Avatars of Consciousness Awaken to Your Divine Destiny: The Extraordinary Truth about Consciousness, Creation & Us

Avatars of Consciousness Awaken to Your Divine Destiny: The Extraordinary Truth about Consciousness, Creation & Us

by Carol Romine


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ISBN-13: 9781452546032
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 06/12/2012
Pages: 370
Sales rank: 988,447
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The Extraordinary Truth About Consciousness, Creation & Us
By Carol Romine

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2012 Carol Romine
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-4603-2

Chapter One

The Quest Begins—My First Altered Conscious State

Seek truth and light will come. Seek light and love will come. Seek love and all will come.

Age nine. This is really the only place and the only point from which this story can begin. That is the moment that set me firmly upon the path I have walked from that point until now, though at the time I did not have full comprehension of just what a moment it was—just what a life it would unfold. I guess that's as it should be.

Before this time, I was as most children—happy and free, inquisitive, and actively investigating my little world. With me in this joint pursuit was my twin brother, Michael. He was my cohort, even at times my minion when I was the ringleader, coaxing him into great adventures and even trouble, the punishment for which he accepted without blame or finger pointing. He is a very sweet and very wonderful companion—then and all through my life. It was a relatively carefree life, one that shortly would change forever.

It was a beautiful summer day; the sky was that unmistakable blue that each of us recognizes as the perfect summer blue. There were big, billowy clouds and even smaller, fluffy ones drifting gently by, pushed by a slight breeze. The sun was shining, and warmth enveloped the spirit. It was a perfect day for playing the cloud shape game. We all play it. It involves lying on your back, facing up to the sky, and looking at clouds to recognize shapes of animals, people, etc., only to watch them transform before your very eyes into something quite different, transfixed by the possibilities ahead.

It was one of my favorite things to do when I was alone, and it was something I did alone, as others seemed to bore long before I reached maximum enjoyment of the game. I could do it for hours—as long as the clouds were present, the day smelled happy, and the sounds were peaceful.

This day, in late summer of my ninth year, I had gone out to the front yard, plopped down, and begun my favorite pastime. It was nothing unusual to begin with, just drifting and pleasure in its simplest form. There were horses and knights and dogs and many things to keep me engaged in the game.

At some point in the process, a subtle shifting of my energy occurred and now all I seemed to be thinking about was God and the world, not about the animals I recognized in the clouds or thoughts about my little life in general. I was fully immersed in these random thoughts about life and God and the world and how everything works.

It is not at all unusual for me to be thinking about God. When I was four years old, I remembered God—not from being in Sunday school or Bible readings or other promptings. The remembrance was triggered when I almost died during tonsil surgery. Afterward, there was a knowing in me that I had been in a place with a benevolent presence that I would learn to call God. From that point on in my life, the deep and pure love carried in my remembrance prompted me to search for God—a search that led me many places inside of myself, for that was where the benevolent memory was anchored.

So, at age nine, in this space of a brilliant summer day, I was engaged in following the thoughts and following the questions to what I felt would be answers. The thoughts became deeper and deeper. Who am I? Where is God? How did I come to be here? What is the reason for my being here? More and more questions flowed through me. They were questions that years later I realized came from another part of me beyond a nine-year-old girl—questions that came from my soul.

The more I questioned, it seemed, the deeper I drifted into the sky, pulled as an energetic magnet into Universe, though I did not recognize it as Universe at the time. But I did recognize that I felt different. I felt light, transfixed in the moment, held captive in a space, drifting closer and closer to what I believed were answers to all those questions that flowed out of me. The sky turned from bright blue to deep, midnight blue as I drifted deeper into my thoughts. The deeper I drifted, the higher I went. That was a very strange feeling to a nine-year-old girl. Now I realize I was experiencing an altered state of consciousness, but back then I was feeling all and nothing at the same time. All physical realities of me fell away, and I was pure energy, pure thought, and pure love—going someplace, yet still in the same position in my yard.

At one point, the voice of Benevolence filled my mind with the thought, Do you really want to know? The answer came from deep within my being and was a resounding, "Yes!"

My desire to know became so expanded that I literally felt myself in a limitless state of being. My intent was so focused that there was nothing else in my world other than the thought and the intention to know, and that focused intention and desire, coupled with my knowing that God did, in fact, exist, coalesced in one point, one moment where everything stood perfectly still. I was no longer flying up out into the sky, into space, into this vast place. I was held in absolute stillness. That stillness was the presence of divinity, the presence of pure love, and in that stillness, the presence was answering me. There were no words. There were no pictures. There was nothing; yet, everything—all love, all knowing—was energetically flowing through me. I felt deeply aware of the benevolent presence not only around me and in me but also as me. It was a feeling of love beyond love—love so fulfilling there was nothing beyond that love that could ever be experienced. It was pure bliss.

