hide the fact it's self-published. But the poor writing and editing tells the true story. The book sells poorly for a reason. One of the five star reviews is from the "Publisher!"
Kamel_Press More than 1 year ago
Avalon: The Retreat is a compelling account of how one group of survivalists endures the worst event the world has ever known - a Nuclear World War. * * * * * Mike heard the sirens go off and knew it was time to leave; he hoped the others had already gotten the secret message and were on their way as well. He felt the adrenalin rush through his body as he hurried to meet them and set in motion what they had planned for the last six years. They all hoped this day would never come, but he was glad now that they were prepared to meet it head-on. As he rode through the streets on his motorcycle, he knew that he could never return to this place. Chaos would reign quickly and, little known to him, what was left of civilization was already crumbling to its lowest form of humanity. Mike's people were warrior residents who had the foresight to prepare for the inevitable and make step-by-step preparations to protect themselves and each other. Radio announcements warned everyone to stay inside their homes, but that wasn't going to happen for Mike and the others. They knew they would have to meet at the first rendezvous spot, gather what they needed and head on to the next. They had planned routes to each cache to protect themselves from the "unfriendlies" that were already out in full force. As he rode quickly toward the first cache, the words from the radio played over and over in his head: It's my sad duty to inform you that a nuclear device was detonated in Atlanta, Georgia a few moments ago. Casualties are running high and details are sketchy. Stay tuned for further developments. Mike knew that this was only the beginning of events in a "WORLD GONE MAD!" * * * * * Avalon: The Retreat incorporates real survivalist skills to help prepare you for that fateful day when catastrophe strikes. It could very well be sooner than you think! Are you prepared? * * * * * Further description: Mike Reynolds has the foresight to prepare for the unthinkable and finds a group of like-minded people who join together and buy a mountain retreat called Avalon. Their preparations over the years save their lives and eventually the lives of others. They methodically put into order a plan that helps them not only survive, but thrive! With his friend, Dr. Daniel Crowley, the two discover an old 19th Century abandoned cattle ranch, purchase it, and set out to find just the right people who help them plan for what others refuse to see - that the end of the United States of America and the world, as we know it, is imminent. Much of the U.S. and the world is eradicated by atomic bombs, radiation poisoning, starvation, plague, and all the atrocities that would prevail in a World Gone Mad! Gangs of thieves and thugs ban together to enslave the weaker men and women and even resort to the most unthinkable atrocity known to the human race - cannibalism. The folks at Avalon have food and all the amenities because they built a real sanctuary that offers protection to those who had the foresight to prepare ahead for a just-in-case disaster. Eventually they join up with a neighboring town once terrorized by the feudal Slavers and help free them from their subjugators. If you have ever wondered how to put together a retreat, stock it, and prepare it for any eventuality of cataclysmic proportions, Avalon is a must read. You'll see how they did it and realize that you can do it too!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Gagajones1 More than 1 year ago
This is a great book and really makes you think!