I was not experiencing it as hopes or belief or daydreams. Especially, it was not then nor ever has been imagination; it was the still vibration of love. It was the stillness of God. All was given in that moment. Time stood still. It seemed as though I was there forever and only a moment at the same time. There was no time and no space. It was everything and nothingness at once. I felt such peace, such pure love, and such connectedness that there was nothing to capture it, to hold it in order to express it. For not one single expression nor word nor symbol was capable of holding the space contained therein. It was all expression, everything, all at once—but there was nothing at the same time. It was as though Universe was at a point between breathing in and breathing out, where there was no motion at all. There was no motion in my body, not even the sensation of breathing. I was held in absolute stillness, content beyond all expression. Love of such magnitude filled me that not one emotion or perception remained unknown. It was as though love itself carried all thoughts, for I was not only feeling absolute love, but I was also feeling absolute awareness.

In that moment, the knowing of everything was imparted to me through that perfect stillness—answers not only to all my questions but also to the allness that is the very fabric of all creation, the entirety of Universe.

And then at the precise moment that I consciously realized I was in absolute awareness, I was instantly back in my little girl body on that front lawn, and I could no longer remember that which I had fully known only a moment before. Imagine that you knew the entire contents of a book—each word, each phrase, each picture, all knowing, and all feelings expressed within the book. Then, at the very moment of absolute awareness, you have no remembrance of anything contained in that book. It's as though the book slams shut at the exact moment the entirety of its contents are known. Yet, in that fleeting moment, there is no doubt that you were fully aware of it all.

All awareness was both there and not there in the same moment. It is indescribable, really. How can I hold all knowing and then, at the very moment of that conscious realization, have no remembrance of the knowing, as though those two perceptions (knowing and not knowing) existed simultaneously? But that is exactly what happened. It was so profound an experience that my child's mind searched for a way to pull back any specific detail about what I knew I had just experienced—but nothing, not one single concept, was intelligible. My mind could not consciously grasp anything specifically revealed just a moment before, yet I knew in that moment I was in a state of complete awareness—all-knowingness.

As I struggled with the incomprehensible (that I know, yet I don't remember what I know), I was still the little girl, lying in the grass, but the clouds were now turning, as the day was disappearing into night. And it was cool, as though rain were coming. I cannot say how long in minutes or hours I was held in that still space, but in conscious time, I was there only a moment and forever at once. It was the single moment of my entire life. It is the moment I have followed throughout all experiences in this lifetime, in hopes of once again re-experiencing the indescribable bliss of it all—all that love, all that knowing connected through a profound sense of peace, perfection, and belonging.

For a long time, I remained motionless in the grass of my front yard, as I sensed any movement on my part would shatter the peace and perfection I felt. And as it should be in these types of profound experiences, as I lifted up off that grass, I felt different. I was still the same me I've always been; yet I was something else at the same time. I realized I wasn't just me anymore. I felt a presence with me. The realization came that I was not alone, nor had I ever been alone—though prior to that moment, I had never perceived this truth.

Previously, I was only capable of wondering, but now I felt a deep sense of knowing as well as purpose. I did not remember exactly what it was a knowing of, as a veil had flowed over the experience and only the details occurring up until the moment of that ecstatic bliss of all-knowing love could be grasped by my conscious mind. I was certain it all happened, because I experienced it, but I was incapable of expressing exactly what it was that I had experienced in that moment of all-knowingness, for I experienced it while in a state of consciousness that I no longer occupied. I knew I knew the answers, but I couldn't remember what they were. I felt a little disconnected from my body and from my mind for a while after, as though I was realigning with physical reality. But there is no doubt that I experienced this event and brought back a knowing. Later, as I grew and experienced, I would rely upon this knowing, as it was my steadfast companion in a world littered with words with false meaning and feelings with no sensitivity.

I stood up, walked from my yard to the street in front of my house, and began moving as though my feet and the sheer act of walking would take me home. My mind wondered at what was compelling me, because I was already in front of my house. Yet I was filled with the deepest of longings to find my way home. Most likely I would have continued walking, but it began to rain, and my physical senses returned due to my realized discomfort of being wet and cold from the rain. I don't know just how far I would have walked that day if the sun had continued to shine, but I do know that I now had a conscious awareness that home was some place other than the house I lived in on Forest Street. Now rooted deep inside of me was the need to find something, to remember something, and I believe the act of walking was activating that intention inside of me.

This feeling, this longing, became the driving force behind my life. I no longer skipped as a child through my life unaware but rather walked with a guided purpose, a more conscious awareness of myself, my surroundings, and most importantly, my thoughts and feelings. Those aspects—my mind and my feelings—shifted dramatically from that point forward. I was still a child in a physical world, but I no longer was bound by physicality alone. My feelings and my thoughts allowed me access to other states of consciousness, though I did not realize this as such for quite a while, as I had no frame in which to border this awareness. My conscious understanding had not caught up to my inner awareness. It was as though I moved to a beat, a rhythm within my soul that I had no conscious awareness that I was following. My life became an ongoing process of perceiving through my consciousness, linked to higher awareness, then pondering what I saw, what I felt, what I believed—and eventually what I knew. It wasn't then nor is it now a confusing state, as it just seems to be naturally occurring within my consciousness.

There was me, the physical being, perceiving through my eyes and feeling through my heart, but there was also another essence of me, a more spiritually aligned me, interacting with my physical consciousness. Sometimes a thought would just pop into my mind, a feeling would come over me, or a knowing would just be there. Still other times, when I could not comprehend exactly what was occurring or why, I found myself squirreling away the experience—holding it in a perfect state of limbo, along with all the thoughts and emotions of the moment, knowing the why or connectedness of it would come further down the road. Most importantly, the phrase, "Just because that's the way it is" was not a phrase easily accepted by me, as it meant no real explanation was available. Outwardly, I appeared to accept the reasons given by the reflectors of my questions—books, people, even experts—but inwardly the ponderings continued. My child's mind held the thought that if I could just connect all the dots and gain understanding, it would surely lead me home. Home was always the destination, and longing was the pathway of that intention—to somehow get back to that place of benevolent bliss I remembered.

My heartfelt belief was that experiences and perceptions of truth would eventually lead me home; of this I was certain, especially later on in my life while chasing down spiritual footprints left many lifetimes ago.

For now, though, at age nine, I had just consciously set my foot upon the path and I knew where I wanted to go—back to the place of all love and all knowingness I had just remembered, reunited with the benevolent presence I knew to be God filled with the answers to questions locked deep within my soul.

Chapter Two

Misperception Brings Fear

I am more a prisoner of myself than walls could ever make me.

At age nine, I had experienced pure love and was securely going about the path of self and universal discovery. I was in my own world in gentle pursuit of knowing God, the Universe, and myself. It was not an all-absorbed pursuit but rather one that was kept hidden by the presence of a child experiencing fun, wonderment, and peace. It only skipped through my mind during quiet times of reflection, interaction with benevolent beings, or at certain events.

One of those events occurred in my fourteenth year. My father was working and would arrive home in about a half an hour—long before my mother, who worked in Chicago and relied on train schedules and travel time, as we lived in a small town approximately an hour away. I'd decided to lie down on the couch and await my father's arrival before beginning dinner. It was a peaceful, lovely day. The front door was open (no locked doors back then—no need; there was no thought of crime nor fear of it), and I heard the neighbor mowing his lawn and smelled freshly mown grass. The back of my head rested on the couch's armrest, and directly behind me was the dining room that connected to the kitchen, where there was a staircase leading down to the basement. My eyes drifted to the clock, which read 4:00. I was not sleepy, but I found the clock sounds, the day's smell, and the peace flowing through me causes me to drift into what I believed was sleep. It was no sleep like I'd ever experienced before, however.

My eyes appeared to be open, as I could clearly see the clock in front of me on the wall. But strangely, I could also see all around me—the open front door to my right and the dining room directly behind me with an archway to the left, leading into the kitchen. It's as though my eyes are above me seeing everything. I was in this state for only a minute when I realized I heard footsteps coming up the basement stairs. But they were not my father's footsteps. I knew this because my father is an amputee and his natural footfalls have a stepping, clicking, stepping rhythm caused by the prosthesis. The thought flooded my mind that someone I didn't know had entered the house and was now climbing the stairs toward me. I felt tremendous fear. Next the thought popped into my head to just jump up, run to the stairway door, and lock it, as the door was already closed. My confidence was not very strong, but I was young and athletic and thought I could at least get the door locked, keeping the upstairs part of the house safe from violation, before I ran out the front door for help. I believed it to be a viable plan, as I recognized that the footfalls were very slow and deliberate and did not seem at all hurried. It was almost as though the person intended me to hear.


Excerpted from AVATARS OF CONSCIOUSNESS AWAKEN TO YOUR DIVINE DESTINY by Carol Romine Copyright © 2012 by Carol Romine. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Foreword by Angela King, AP, DOM....................ix
PART 1: CONSCIOUSNESS....................1
Chapter 1: The Quest Begins—My First Altered Conscious State....................3
Chapter 2: Misperception Brings Fear....................10
Chapter 3: A Relationship Recognized—Grace's Extended Hand....................15
Chapter 4: Seismic Activity—Tremors of Higher Consciousness....................20
Chapter 5: The Dream Changes....................26
Chapter 6: Destiny Makes Itself Known....................30
Chapter 7: Love = Conscious Connectedness to All....................34
Chapter 8: A Clash—Consciousness Shifts Sideways, Taking Reality....................39
Chapter 9: Simultaneous, Multi-State Consciousness Breaks Through....................50
Chapter 10: Paranormal—the New Normal in Quantum Reality....................65
Chapter 11: Fate vs. Free Will Fate = Predestined Possibility; Free Will = Choice....................75
Chapter 12: Co-Creating—Shaper of Reality and Manifested Destiny....................88
Chapter 13: Nothing About Us Is Coincidental....................94
PART 2: CREATION....................97
Chapter 14: Destiny? Oh, I'd Almost Forgotten....................99
Chapter 15: Knocking at Destiny's Door....................103
Chapter 16: That's It?....................116
Chapter 17: Letting It Ride....................125
Chapter 18: Our Subconscious: Vault, Gatekeeper, and Key....................127
Chapter 19: Pulling a Thread in the Tapestry of Divine Consciousness....................135
Chapter 20: Glimpsing the Cornerstone of Awareness....................141
Chapter 21: Leaving Behind the Misperception of Separation....................163
Chapter 22: All Is Not Lost; Nothing Is Gained....................180
Chapter 23: Going Back ... Where? No Wonder Universe Gave Me a Hint....................191
Chapter 24: A Threshold of Consciousness Rarely Glimpsed....................194
PART 3: US....................211
Chapter 25: Setting the Stage—Understanding the Nature of Divinity....................213
Chapter 26: Divine QUA Allness Divinity, Onceness Divinity, All-at-Once Divinity....................217
Chapter 27: CUSP 10,001 (Pre-Creation) The Blissful State of Divine QUA....................219
Chapter 28: CUSP 10,000—the Original Act of Creation The Creation of Collective Human Consciousness....................223
Chapter 29: CUSP 9,999—the Birth of Collective Human Consciousness....................234
Chapter 30: CUSP 1,999—Our Birth as a New Soul....................237
Chapter 31: Awakening to Our Remembrance....................242
Chapter 32: Our True Nature of All-at-Once Consciousness....................248
Chapter 33: We Long for Oneness....................257
Chapter 34: We Are Light of the Same Light, Love of the Same Love....................260
Chapter 35: The One Voice Within All of Us....................264
Chapter 36: Framing Awareness....................273
Chapter 37: Puzzle Piece One—Where Is My Home?....................274
Chapter 38: Puzzle Piece Two—What Am I?....................277
Chapter 39: Puzzle Piece Th ree—Who Am I?....................283
Chapter 40: Puzzle Piece Four—Why Am I Here?....................293
Chapter 41: Puzzle Piece Five—What Is My Destiny?....................302
Chapter 42: The Ever-Unfolding You....................305
Chapter 43: Be Your True Nature....................308
Chapter 44: The Vibration of Love Thought and Feeling ... Identical in Knowing....................313
Chapter 45: Bridging Spirituality and Science All-at-Once Consciousness ... The Unifying Concept....................317
About the Author....................347

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Avatars Of Consciousness Awaken To Your Divine Destiny: The Extraordinary Truth About Consciousness, Creation & Us 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is so well written!! I was so excited as I was reading it!! It is an intelligent book that deconstructs the elements of human consciousness and how we are connected to each other and the universe. The book brilliantly combines spirituality and science - including quantum physics - to explain the purpose of life, death and beyond and how they are connected in order to shift human consciousness from one that is unaware to one that is awakened. The ultimate goal being peace and understanding of our connection to each other and to the divine. It is a non-denomination book, so it is relatable to any religion or belief system. The author includes interesting personal experiences that led her to this understanding. I found it thought-provoking because we all have profound moments in our lives that we do not acknowledge as having some purpose that shifted us in a particular direction. Also how we can ignore our inner guide's warnings or encouragements. I loved this book!! It is much more comprehensive in it's message than other books I have read! I had to read it a second time, and will read it several more times, to continue to reinforce my understanding of these important concepts. I highly recommend this book!! Well done!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago